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Data-led marketing activations to help you drive brand awareness, product consideration and sales

Putting Your Brand in Front of Audiences that Matter to You!

With a global audience made up of gamers, tech-heads and PC fanatics, our advertising solutions help to increase your visibility and drive commercial results. Our scalable packages are tailor-made to suit your unique requirements, ensuring efficiency of advertising spend and maximum ROI.

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Why Choose WePC?

WePC Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Combining a passion for the industry with strategic marketing insight, our team are able to find creative advertising solutions for your brand using first-party data and audience behaviours.

WePC Global Reach

Global Reach

From our humble home in Manchester to the global stage, our audience is made up of users from North America and Europe, to Asia and even Australia.

WePC Pricing

Pricing & Packages

No two brands are the same. We tailor our advertising packages to suit any budget size, providing scalable solutions to help drive brand awareness, increase visibility and drive product sales.

Advertising Solutions

Display Advertising

Banner advertising served on relevant pages where traffic is most likely to convert.

WePC Display Ad

Homepage Advertising and Brand Feature Pages

Bespoke advertising solutions to give your brand valuable real-estate on our homepage, or its own unique page on site.

WePC Hompage Advertising

Content Marketing

Carefully curated editorial content to help drive brand awareness, exposure and sales.

WePC Content Marketing

Video Advertising

Using our in-house multimedia team, we create studio quality video content to feature across the BGFG network.

WePC Video Ad

Content Licensing

Access the full library of review content, editor star rating and awards for licensed use across owned marketing materials.

If you are interested in licensing our editorial or award badges for you use in your marketing materials, please contact  to secure pricing options.

WePC Content Licensing

Social Advertising and Pixel Retargeting

Using the power of BGFG’s social audience to position your brand in front of a highly engaged, relevant audience.

WePC Social Ad 1

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