Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 – Top 5 Reviews (2019)

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

For taking control of PC games, there are few components that make a difference like a keyboard does. Yes, there is something to be said about a mouse, but a solid gaming keyboard can really make the difference between a pleasant and miserable gaming experience.

However, most of RGB, fully mechanic, give you a back massage keyboards cost an arm and a leg, so we tracked down the top 5 best gaming keyboards for under $50.

The best keyboard that we found was the Logitech G105. While it still is a membrane based board, it is fully backlit, exceptionally built, and features the trusty Logitech logo.

Still, there are plenty of options out there to perfectly fit your needs. Lets dive into the top 5 best gaming keyboards under $50.

Breakdown of Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Product Details
The BrandLogitech G105

Logitech G105

  • backlit: Blue LED
  • mechanical: No
  • number of keys: 104+6 Macro
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The RGBCooler Master Lite L

Cooler Master Lite L

  • backlit: Full RGB
  • mechanical: No
  • number of keys: 104
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The MechanicalRedragon K552 KUMARA LED

Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

  • backlit: Red LED
  • mechanical: Yes
  • number of keys: 87
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The CheapoCooler Master Devastator II

Cooler Master Devastator II

  • backlit: Blue, Green, or Red LED
  • mechanical: No
  • number of keys: 104
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The ChicletRazer DeathStalker Essential

Razer DeathStalker Essential

  • backlit: None
  • mechanical: No
  • number of keys: 104
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Logitech G105

Logitech is such a big name in the peripheral market for a reason, and the G105 shows why they’re still at the top. This keyboard, while inexpensive, still delivers on the most demanding levels with excellent features built specifically for gaming.

While this is a membrane board, the keys are incredibly responsive and feel completely natural for gaming.

The complete aesthetic of the board feels natural for gaming as well. The slightly overblown design with shiny silver WASD and arrow keys give this board a subtle and powerful look.

Of course, the blue LED backlighting (with three brightness settings) is a nice touch as well.

However, the reason this board is the best among the list for the programmable macros. This is the only board on the list (and one of the only ones in this price bracket) that features programmable macros.

The six physical switches are stored into three banks, giving a total of 18 macros per game. These can even be recorded on the fly, in real time, so there’s no messing about with complex programming.

The Logitech G105 doesn’t have all of the features of more expensive boards, but packs in everything that is needed for gaming. The programmable macros, pleasant design, and five key rollover make this board feel pro at a low cost.


Cooler Master Lite L

This is the first of two appearances of Cooler Master on this list, and for good reason. They offer a lot of inexpensive products that perform exceptionally well for the price.

The Lite L is a complete package with a keyboard and mouse, coming in right at the $50 price point. While the most expensive on the list, the Lite L is a solid option and gives some aesthetic flare to show off.

The first and most obvious point about the Lite L is the zoned RGB backlighting. While it’s not per key like the Corsair K70 RGB, it does provide a lot of flexibility to match the keyboard to your setup.

Additionally, Cooler Master features their own Mem-chanical switches on this board. While still a membrane board, the switches are Cherry MX compatible meaning you can change out the keycaps to whatever set you want.

While the included mouse isn’t anything to write home about, this bundle proves to be an incredibly value at only $50. If you’re in the market for both a keyboard and mouse for relatively inexpensive, there are few options as impressive as the Cooler Master Lite L.


Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

The Redragon K552 is the only board on this list that fully mechanical. While it doesn’t feature the highly coveted Cherry MX switches, it still bears the title of being mechanical and is a solid option at only $35.

The actual switches on board are called Greetech Blue and are the off brand equivalent to Cherry MX Green switches. These are tactile switches requiring approximately 80g of actuation force.

Unfortunately, this board only comes with red LED backlighting. While not a total dealbreaker, it would be nice to see a few different options in color so the board can be tuned to a particular setup.

For those wanting to stick their toe in the world of mechanical keyboards, there are few other options at this price point. The Redragon K552 gives you 87 keys with double-shot injection keycaps all for an incredibly low cost.

Yes, you’re going to deal with a tenkeyless design and lack of programmable macros, but this board is a great choice to get into the mechanical design. The ABS plastic and metal design show that this keyboard means business.


Cooler Master Devastator II

Cooler Master shows their face once again, this time offering up a similar duo for half the cost. The Devastator II is the most inexpensive option of this list and gives a solid keyboard and mouse at around $25.

Much like the Lite L, the Devastator II feature the same Mem-chanical switches, making them fully compliant with Cherry MX keycaps.

The board feels just about as nice as the Lite L however. The laser etched keycaps included can take quite a beating, and the switches feel like they should belong on a much more expensive board.

However, there is always a point of contention. The Devastator II does not feature the zoned RGB backlight on the Lite L.

Thankfully, it looks like Cooler Master took this into consideration. While the backlighting cannot be changed, they offer red, blue, and green backlit version so you can find that one that fits your rig best.

While incredibly inexpensive, both the keyboard and mouse will leave you feeling like you robbed Cooler Master. Both are solid products and are a total steal for the price.


Razer DeathStalker Essential

The Razer DeathStalker Essential is an interesting keyboard not only on this list, but in Razer’s entire line. This inexpensive option takes the same design from the DeathStalker BackLit and Chroma and strips back extraneous features all while delivering the same performance.

The Essential is just that - essential. Razer has taken away all backlighting of the more expensive boards of the DeathStalker range, providing just a black chassis with a Razer branding.

Admittedly, it’s a little boring.

Still, the DeathStalker sticks out as the only keyboard with a chiclet design on this list. The 2mm keys are definitely a preference thing, but is the same design seen on Razer’s more expensive boards.

Overall, the DeathStalker makes this list because there are some people that just love this line. The Essential version may not everything as the Expert or Chroma, but still functions just the same.

Selection Criteria

There a about a million different options for cheap keyboards. However, gamers demand very specific things from their keyboards, shying away from just straight typing or data entry.

For that reason, we followed certain criteria to find the top 5 best gaming keyboards under $50.


One of the first reasons cheap keyboards fail is because of how cheaply built they are. While the keyboards on this list aren’t exceptional, they must stand up to the beating that gamers give their keyboards.

The keycaps need to stand up to harsh scrutiny game after game and match after match. Additionally, the chassis has to be decently put together.


Anyone who has jumped into a match of Starcraft (or any macro heavy RTS) will know how important it is to accurately input complex commands quickly.

For this reason, all the keyboards on this list have enough rollover with anti-ghosting to accommodate all the fingers you’ll have on the board.

Judging by this standard ensure that the keyboard can handle inputs of complex commands, and handle them swiftly.


Call me shallow, but the looks have to reach par. Everything else in the entire rig of a PC often has a beautiful design so your keyboard should too.

While the design of each of these boards is different (for the most part), they all scream that a gamer uses them day in and day out.

Plus, if you are into LAN parties, you need some stuff to show off.


For $50, there are a ton of options for keyboards. However, finding one that truly meets the needs of hardcore gamers can be a bit of a challenge.

However, a slight sacrifice in design and features and you can come out with an incredible board at an incredible price. All the keyboards on this list stand up not only as good typing mechanisms, but excellent choices for gaming.

For the price, the Logitech G105 still wins out. The timeless Logitech name, inclusion of 18 programmable macros per game, and the full 104 key (plus media keys) design make this the most feature rich board on the list.

However, for those looking to go even more inexpensive, the Cooler Master Devastator II is absolutely incredible for the price. Both the keyboard and mouse, while not incredible, could easily be sold on their own for the same price as the entire package.

Overall, it comes down to preference, but these are our top 5 picks for the best gaming keyboards under $50.

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