Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 – Top 5 Reviews (2019)

Best Gaming Keyboards Budget Under 50 Dollars

Many of you reading this will already understand the importance of having great peripherals, especially readers that invest a lot of time playing online, competitive gaming. Whether it's a top-level gaming mouse, or a pinpoint accurate headset, making sure you have the correct tools to take down your enemies is a hugely important aspect of any gaming situation.

One peripheral that doesn't always get the credit it deserves, however, is the keyboard. The keyboard is one of the most important tools a gamer has in their arsenal. It's something that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Thanks to esports now being hugely popular all over the globe, and gamers having the opportunity to earn a real wage off the back of it's earning potential, we thought now would be a great time to take a closer look at some of the best keyboards currently available.

This guide will concentrate on the best keyboards for under $50 because let's be honest, we don't wanna be splurging 150 bucks on a first-time keyboard, do we? That being said, the keyboards we have chosen all display superb build quality, excellent gaming performance, and fantastic value for money.

On that note, let's take a look at what's in store.

Breakdown of Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Product Details
Corsair K55 RGB

Corsair K55 RGB

  • backlight: RGB
  • switch: Membrane Dome switch
  • wrist rest: Detachable Soft Rubber Wrist Rest
  • other features: Dynamic lighting, multimedia controls, Quiet keys
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DREVO Tyrfing V2

DREVO Tyrfing V2

  • backlight: RGB
  • switch: Outemu mechanical switches in black, blue, brown and red
  • wrist rest: N/A
  • other features: Metal build, double-shot caps
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Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

  • wrist rest: N/A
  • other features: Cool aesthetics, 87 keys, Small design
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HyperX Alloy Core

HyperX Alloy Core

  • backlight: RGB
  • switch: Membrane Dome-switches
  • wrist rest: N/A
  • other features: Dedicated Media Buttons, waterproof
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Eagletec KG011-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Eagletec KG011-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

  • backlight: RGB
  • switch: Outemu Blue
  • wrist rest: N/A
  • other features: Aluminium build, backlit anti-ghosting keyboard
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Corsair K55 RGB

The K55 from Corsair is one of their most affordable and basic peripherals, that being said, don't let the price tag fool you. This thing still operates very well in a gaming scenario and has the build quality to last a good few years. The K55 is a lightweight keyboard that offers great durability thanks to its excellent build materials. It comes equipped with membrane switches which are both silent, and easy to clean.

RGB lighting runs riot across the entirety of this board, making it both aesthetically pleasing and good value. It comes with six customizable macro keys and dedicated volume and media keys for convenience. The K55 has a great multi-key anti-ghosting function too, which ensures each keypress is registered properly and rapidly.

Additionally, this keyboard comes with a handy, ergonomic wrist rest which makes for an extremely comfortable user experience no matter how long you practice.

All in all, one of the best keyboards you can get for under $50 and our first recommendation in our guide.


DREVO Tyrfing V2

The DREVO Tyrfing V2 is another keyboard that feels more expensive than its price tag suggests. It has a great, simple design, which is specifically targetted towards gamers. The various integrated key functions help you bind your favourite commands to handily placed buttons. In total, the Tyrfing comes with 5 macros which can be used for maximum effect when bound to specific in-game commands.

Like all the keyboards in this list, this one comes with flashy RGB which takes the aesthetics to another level, especially when gaming at night. The RGB, again, is customizable and comes with a number of presets to suit your specific requirements. Rave mode is a popular one in the office.

You have the choice of 4 different switch types (Red, blue, black, brown) which all come from the Outemu family. The life expectancy for these switches is decent so you won't have to worry about upgrading anytime soon.

A great price tag for a mechanical keyboard and one that has an excellent track record with its users.



Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

The Redragon K552 is the only board on this list that is fully mechanical. While it doesn’t feature the highly coveted Cherry MX switches, it still bears the title of being mechanical and is a solid option at only $35.

The actual switches on this board are called Greetech Blue and are the off-brand equivalent to Cherry MX Green switches. These are tactile switches requiring approximately 80g of actuation force.

Unfortunately, this board only comes with red LED backlighting. While not a total dealbreaker, it would be nice to see a few different options in color so the board can be tuned to a particular setup.

For those wanting to stick their toe in the world of mechanical keyboards, there are few other options at this price point. The Redragon K552 gives you 87 keys with double-shot injection keycaps all for an incredibly low cost.

Yes, you’re going to deal with a tenkeyless design and lack of programmable macros, but this board is a great choice to get into the mechanical design. The ABS plastic and metal design show that this keyboard means business.


HyperX Alloy Core

The HyperX Alloy Core is another fantastic, affordable, peripheral that comes to the table with a bunch of cool features and benefits. HyperX are no fools when it comes to providing excellent components at cheap prices, and this keyboard is no different.

The Alloy Core, or AC as we'll call it, is designed using membrane. It makes use of dome switches which, as far as none mechanical switches go, feel pretty decent. The keyboard is super easy to clean and the switch actuation is extremely quiet, if not silent. It comes with a full set of media keys, as well as a keyboard-lock button which is really handy in certain scenarios. The RGB elevates the AC's aesthetic appeal and can be customized via six presets. It's also near waterproof.

Ultimately, it's another superb, budget, keyboard which comes equipped with all the features you'd need to take your gaming to the next level.


Eagletec KG011-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Eagletec brings us the last keyboard on this list and, as expected, it's the most expensive. But not by much.

The Eagletec KG011 RGB Mechanical keyboard - say that 10 times if you dare - is the first all-white keyboard in this list. Saying that, I think it looks pretty snazzy, you know, if you're into that kind of thing.

The board comes with Outemu blue switches which are slightly louder than the likes of the MX cherry switches most mechanical board users will be used to. They offer excellent durability and super-fast responsiveness, respectively. They have medium resistance, precise actuation and a nice audible sound that reminds me of Boris's keyboard from goldeneye. I'm Invincible! Great movie.

Anyway... The white design of this keyboard offers even better aesthetics when paired with the vibrant, customizable RGB this board comes with. Eagletec says, the materials are aircraft-grade quality - debateable - but should stand up to the most robust keyboard bashers. I may have paraphrased but you get the idea.

All-in-all, the KG011 is one of the better keyboards in this list and one I would highly recommend if you're looking for a loud (visually and audibly) keyboard which comes equipped with some cool gaming features and aesthetics to boot.

Selection Criteria

Looking for a new keyboard - especially at this price range - can be a strenuous, annoyingly long task thanks to the hundreds of options that are now available. On top of that, most gamers have a specific list of features a keyboard must have even to be considered.

That being said, all the recommendations we've chosen have been selected based upon how well they scored against our criteria checklist. Below is that list.


Durability is one of the most essential key factors to consider when buying a gaming keyboard. Even more so at the lower end of the price spectrum. Durability isn't necessarily going to win you any games, but having to replace a broken board every year is going to slow down your progression.

Get a keyboard that's going to stand the test of time giving you the best possible chance of improving.


Anyone who has jumped into a match of Starcraft (or any macro heavy RTS) will know how important it is to accurately input complex commands quickly.

For this reason, all the keyboards on this list have enough rollover with anti-ghosting to accommodate all your in-game command needs.

Even though this is gamer specific, it's still an area that needs to be considered when buying a new keyboard. Even FPS players can make use of some handy, well placed macro buttons.


One of the lesser important aspects of a gaming keyboard, but an aspect nonetheless, is its aesthetics. It's always nice to get a keyboard that matches the style and quality of your gaming PC. It would look pretty stupid if you had a $1000 PC and a $10 office board to match. No disrespect.

All our boards have that gamer look and some form of RGB as well. Something you don't always see on lower-end boards.


The list of keyboards for under $50 is one that never seems to end, and finding the right one for your specific gaming needs can be a painfully exhausting task. 

However, sacrificing some key features and a bit of build quality can help reveal some really impressive, affordable keyboards. Every keyboard on this list displays excellent value for money, great aesthetics, and superb gaming performance as well. 

For the price, you can't really go wrong with the Corsair K55 RGB keyboard. It showcases excellent value and comes from a manufacturer that is known for reliability and quality. 

However, for those looking to go even more inexpensive, the Redragon K552 KUMARA LED is absolutely incredible for the price. A fully mechanical board for under $50 is a rare thing. However, Redragon provides a product that is both quality and affordable. 

Overall, it comes down to preference, but these are our top 5 picks for the best gaming keyboards under $50.

Let us know which keyboard you have gone for and why. Leave us a comment in the comments section below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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