Gaming Keyboards

When you’re perfecting your gaming setup, there’s one element you can’t hold back on and that’s your gaming keyboard. Having a great gaming keyboard can mean all the difference when it comes down to the wire. But, choosing one isn’t as easy as you might think. Do you go for mechanical or membrane? What switch color should you get? Do you need RGB (when do you not)? Well, as always, we’re here to help guide you.

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Types Of Gaming Keyboards

There are a few different types of gaming keyboards to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect peripheral for your setup.

  • Mechanical gaming keyboard –  these popular keyboards are highly durable, with long lifespans, and come with a range of customization options
  • Wireless gaming keyboard – these are perfect for those who want a bit more mobility and freedom
  • RGB gaming keyboard – we all know how important good RGB lighting is to the perfect gaming setup, make sure your keyboard doesn’t miss out
  • TKL gaming keyboard –  these keyboards don’t include the tenkey number pad on the side of the board, helping to save room on your desk
  • 60% keyboard – if you really need to save space on your desk, these smaller keyboards can help you do just that

Types Of Keyboard Switches

When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are two types of switches that live under the keys, rubber dome, and mechanical switches.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch

Rubber Dome Switches

These switches have a rubber dome under each keycap that when pressed pushes down on a membrane layer sending an electrical signal to register a keypress. These switches are quiet but don’t have as much durability as mechanical switches. If you’re looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, then it will probably have rubber dome switches.

Mechanical Switches

Mechanical switches are the more popular choice for most gamers. They have spring-loaded switches that make contact with the circuit board when pressed. They come with a fast response time and tactile feedback, which is what makes them so popular. They also offer more advanced key rollover technology and come with a range of switch options depending on what you need from your keyboard.

What Gaming Keyboard Should You Buy?

Choosing the best gaming keyboard for you will all depend on how you want your gaming setup to look. Most gamers prefer wired keyboards as they offer more security than their wireless counterparts, but with advancing technology, this is becoming less of an issue. As a PC gamer, going for mechanical switches is going to ensure your keyboard lasts through the long haul and makes it less likely you’ll mess up in those all-important moments because your board didn’t recognize your keypresses.

Whichever board you choose, you’ll want to make sure it has all the features you’re looking for; RGB lighting, interchangeable switches, media keys, and anti-ghosting to name a few. We have guides for every type of keyboard purchase, so be sure to check them out below to make sure you find the best keyboard for you.

Types Of Mechanical Switches

While mechanical keyboards are definitely the most popular choice for gamers, the decision doesn’t end there. There are a number of different switch types to choose from as well. Let’s take a look at the different types of mechanical switches.

Cherry MX Red

cherry mx red switches

These linear switches need a little bit of force on the actuation point before the PC registers them but they are still nice and lightweight with a tactile bump that lets you know the switch has made contact with the board.

Cherry MX Black

cherry mx black switches

These switches allow for faster typing as they begin to return to their normal state before reaching the bottom of the press. Just like the Cherry MX Red’s they need a little more force to get them to the point of actuation.

Cherry MX Blue

cherry mx blue switches

If you like a nice click noise when it comes to your keyboard, then the Cherry MX Blue switches are perfect for you. The great tactile feedback they provide makes them popular with both typists and gamers.

Cherry MX Brown

cherry mx brown switches

A popular choice for gamers as there’s almost no noise with the keypresses and a faster point of registration, meaning less travel time.

Cherry MX Clear

cherry mx clear switches

The Cherry MX Clear switches have similar feedback to the Brown’s but offer a better tactile bump and a higher actuation point. You also get a similar clicky sound that you do with the Blue’s but they are much quieter.