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For many of us, our gaming sessions can easily stretch over multiple hours, so we need to make sure we’re comfy in a gaming chair for those inevitable all-nighters when a new release hits the shelves. We always make sure our PC build is as good as can be with powerful components and a great monitor, but we often forget to think about the wider setup and, most importantly, our gaming chair.

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What Is A Gaming Chair & Why Is Better Than An Office Chair?

The first question a lot of you probably have is what exactly is a gaming chair? How does a gaming chair differ from an office chair? The best gaming chairs are much more supportive than your standard office chair. They have been designed with gamers in mind, which means you can feel comfortable no matter what ungodly early morning hour you finally tear yourself away and actually get some sleep. This also makes them ideal for working in an office as you know they’ll support you throughout the whole day.

How Do I Choose A Chair?

Like any other part of your PC setup, choosing the perfect gaming chair will take a bit of time and research – you want to make sure you get the right chair for you.


It may seem unimportant, but we all know how a chair looks will be a big factor in your purchasing decision. Most gaming chairs all follow a fairly similar design aesthetic, so it will mostly be down to finding one with the right fabric and color for your personal preference. Brands like Secretlab often have a wide range of styles with everything from simple gray leather, to Game of Thrones special edition designs – so there really is something for everyone.

Size and Build

Just like with any chair, you need to find the right one for your body type, what is right for a 5’3” slim-build is not going to be right for a 6’4” bodybuilder. Make sure you check the recommended height and weight for a gaming chair before purchasing – especially if you’re buying online and can’t try it out beforehand.

Budget Vs. Build Quality

With anything in life – you get what you pay for. While you can certainly find cheap gaming chairs from unknown brands, chances are pretty high that the chair will be uncomfortable or worse, dangerous. There are still great deals to be had, but you need to make sure you’re not sacrificing build quality. This is why we recommend sticking with well-known and trusted gaming chair brands.

Gaming Chair Brands


Secretlab is easily one of our favorite gaming chair brands thanks to their great quality, beautiful designs, and the fact that most of us spend our entire working day in one of their chairs! They have three models to choose from – Throne, Omega, and Titan, with each catering to a different body type.


Noblechairs offers fewer design options than Secretlab but instead focuses on simple, high-quality designs that would fit in with any office environment. They sit at a more premium price point, so are only for those with a bit of extra cash to spend.


DXRacer cover a wider range of budgets than our other two top picks, which makes them a great choice if you’re after more of a budget chair without sacrificing on quality. They also supply chairs to a number of esports teams and streamers – so you know they have to be good!

How To Sit Properly In A Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs How To Sit

The first thing you need to do when you receive your new gaming chair is to make sure you adjust it to your sitting style. This means adjusting the height and backrest right out the gate. Once it’s tailored to your specific requirements, you then need to make sure you maintain good posture in the chair to avoid fatigue.

  1. Make sure your knees are at a right angle and your feet are planted firmly on the ground or a footrest to ground yourself and your posture
  2. Sit up straight, with your back pressed firmly against the chair
  3. Recline your chair slightly so it sits at around 100-110 degrees, but make sure your back and neck are still making contact with the chair
  4. Adjust your monitor to your new set up, making sure it sits a few inches above your eye level
  5. Place your chair so that you are about an arm’s length from your monitor, making sure you can comfortably access your keyboard and mouse

Gaming Chairs Recommendations

With so many choices out there, we know how hard it can be to pin down the best gaming chair – so here are our top recommendations.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs Size Comparison2

Gaming Chair For Smaller People

👉 Secretlab Omega 2020 Review

The Throne has been specifically designed for people who are under 180cm/ 5’9” tall and 110kg/ 243lbs in weight. This means you can have the highest level of comfort without having problems with your feet reaching the floor, or feeling like you’re being swallowed up in a chair that’s too big for you.

Gaming Chair For Bigger People

Secretlab Titan XL 2020

The Titan XL from Secretlab is designed for bigger people who weigh between 100-180kg/ 220-397lbs and are between 180-208cm/ 5’9”-6’8”. For those with a bigger frame, you’ll want to make sure you have a chair that can adequately support you, and that’s where this chair excels.

Budget Gaming Chair

DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Mesh And PU Leather

By using a combination of mesh and leather, DXRacer have managed to make an excellent budget gaming chair. It’s designed with comfort and budget in mind, so you’re able to get a great chair for less.

Our Recommended Gaming Chair

👉 Secretlab Titan 2020 Review

Secretlab’s hero product is their Titan chair. This model sits comfortably in the middle of height and weight specifications and provides the ultimate comfort for the user. And, it’s available in 22 different design variants, so you’ll always be able to find one that’s right for you.

Gaming Chair Guides

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