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Best gaming chair for short people 2023

Small people need chairs too!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:15 pm
Best gaming chair for short people 2023

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We’re going to find the best gaming chair for short people today. We’ve already covered the best gaming chair for big and tall people, so we thought we’d give the short kings and queens some love too, as it’s 2023, so we gotta cater to everyone.

Unfortunately, the best chairs aren’t usually designed to be small, so most of them cover this area of the market by having a lot of adjustments.

This means they can generally cover people down to around 5’5″, and with all the adjustments, this is typically good for people even shorter.

So, let’s find the best gaming chair for short people in 2024, and see just how small we can get.

Best gaming chair for short people: Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series (small size)

Luckily, our current favorite gaming chair guys, Secretlab, produce their flagship model, the Titan EVO 2022 Series in a small variant.

But, you still get everything we loved about the Titan EVO. Excellent ergonomics, extensive adjustability, and all-day comfort.

Additionally, Secretlab offers the widest variety of designs we’ve seen in a gaming chair, with wonderful colors all the way to officially licensed esports variants too.

Additionally, if you’re feeling zesty, you can upgrade the Titan EVO with myriad interesting accessories, that Secretlab sells too.

Second-best gaming chair for short people: Secretlab Omega

So, we’ve established that Secretlab makes excellent chairs, so we’re going to stick them here and recommend the Secretlab Omega for second place.

It’s already a smaller overall design than the Titan, and We have it on good authority that it’s a fantastic place to sit for the vertically challenged among us (Cheers, Jay).

Additionally, it’s more suitable for skinnier types too as the aggressively-angled bolsters give a more secure sensation too. We also like it as its way squishier than the Titan EVO, so for those of you more concerned with comfort than ergonomics, ‘it might be the better choice.

Why don’t they make gaming chairs for short people?

For the same reason that left-handed gaming mice are relatively rare. The monetary incentive from catering to a section of the population that’s statistically insignificant just isn’t there.

When you fall outside of the average, you become a smaller section of the market, meaning that it’s generally speaking, less profitable to design products for you. Good ole’ capitalism. Additionally, smaller products require tighter manufacturing tolerances, so they can get more difficult to make.

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