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ASUS ROG Destrier: Your new gaming steed

A quick rundown on the ASUS ROG Destrier gaming chair + how you can get cashback on ASUS ROG products!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023 5:34 pm


Gaming chairs – love ‘em or loathe ‘em, no setup is complete without a suitable throne to sit upon. We’re taking a look at the ASUS ROG Destrier gaming chair, and why it should be the next upgrade for your gaming setup.

We’re going to go over the features, comfort, ergonomics, design, and any other notable features. With a chair like this, there’s a lot to cover, so we’d better get started. 

Before that, however, we want to mention that ASUS is running a cashback on the ROG Destrier chair and other gaming gear peripherals. 

You can claim up to £203 off gaming gear, simply head over to the ROG Gear It Up!  page.

They’ve got the new Aimpoint sensor mice, the critically acclaimed ROG Delta S Wireless; the new 65% Falchion Ace gaming keyboard, and way too much too detail here.

Breathable mesh design to keep you cool in the heat of the moment

As much as we enjoy the professional, classic look of faux leather gaming chairs, they leave something to be desired in warmer climates.

That’s where the all-mesh design of the ASUS ROG Destrier comes in. Both the backrest and the seat base are upholstered in springy mesh material.

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This allows far more air to circulate, meaning that the contact patches between your body and the chair are actually able to breathe, keeping you cooler, for longer.

Of course, it’s not just people who live in the tropics that can benefit from the ROG Destrier’s mesh design.

Even those of us who live in colder, greyer, more depressing countries, occasionally get some sun, and these places never, ever, have air conditioning.


This means that when the mercury rises, gamers in his part of the world or often left overheated, and those faux leather gaming chairs we mentioned become sweaty, tacky, and sticky. 

Whereas a mesh chair, like the ASUS ROG Destrier allows all that excess gamer heat to dissipate more quickly, keeping you cool, calm, and comfortable in even the most intensive of gaming sessions.

ASUS ROG Destrier: Futuristic, cyborg-inspired design


As you might have noticed already, the ROG Destrier is not your bog-standard gaming chair, and that’s before you’ve even sat in the thing.

This is because the ASUS ROG Destrier looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a gaming chair. From its sci-fi exoskeleton to its sound-isolating cowl, there’s a lot to cover here, and we’re going to start with that awesome exoskeleton.

ASUS ROG has deftly woven together angular lines and smooth curves to form a singular, cohesive design that hints at both the performance potential and the ergonomic adjustments.

The centerpiece is of course that vertical spine that curves up from two points underneath the chair, smoothly transitions into a single strut, then splits again out towards the shoulders.

As you move around to the sides, the design transitions into sharper, more combative shapes, with the armrests looking particularly villainous.

The vertical sections of the armrests look like they’ve been stabbed straight through the chair and left in situ. Depending on how high you’ve positioned the armrests, the vertical section hangs lower below the chair. Sort of giving the appearance of a sheathed sword, perhaps, that’s why it’s called the Destrier.

Another aspect of the design that delineates the ASU RGO Destrier from other gaming chairs is the omission of adjustment handles. 

Instead, you get more yankable, and yes, labeled, lanyard pull tables. Not only do these make it easier to figure out what you’re doing, they also help reinforce the futuristic design.

We also see another unique feature as we head toward the summit of the chair, and that’s the acoustic panel that we mentioned earlier. This takes the form of a cowl mounted behind the headrest.


The sound-absorbing material within this cowl helps isolate the user from unwanted noise, allowing you to concentrate on the gaming task at hand with far less distraction.

A side benefit of this is that the cowl adds visual weight to the top of the chair, creating a villainous seating situation fit for a sci-fi baddie from Mass Effect or Aliens.

ASUS ROG Destrier mobile gaming features

Another unique aspect of the ASUS ROG Destrier, is that the ergonomics can be adjusted to perfectly support mobile gamers.

There are a few key features of the ROG Destrier’s design that position it as the premier place to sit for gaming on tablets and phones. We’ll start with the armrests.


The armrests are capable of a massive 14cm/5.5” of travel, meaning that they can be extended higher up, which more ergonomically positions the phone or tablet in front of the user’s face.


We see this purpose again in the surface of the armrests. The back half of the surface is thicker, providing more padding for the elbows, making the user more comfortable when holding a phone or other mobile device up.

This is not to say that the ASUS ROG Destrier isn’t ideal for good old PC gaming. All the features and ergonomics we’ve talked about thus far help it to be a great place to sit at a gaming desk too.

Specifically, the adjustable headrest, seat base, height, and recline functions. All these features allow you to perfectly hone the chair to match your body position to keep you supported and healthy for long periods of gaming. That’s not to mention the fact that you can adjust each side of the lumbar support independently, making for a tailored gaming chair experience.

ROG Chair lineup

Of course, ROG has other chairs available if the mesh life isn’t for you, check them out below!

ROG Gear it Up Cashback

We mentioned this near the beginning before we got lost in the land of the Destrier, but it bears repeating now. ASUS ROG is running a cashback offer that allows you to be directly reimbursed depending on what you buy, take a look at all the details below:

ASUS ROG Gear it Up cashback

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