The Best Budget $500 Gaming PC – Good & Cheap Build (UPDATED 2019)

best gaming pc build under 500

Getting into PC gaming can be a little intimidating, but by following our guide for the best gaming PC under $500, you’re going to find it’s much easier than it looks on the outset. Plus, with this budget build, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite AAA games without breaking the bank.

Build Overview

This build is guaranteed to let you play PUBG on 1080p resolution with at least an average of 60FPS at medium to high in-game settings. Fortnite will run even better. Other popular titles like CS:GO, Overwatch, GTA V, and most AAA games, should also run well on this build.

This is also where you start getting into 1440p gaming and VR gaming, as long as you don’t mind compromising no a few things.

What else sets it apart? Well, let’s look:

High Performance. The graphical performance of this build is easily on par with that of the PS4 Pro (if not better) and easily trumps the original PS4. The CPU is also a significant step up from the power of the PS4 Pro’s (which is roughly equivalent to an Athlon X4 860K).

Upgradeability. Speaking of the CPU, it shouldn’t bottleneck you much if you decide to upgrade your graphics card. You can upgrade both your CPU and GPU to much more powerful counterparts in the future, should you ever be looking to have more performance.

Simplicity. We went with a builder-friendly case for this build. You won’t even need to buy any extra fans-- the case already includes 3 fans on its own, which is more than enough for excellent airflow in any PC build!

How We Choose the Parts and Components

Here at WePC, we know the ins and outs of building computers, research, performance, and prices. Oh and don’t forget compatibility. Because of our desire to bring you the best value, we check our guides for viable upgrades every month (although there isn’t always a better deal to be had).

For every new PC hardware release, we do benchmark research while also checking out what our fellow professionals in the industry have to say. Tech Deals and Linus Tech Tips are among the names we trust most when it comes to in-depth product review and comparison.

The Best Budget $500 Gaming PC Update:

Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor

Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor

The i3-8100 provides great gaming and all-around performance at a fair price. It also avoids bottlenecking the strong GPU in this build.

Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini

Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini

The 1050 Ti is easily the best card for gaming at 1080p, but won’t be very useful at higher resolutions or in VR.

Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400

Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400

With a full 8GB of RAM, multitasking and gaming shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever for this powerful PC build.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM

Unless you’re already a PC gamer with a large library 1TB of storage should be a great starting point.

EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU

EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU

An unfortunately non-modular PSU, but with great bronze certification and the peace of mind that comes with buying EVGA.

Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard

Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard

A solid motherboard that shouldn’t give you any issues. No overclocking in this price range, though.

Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass MicroATX Case

Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass MicroATX Case

An astonishingly cool (aesthetically and literally) budget case that dominates other value options in the same price range.

Estimated $534.38 at Amazon

(Price are accurate as of March 18, 2019. Click the button to see the latest prices)

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Build Details

If you want a good custom 500 dollar gaming pc, you’re in the right place. Now, let’s hop into the belly of this beast.

  • Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor

    Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor

The Intel Core i3-8100 will offer great performance in general usage and most games at 1080p, but it will start showing its limitations when you want to render or stream something. Despite this, it’s still one of the best budget CPUs you can get right now, and it trounces AMD’s options in this price range, especially in terms of gaming performance.

However, this CPU caps out at right around the level of the RX 580. Keep this in mind when upgrading your build, or else you will run into bottlenecking.

While most of the things said above still apply, an interesting change came just before we decided to release this build to the public, and we were able to replace our originally-intended i3 7100 with an i3-8100. This has resulted in not only a performance boost, but the addition of two more cores!

That’s right: a quad core i3. Nuts, right? This should actually slightly boost the i3’s gaming performance, as well in rendering, but we still would strongly recommend against using this CPU for livestreaming purposes.

  • Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini

    Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini

The GTX 1050 Ti is the top budget GPU in the ~$100 range right now, providing 1080p 60fps in most modern games on medium settings. It will easily max out older games on high to max, but beware that the 1050 Ti isn’t quite ready for VR gaming or higher resolutions.

Its performance is far above that of the PS4, and around that of the PS4 Pro. For the best graphical performance you can get in this range, look no further. PNY’s version of the 1050 Ti is smaller than most, but doesn’t lose out on any performance and will fit well into a smaller build, if you opt for one.

This particular 1050 Ti is also a Mini edition- it shouldn’t hurt your performance by any significant margin, and it should actually make it easier to work around in our smaller Micro ATX case.

  • Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400

    Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400

This Patriot Signature Line RAM kit offers 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which should be all that you need for most gaming and multitasking scenarios. It’s a pretty solid value for the price range and the slight bump in clock speed does make it better than a lot of entry-level DDR4 RAM kits you’ll find out there.

Since it’s manufactured by Patriot, you can also trust this RAM kit to be quite reliable in the long run.

  • Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM

    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM

Starter storage. If you’re just getting into PC gaming, chances are you don’t have a large enough Steam library to stuff this full of games. By the time you’ve built that library, you should have the money to get another HDD as a storage upgrade, or even get an SSD to use a priority/boot drive for your favorite titles.

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  • EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU

    EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU

EVGA is responsible for great graphics cards and great power supplies, even at the budget price range. Thanks to that, we’re confident recommending this EVGA BR 450W PSU to our readers, though since it isn’t modular it will be a little bit more difficult to build around. In any case, don’t go any cheaper than this- a bad PSU translates to a bricked PC or a house fire.

  • Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard

    Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard

This is a budget build, so we couldn’t afford to spend extra for features like overclocking. Honestly, it wouldn’t really make any sense anyway- it’d just be a waste of money for features you can’t access yet. If you want an OC-capable build today, go with one of our high-end machines.

For this machine at this price range, however, the Gigabyte H310M A is pretty much perfect. It may be an entry-level motherboard, but this is still ultimately an entry-level PC, and you don’t yet have the budget to get the components to justify something more expensive. Motherboards also don’t really affect gaming performance at all, so even when you do upgrade you’ll be just fine.

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  • Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass MicroATX Case

    Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass MicroATX Case

The Thermaltake Versa H18 may not look like a budget case, but it is one. It’s just…a really, really good one, with a sub-$60 price tag, great airflow, a clean aesthetic…honestly, we’re remiss to find any actual problems with this case in this price range. It even has tempered glass and an LED strip!

To accomplish the case’s full airflow potential, however, you may want to buy an extra intake fan or two, since this case only ships with a single exhaust fan. You’ll sometimes find compromises like these in this price range, but fortunately adding an extra intake fan should only run you about $10-$15- we have a recommended fan pick listed in optional upgrades below.

Despite not coming with extra case fans, we legitimately believe that this is the best case you’re going to get for the money in this price range. For that reason, we selected it for this build.

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Why is This The Best Cheap $500 Gaming PC Today?

If you’re into playing AAA games or competitive shooters, then this is the best budget gaming PC you can get your hands on for the price of $500.

The 8GB RAM allows you to comfortably play just about any game (8GB is still the threshold for gaming) while also letting you do some multitasking on the sides.

Both the CPU and the GPU of this cheap gaming PC build are enough to deliver 1080p gaming with an average of 60FPS for most titles. (You may have to play around with the settings some for newer AAA games to maintain that frame rate).

What games can this PC run?

In this section, we’re going to tell you how this game should be able to run your favorite games.

  • Fortnite - Fornite should run great at high-to-max settings in 1080p60.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - PUBG should run at medium-high settings in 1080p60.
  • Monster Hunter: World - MHW should run at medium-high settings in 1080p60.
  • League of Legends - League will do just fine at max settings in 1080p60.
  • Dota 2 - See above.
  • Overwatch - Overwatch should do well at high-to-max settings at 1080p60.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege - Siege should perform at medium-to-high settings in 1080p60.
  • Warframe - Warframe is pretty light, so max settings @ 1080p60 should be easy to achieve with this build.
  • Grand Theft Auto V - GTA V is pretty intensive, so expect medium-to-high settings at 1080p60 and lower framerates if you decide to max it out.
  • Team Fortress 2 - TF2 should generally perform fine at 1080p and 1440p, but due to the weaker CPU in this build it won’t have the most stable performance without a performance config.

Similar Prebuilt Gaming PC Under 500 dollars

Ideally, you’d build a cheap gaming PC yourself, since you can save yourself money this way (or get a better value for your budget). However, some people aren’t comfortable even trying to build their own gaming PC.

If that’s the case for you, then don’t worry. Here are some options for you:

Upgrade Path for This Build

Our best budget gaming PC in the 500 dollar price range is already a potent machine on its own, but what if you could make it harder, better, faster, stronger?

Rhetorical question. This is PC gaming. Of course, you can do that.

NOTE: These will raise the price of the build!


This ADATA SSD is the cheapest one I’m willing to recommend, but offers great storage capacity and performance in its price range. By investing in an SSD, you can store your OS and a few of your favorite games inside it for rapid-fire load and boot times.

An SSD is one of the best upgrades you can make for your machine, since it’ll offer the largest quality of life improvement. If you choose an SSD, be sure to buy it and mount it first during your OS installation, so you can make the most of your performance!


For graphical punch on par with the PS4 Pro, bump up your GPU to a GeForce GTX 1060. The 1060 is more than enough to thrash games at 1080p High/Max, and is a worthy upgrade for your build.

If you’d like even more graphical power, I’d recommend taking a look at the GTX 1070 and the $800 Gaming PC. However, note that such a massive leap in performance will come with a similarly massive leap in price.


If you want to invest in better cooling for your build, buy these fans. They’re $25 a pop and should help your system run much cooler than it would otherwise.

MORE: Best Case Fans

OS Options and Recommended Peripherals

Ideally, you’d already have some or all of these things before buying the best gaming computer under $500. Unfortunately, we don’t always live in an ideal world, so we’ve provided this section just in case you need it.

Operating System

    While your computer is a very powerful machine, it’s unfortunately capable of very little without an operating system. Operating systems, such as Windows or Android, are used by devices to provide a standard environment for applications and user interactions. So, make sure you buy a Windows 10 license.

    If you want to do PC gaming, Windows is your best option. If you’ve purchased a retail Windows license for one of your previous PCs, you should be able to transfer that license to your new build.

    Operating System

    But, if you haven’t, you’ll either need to buy Windows 10 or deal with Ubuntu/Linux Mint for some time.

    We highly recommend installing your OSes via USB, both for faster install speeds and to save on physical media shipping/the cost of an optical drive. We’ll dive into that more later in the article.

    Mouse and Keyboard

      When most people mention peripherals, these are what come to mind. Your mouse and your keyboard are your primary forms of input and interaction with your PC, and if you don’t have some already, here’s a few that we recommend!

      For Advanced Users: ($100)

      For Advanced Users: ($100)

      If you want to invest in a great gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 comes highly recommended. It retails anywhere from $50-70 most of the time, but its solid customization and build quality provide all you need out of a pro-level gaming mouse.

      The Redragon K551 is an entry-level mechanical gaming keyboard. If you’re serious about writing or gaming, a mechanical keyboard is a necessity. A nice mechanical keyboard at the $40 price range used to be considered a unicorn. Fortunately for us, this myth has become a reality.


        No one wants to be in a situation where they’ve invested in a great gaming PC and discover they have no way to actually play the video games they paid for. If you don’t have an old monitor or HDTV sitting around, here’s our monitor recommendations.

        If these are still too expensive for you, we recommend taking a look on eBay for some cheaper monitors or downgrading to one of our cheaper builds. There’s no point in investing in high-end gaming hardware if you can’t afford a monitor that’ll benefit from it.

        For Starters: ($100)

        For Starters: ($100)

        The lowest range we start with here is at $100, for an entry-level 1080p monitor with low, gaming-optimized response time. In this range, our recommendation starts with the Asus VH238H monitor. You can also check out our full monitor roundup for a wider variety of options.

        Sound Options

          Another important part of your gaming experience is your audio! A lot of work goes into soundtracks and sound design in video games and if you want to enjoy that side of things, you’ll need good enough sound hardware to do it.

          Here’s a few recommendations to start you off!

          Serviceable Speakers

          Serviceable Speakers

          Some great speakers to start out with are the Logitech Z130 Speakers. At just $20, these provide a high-quality audio experience without breaking the bank.

          While you’ll still need to buy better speakers for things like surround-sound and a subwoofer, the Z130 set will be perfectly fine for getting you started listening to music and playing your games.

          Gaming Headset

          Gaming Headset

          A good gaming headset to start with is the Corsair Raptor HS40. With great build quality, directional audio and a built-in mic, you’ll be ready to comm with your teammates in games and have good spatial awareness.

          Spy decloaking behind you in TF2? Someone ulting in Overwatch? With a good headset like this, you’re sure to hear these important audio cues and be able to react in time.

          Getting Online

            Last but not least, let’s talk about actually getting online. You have two options: Wi-Fi or Wired.

            Wireless (Wi-Fi)

            Wireless (Wi-Fi)

            Wi-Fi is more convenient, but isn’t recommended for competitive gaming scenarios due to unreliable network conditions. But to have the option available, invest in the TP-Link Archer T4U.

            It supports all the latest Wi-Fi technologies at a good price.

            Wired (Ethernet Cable)

            Wired (Ethernet Cable)

            With Wired, you’ll want to invest in an ethernet cable. A high-quality 25 foot ethernet cable off Amazon will only run you $8, and for your trouble with wires, you’ll enjoy much more stable network performance in your games.

            Building Tips

            Hey, you stuck around even after we tempted you with the convenience of pre-built PCs! Good for you. Well, don’t think your perseverance won’t be rewarded.

            We know that there are a lot of common mistakes that rookies make when PC building-- it’s just part of the learning process-- but that’s why we wrote a guide to nip that in the bud. For you to successfully build your $500 gaming PC, you need the right guide to do it correctly.

            Before you even get there, though, we know you’ll have a lot of questions. And, well, we’ve already answered a lot of commonly asked PC building questions. (If these were your exact questions, then yes. We read your mind. If not, carry on.)

            Invest In Anti-static Equipment

            Alright, time to get serious about Static Shock (+20 internet nostalgia points if you remember this cartoon).

            If you electric discharge while assembling your rig, you could ruin your components! While this is a rare occurrence that can be avoided with the right grounding practices, you can save yourself a lot of stress by just investing in some cheap equipment.

            An anti-static mat or an anti-static wristband will help you avoid tragically frying your electronics while assembling them. If you only buy one, we recommend the wristband. It may cost a little extra, but that is worth the peace of mind while building your gaming PC.

            Be sure to check out our how to correctly use an anti-static wristband guide if this is your first time using it.

            Watch Building Guides

            This Tek Syndicate video guide will walk you through every step of the PC building process. This is our favorite guide on the topic thanks to its brevity, but it might be a little fast for you, so don’t be afraid to look for some other guides (and leave them in the comments; maybe you’ll find our new favorite).

            If you supplement it by paying close attention to the instruction manuals included with your new components, then everything should go right.

            You’ll find that most of the difficulty involved in PC building is being careful and being patient. In other words, it’s pretty much the same skillset involved in making great Lego creations. Good luck with the standoff screws, though. Those suck.

            If you’re still overwhelmed by the entire process, then you might find our comprehensive guide on How to Build a Gaming PC useful. This guide covers everything from planning a budget to long-term computer maintenance.

            Install OS Via USB

            We’ve already recommended which OS you should use, but now let’s talk about installation. Don’t spend extra on having a disc shipped to you or buying a disc drive when you can just install your operating system via USB.

            To install Windows 10 over USB, download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool onto a 4GB+ USB stick. For Linux distributions, use UNetbootin or Rufus instead.

            Closing Thoughts

            And we’re done!

            Once you order your parts and put them together, you’ll have the best gaming desktop for 500 dollars. While you may not have the biggest muscle on the market, you can always upgrade later on thanks to the flexibility of the PC platform.

            While a console gamer may save more up front by buying a console, you’ll save much more by utilizing Steam, GOG, and Humble Indie Bundle sales to get the best games cheap. Oh, and don’t forget the wonderful, free modding community which extends the life of your games significantly.

            Welcome to the world of PC gaming. Enjoy the best budget $500 gaming PC!

            Tell us what you think of the build! Are there improvements you want to add/recommend? Comment down below and we’ll debate!

            Not the right one for you?


            1. Ji R says:

              Wow great guide! Very helpful for a first time builder.

              1. Cameron says:

                Can I order everything but the motherboard and still be cool?

                1. Karthik Srinivas says:

                  No the motherboard is the most nescessary item. The only thing you can not use is the gpu

              2. Ben says:

                hey i was wondering if you had a mother board replacement or different site to buy it on there all sold out on amazon

              3. josh says:

                would it be able run aaa games at decent graphics and would you know any places in ireland to build a pc .do you know any gaming monitors

              4. Mitch says:

                What could you upgrade the cpu to?

            2. Renaud Didelot says:

              Very good guide.

              1. Kadin says:

                Hi great guide but could you please put a how to build for this very gaming PC so we know where every thing must go so none of us waste 500 bux

              2. Tayghan says:

                Can u have a DVD tray put in

              3. Tayghanv says:

                Can u have a DVD tray put in

            3. keegan de mayo says:

              Can you get a different case if so what case should I get

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi, Keegan de mayo! Yes, you can actually get another case. What’s your budget range? I could give you a list of cases for your convenience 🙂

                1. Loui Ring says:

                  Hello, I would like to know your list of cases please :). I’m willing to spend around the $50 mark.

                  1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                    Hi Loui Ring! Here are some of the list in the $50 price. Remember though that the motherboard A320M Pro-VHL has an onboard USB 3.0 Header and some of the cases on the list don’t have front panel USB 3.0 ports.

                    BitFenix Nova TG (White)
                    BitFenix Nova TG (Black/Red)
                    Apevia X-QBER-PK
                    Cougar MX310
                    DIYPC VT380-W
                    Apevia X-Harmony (Black/Green)
                    Rosewill Galaxy-01-A
                    Corsair 100R
                    Corsair SPEC-02
                    Fractal Design Focus G Mini (Black)
                    Thermaltake View 21 Tempered Glass Edition
                    Cooler Master N400
                    Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition
                    Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass
                    Corsair 100R Silent
                    Thermaltake V3 Black
                    Rosewill Challenger S
                    Rosewill GUNGNIR X
                    Raidmax RAIDMAX Monster II
                    Thermaltake Versa N25
                    Zalman Z11 NEO
                    RIOTORO CR480
                    Rosewill R521-M
                    Nanoxia Rexgear 1 (Black/Orange)
                    Rosewill I3-397-BK
                    Raidmax Vortex V5 ATX-405WB
                    RAIJINTEK STYX
                    Rosewill Galaxy-02
                    RAIJINTEK STYX
                    Raidmax ATX-502WBG
                    Rosewill R363-M-BK
                    VIVO CASE-V10G
                    RAIJINTEK STYX
                    RAIJINTEK STYX
                    Zalman R1
                    Nanoxia Rexgear 1 (Green)
                    Raidmax ATX-402WB
                    Apex TX-388
                    VIVO CASE-V07
                    Raidmax Viper (Red)
                    Apevia X-QBER-BL
                    Raidmax ATX-522WBU
                    Raidmax Cobra Z
                    Enermax OSTROG Lite
                    Apevia X-QPACK3-CL
                    BitFenix Neos
                    Apevia X-QPACK3-BL
                    Thermaltake Versa N27
                    Thermaltake Versa N27
                    Apex TX-606-U3
                    Thermaltake Versa H24
                    Apevia X-QPACK3-WHT
                    Cougar Challenger-O (Black/Orange)
                    Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow
                    Thermaltake Versa H22 Window
                    Phanteks ECLIPSE P400
                    Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow

                    Are you looking to upgrade your case? 🙂

                    1. Amanda says:

                      Would a thermaltake versa h13 work for this build?

                    2. Grant says:

                      yes that case will work. it fits the micro atx which is the size of the msi proseries A320.

            4. Jason Maag says:

              Are there any YouTube videos of this computer being built, or perhaps gameplay with these components?

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi, Jason Maag! How are you? I’m not certainly sure but chances are that there should be YouTube gameplay videos you would find today with this setup.

                1. Jason Maag says:

                  I found a YouTube video that has nearly identical components
                  Here it is in case you want to put it on this website

                  1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                    Thank you so much, Jason Maag! I appreciate it! 🙂

            5. Micah BOWEN says:

              I’m looking at a machine good for editing photos, Is this a good build for that as well as casual video editing? Thanks in advance!

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi Micah BOWEN! How are you? While it’s “fine” for minor edits here and there and casual video editing, here at WePC, we personally recommend our $1000 builds and over if you are doing content creation full-time as video editing can be very CPU-demanding.

            6. Bob says:

              Is there an alternate motherboard I can use for this build? The one linked is sold out. I’m trying to fit everything into this case if that helps, thanks. 🙂

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi Bob! Yes, there is an alternate motherboard you can use. But please check back because as of now, upon checking, the motherboard is available 🙂

              2. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                you can get it from this link if it still appears unavailable. it’s the same board. 😀

                  1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                    Hi, Bob! Yes, that would certainly work 🙂

            7. T5 says:

              Can it cinnetc to wifi or do i need to buy another part
              And is there a cheaper gpu i can use

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hello, T5! How are you? This motherboard doesn’t come with a WiFi. But you can check our “Getting Online” section – we have the TP-Link Archer T4U there, it’s what you need to connect to the internet wirelessly.

                For the graphics card, yes, there are, actually. 🙂 You can get the GT 1030 that cost around $90 or the GTX 1050 around $140 – $150.

            8. U675 says:

              Can i use anothe gpu the 180 dollar one is too much

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi U675! Yes, you can definitely use another GPU for this rig. Either you get the GT 1030 (around $90) or the GTX 1050 (around $140 – $150) 🙂

                1. Humu says:

                  Can I only get the single fan gpus? If I can get a double, then I’ll probably buy the rx 580.

            9. Jeremy says:

              Hello, I was wondering if there was a motherboard with built in WiFi that would be compatible with this. If there is any, could you link it?

            10. helpme build this pc nobie says:

              can you make a video build for this PC i am a newbie at building PC and i’m getting this one

            11. Gianfranco says:

              Hi, i’ve never built a gaming pc before, but i’ve been looking around on youtube and sites. I was just wondering if it would be smart to buy 1 8gb ram instead of buying 2 4gb ram? I am asking because I want to upgrade to 16 gb ram later on.

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi Gianfranco! How’s it going? I apologize if I was a little late to address your question. Personally, I would get the 2x8GB together if I have the opportunity since these RAM sticks should come in pairs to work together in sync. If you can, wait until you could afford 2x8GB. Otherwise, 2x4GB is what I would recommend over 1x8GB of RAM since you can take advantage of the 10%-15% DRAM boost from the dual channel technology.

                The reason why we recommend 1x8GB for this build is to give builders a future-proof rig. Anyone building this could then just get another 8GB of RAM of the same-size memory (or the exact same 8GB) and still make use of the dual channel technology.

                I hope this helps 🙂

            12. Brian J says:

              Is there a cpu cooler for this PC build?\

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hi Brian J! I know I’m a little late and I apologize for that. But the Ryzen 3 1200 CPU does come with the Wraith Stealth cooler 🙂 so you won’t have to worry about buying a separate cooler if that’s what you’re concerned about

            13. Brian J says:

              As the prices have changed for a lot of the items, I thought this would also work for a little under 500$. Maybe you can update the guide?

              1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                Hey Brian, unfortunately, you emptied the shopping cart so I didn’t have the chance to see what’s in there. Can you send me the list of items instead? We’ll be happy to hear what you have in mind before we update this list. 🙂

            14. Marcus says:


              I appreciate the guide it is well explained and makes you want to build it with confidence.

              My question will be this, I want to game with a Oculus or the Vive and I would like to watch some 4k movies in the same PC, I already have a nice 4k tv that is great for gaming so I would just need a PC. What build of PC do you think I can get that could be used for regular gaming, VR gaming and watching 4k movies?.

              My apologies if I am asking too much. I was planning in buying a Xbox One X because it outputs in 4k and you can watch blurays and 4k content with it but I decided to check a PC. I doubt that there will be a Laptop for all that in a range of maybe 750 right?.

              1. PC Machine says:

                A Good Rule of Thumb Is That A Performance Based PC (Not Pre-built) Has a PC Counterpart Twice The Price. This Is NORMALLY True For PC 0-700 Dollars, After That It Does Not Make Sense To Buy A 1400 Dollar Laptop Anyways.

            15. SenderMF says:

              Very useful, do you know where to buy a decent monitor that can run games in about 90fps in 1080p, it doesnt need to have anything special just be able to go above 60fps

            16. SenderMF says:

              Nice guide, do you know where i can buy a monitor that can go above 60fps in 1080p? it doesnt need anything special just above 60 so i can feel it smooth

            17. Nicolas Potes says:

              For the Hdd can I use a Silicon Power 256 Gb instead and is the Silicon better then the Hitachi 1 Tb 7200 Rm

            18. Nicolas Potes says:

              Nice Guide , For the Hdd can I use the Silicon power 256Gb instead of the Hitachi 1Tb and which is better ?

            19. Nicolas says:

              I’m thinking about upgrading my CPU to a Ryzen 5 but don’t know which Ryzen 5 to buy any Tips ?

            20. Logan says:

              Hey I scrolled through a good amount of comments but not all and was wondering just to clarify that this pc does run fortnite? And like what I would need to install for like a game installer like steam or something? and sorry if I sound like a noob im new with this stuff lol. I am asking because I use an xbox one x and want to switch.

            21. Gabriel says:

              Hey! Since I’ve never built a gaming pc before I have a few questions:
              – Would this PC be good for streaming?
              – How do I install the fans for cooling?
              – Do you recommend any cheap internal wifi card?
              – Is this PC difficult to build?
              – How would I know were to connect all the parts?


            22. bigboi says:

              Hello i was wondering if there is a motherboard with built in wifi that would be compatable if so could you leave link.

            23. DensityDuck says:

              Hi there! Would getting a second stick of RAM make a significant difference to performance, or would the SSD be a better upgrade from the basic list you present?

            24. Connor says:

              HI MATE was wondering if you could try and build one under $400

            25. Humu says:

              Does this case fit double fan gpus, if it does should i get the rx 580 instead of the zotac 1050ti?

            26. Aaron says:

              Awesome post was looking for a new computer, this inspired me to give a go at building one, I do have a question though would the Intel Core i3-8350K function in place of the Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor? I need a little more (not much) power for GHz, and from what I have found the i3-8350k should work but just want to ask some pros before making a purchase.

              1. PC Machine says:

                Would it bottleneck? It is more powerful, and with a slightly more expensive mobo, you can overclock. This would be some 100-150 dollars more tho.

            27. AJ says:

              How well use on ranbow 6 and fotnyte?
              1080p and ~100 frame?

            28. Greg says:

              Took your design and gave it a few tweeks:

              Part List
              cpuIntel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor
              gpuZotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini
              ramPatriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400
              hddSeagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
              psuEVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU
              moboGigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard
              caseCooler Master MasterBox Q300L

            29. Greg says:

              The Best Budget $500 Gaming PC

              Part List

              $114.99 Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor
              $ 45.99 Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard
              $ 59.98 Patriot Signature Line 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-2400
              $ 42.15 Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
              $169.99 Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini
              $ 39.99 Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L
              $ 31.89 EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU

              My version:

              $114.99 Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-Core Processor
              $ 45.99 Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard
              $ 99.99 G.Skill – Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
              $ 39.85 Hitachi – 1 TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
              $154.99 MSI GTX 1050 Ti AERO ITX 4G OC
              $ 49.99 Raidmax – Vortex V4 ATX Mid Tower Case w/450 W PSU $505.80

              You have twice the ram now and it’s DDR4 3000 and you have the same vid card for $15.00 less. I would have left the HD alone, but I was doing my damndest to get it down to $500! Comments welcome!

            30. Ian says:

              Hey, I was wondering if the case came with an optical drive or somewhere because I don’t see it on the list. Will I have to buy on or is it included in one of the parts?

            31. TheMusaiyan5 says:

              Is there any motherboard similar to this on this price range with the ability to detect WiFi??

            32. Rylan says:

              Hey I’m new to pc builds but I have a general idea any vids or tips in how to build this model

            33. CJ DeGroote says:

              I built this pc but the build didnt call for an optical drive and I need one to install bios. Is there any way I can take what’s on the disc and move it to a USB stick?

            34. MAL says:

              Liked the guide a lot. I was planning on buying this setup but then I remembered that I live in Italy and these products are shipped from US, will the final price be higher?

            35. JC Jollant says:

              Nice setup but the case is not available anymore

            36. Jason says:

              Can I substitute an i5 for the i3?

            37. Matthew Cenance says:

              It says the CPU is only available for Amazon Prime members. What do I do?

            38. Jeff says:

              I notice you make no mention of having to buy a new operating system… Your system just gained another $140 if you’re using Windows 10. All the hardware in the world is useless without the operating system… If I upgrade my current computer with swapping out the motherboard and CPU what are the odds the current operating system will still work?

            39. David says:

              This will be my first PC build, i was wondering if there where any specifically BAD places to put it in. Such as on a desk by the monitor, on the ground, layed on its side and turned around? And if there where any build tutorials along with can this run JC3 and Heroes and Generals ok? Thank you so much!

            40. Dylan says:

              can you use the EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming, 4GB GDDR5 on this build?

            41. Diego says:

              I have enough money to upgrade the RAM to 16 gbs of ram total instead of 8, is there any other things you suggest I upgrade with it in order to get the most efficiency out of it? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

            42. Nolan says:

              Will my msi bazooka b350 m motherboard work with this build?

              1. Shaheer says:

                no. the b350 motherboard is compatible with only amd processors

            43. kevin says:

              Any replacements for the seagate 1TB? It is currently sold out.

            44. Jackson B says:

              Will the Deepcool TESSERACT SW ATX mid tower case work with this build instead of the case you have featured?

            45. Gabriel says:

              Hi, great guide btw, I was wondering if I could switch the case for a corsair carbide spec omega?

            46. Eric says:

              If you are using the H310M A motherboard how many fans can you add?

            47. Oscar says:

              I’ve read that the AMD Ryzen
              5-2600 would be an all-around better cpu than the Intel i3-8100, so why are you using the i3 for this build? Is it for compatibility or upgradeability reasons?

            48. Oscar says:

              Second question: wouldn’t we need a CPU cooler? The i3-8100 doesn’t seem to include one.

            49. Tayghan says:

              Can u put in a DVD tray cuz I’m still have old stuff and I will need it

            50. Tayghan says:

              Can the case get a DVD player instaled

            51. Gladmon says:

              Can I use a 240 hz monitor with this

            52. Jaz says:

              Hi, i was wondering if this build would be good for photoshop/digital art, casual video editing?

            53. Warren says:

              Hello I recently had some friends help me build my pc. They claim that the power supply is not compatible with the mother board it says it is a 4 point not a 6 point plug?

              1. Dan says:

                Your friends are morons. Maybe they mean the GPU instead, in which case a PSU’s PCI-e power cable is gonna support both 4 and 6 pin.

                In any case, the 1050 Ti is far outclassed by the AMD RX 570, which is available for similar or lower prices. This list is outdated as far as their GPU recommendation goes.

            54. Shaheer says:

              Wouldn’t this rig be wayyy better if it had the rx 570 which basically is a gtx 1060 3gb for the cost of a 1050ti?????

            55. Anthony says:

              Hello. I am wonder if this build would be good for League of Legends

            56. Nolan says:

              Are you able you use a larger dimensioned ram in this build being 4.3cm high vs what you have in the build at 3.1cm?

            57. Jonathan says:

              This may sound like a stupid question, but how many gigs of VRAM does this PC have?

            58. AlexElRoz says:

              Hi,are you sure this good for gaming and would u deliver it to any country?

            59. kool says:

              can you choose a cheaper case, it is way more then 500

            60. Beef says:

              Hey I built the pc build from last year with a Ryzen 3 and a gtx 1050 and it won’t turn on. I was hoping for some help? Thanks.

            61. Brandon M says:

              Question, what happens if I upgrade to i5? What components need to get changed?

            62. Michael M says:

              Why isn’t Radeon RX 570 4GB recommended when it’s significantly faster than the Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, yet cheaper?

            63. Sam says:

              Will this build be able to carry the new anthem game coming out?

            64. Jaden V says:

              when i buy all the parts does it come with all the cords and screws and wifi how do i connect it to wifi??

              1. Max Van Dorn says:

                You need to get your own wifi.

            65. Will Collins says:

              Is thier a slot for a SD card?

            66. Will Collins says:

              Is there a slot for a SD card? If not, do you have any ideas for cheap options? Thanks for the recommended steup

            67. micah says:

              will this computer run the game sea of thieves?

            68. Max Van Dorn says:

              Hey I used this website and built the PC with your guide, everything seems to be running but my monitor, a Acer, says no signal when I turn it on and plug it in to my PC, any words of advice?

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