HyperX Headsets: Comfort At An Affordable Price

HyperX is a globally recognized brand in the realm of PC gaming and has many products on offer from headsets to memory. There is a great deal of value in a HyperX headset, with most of their models featuring in the mid-range and generally being affordable.

Picking a gaming headset in the mid-range can sometimes feel like walking through a minefield, but HyperX’s comfortable and reliable options offer solace in this regard. While the brand may not offer the absolute best audio products, their range of headsets is widely regarded as some of the best budget options across the different categories.

Why Buy A HyperX Headset?

HyperX is Kingston Technology’s high-performance product division, a leading player in the manufacture of memory. The brand was started in 2002, eventually expanding to encompass several product lines including; SSD’s, flash drives, keyboards, headsets, mice, and mouse pads.

HyperX market their peripherals towards pro esports and sponsor over 20 teams globally within the sector. Furthermore, the brand proudly sponsors large esports events such as Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack.

Whether it’s a headset under $50 or a feature-packed wireless pair, HyperX always brings value to the table, with comfort and quality at the core. While these headsets may not show up on an audiophiles radar, gamers can fully enjoy the performance HyperX headsets deliver.

Where Can You Buy A HyperX Headset?

As mentioned, HyperX Headsets are a global brand and you can pick up a pair of their headphones in quite a lot of different stores. 

The one place HyperX Headsets are readily available is on the Amazon marketplace. HyperX encourages you to buy their products from the worlds leading retailer, saving you the need to even leave your home to pick one of these up.

Aside from heaps of stock and customer reviews, one of the main perks of buying a HyperX headset from Amazon is the random deals and, of course, Black Friday.

Which HyperX Headset Is Best For You?

The HyperX headset range features something for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore console gamer or an avid member of the PC master race. The headsets from HyperX also cater for different budgets with options starting as low as around $50. 

You can grab headsets specifically for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC or you may want a pair that offers wireless operation? Either way, HyperX has you covered.

Budget HyperX Headset

While a lot of the range offers incredible value, HyperX has a specific headset for those on the tightest of budgets, the Cloud/CloudX Stinger.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is an affordable lightweight pair that still comes with that trademark comfort. The simplistic Cloud Stingers are multi-platform compatible, deliver great sound performance for the price, and even feature a swivel-to-mute mic.

The base pair is very cost-effective, with the 7.1 surround sound and wireless options costing a bit more.

Wireless HyperX Headset

HyperX offers a few wireless options but the best of the lot is the Cloud Flight S headset. Yet again, comfort is a prominent feature but the included extras in the Flight S headset make these the best HyperX headset for gaming.

Aside from the plush high-quality materials, this headset features superb controls, 30 hours battery charge, a detachable mic, and QI charging capabilities. Furthermore, this gaming-grade headset comes with 7.1 surround sound, durable steel sliders, and 90 degrees rotating earcups.

So for those looking for an affordable yet premium PC or PS4 wireless gaming headset, the HyperX Flight S is worth checking out.

PS4 HyperX Headset

There are quite a few headsets in HyperX’s range that are compatible with the PS4, however, the HyperX Cloud is their official offering.

We see the same durable frame and plush earcups as we do across their entire Cloud range, with the detachable mic too. This pair has been licensed by Sony and was built specifically for the PS4 platform. 

This will work straight out of the box with your PS4, will provide you with immersive audio, and feature a noise cancellation mic for crystal clear communication. As mentioned, there are a lot of options in the HyperX range for PS4 but not many can compete with the value of the Clouds.

Xbox One HyperX Headset

Much like the HyperX headsets for PS4, there are a few Xbox One compatible models across the range. There is a similar amount of Xbox One licensed headsets as the PS4 but the standout model is the HyperX CloudX.

The CloudX’s have been tested and approved by Microsoft themselves and, yet again, deliver with that supreme comfort HyperX is known for. This durable pair remains comfortable throughout extended gaming sessions thanks to the plush ear cups and cushioned headband. 

Aside from immersive in-game audio, the HyperX CloudX headset features enhanced bass, crystal clear highs, and passive isolation.

Wired Vs Wireless HyperX Headsets

In the past, the question of wired vs wireless was a bit of a non-starter for competitive players as any dip in performance would be seen as a huge negative. However, with huge steps forward in wireless technology we now see plenty of viable options that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy. 

The wireless options from HyperX follow the same suit as the rest and offer excellent comfort and value. It is worth noting that wireless headsets, no matter the quality, will have a small amount of interference or dip in performance when the battery is running low. Of course, wired headsets will not face the same issue and offer unparalleled consistency at all times.

Regardless of which you go for, it is important to know that you are ultimately trading-off performance for convenience.


Right across HyperX’s headset range, you will find comfortable materials and clever design. From rotational earcups to memory foam padding, the brand strives to make their headsets as comfy as possible, no matter your head shape or size. 

The comfort of a headset is vitally important as the average gamer will be wearing the pair for hours on end. Comfort can be hard to come by, even with the more expensive gaming headsets out there. However, HyperX seems to excel in this area.

Microphone Quality

The quality of a gaming headset’s microphone is always in question and, generally speaking, never that good. Despite this, some are better than others and the primary concern for most headset manufacturers is audio quality. With this in mind, you are never going to want to use a gaming headset if you plan on streaming or being a content creator as a standalone mic is always going to be the better option.

Clarity of your voice can be a crucial element in pro esports though, so it is always a good idea to get the best microphone quality you can for your budget, without sacrificing what really matters: sound!

Our Verdict

When it comes to price-to-performance, you can’t go wrong with a HyperX headset. The brand has truly carved out a unique place in the headset world for themselves, with some of the most affordable, feature-packed products out there.

While the professionals and audiophiles may look elsewhere for their next headset, HyperX has many that can benefit the masses. From budget to wireless, these comfy options will only help to enhance your competitive gameplay.

The best HyperX headset out there at the moment is still the wireless Cloud Flight S.