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About Our PC Builds

Our PC builds are where the “Great Setup” in our name comes from. No matter your budget, we want to make sure you have a Great Setup for your PC gaming needs.

To do this, we find the best compatible PC parts at a given price range, then put them together for price/performance-oriented builds guaranteed to blow prebuilt PCs and consoles out of the water.

A common misconception about PC gaming is that it’s more expensive than console gaming. If you buy some overpriced prebuilt and don’t know how to utilize Steam sales...it can be.

But if you’re smart and know where to look, you can get a value that surpasses that of console gaming. You can also get performance and customization that surpasses that of console gaming.

The path of the PC gamer is a glorious one, but it does require a little knowledge and know-how to take. Fortunately, that’s the part that we cover for you.

You’re welcome to jump right into our How To Build A Gaming PC guide if you want to get started on that process. Otherwise, you can navigate our Builds or start looking at our other hardware roundups.

About Our Hardware Roundups

Our Hardware Roundups, meanwhile, gather all kinds of gaming hardware for your benefit. Whether you’re trying to find the best gaming laptop under $1200 or the best gaming chair under $100, we have you covered.

Our Hardware Roundups gather up to five products, dives deep into the pros and cons of those products, and then ranks them accordingly. By the end of any of our Hardware Roundup articles, you’re guaranteed to walk away having found the right choice for your budget and your needs.

While they differ slightly in format versus our PC builds, they’re still a priority for us here at The Great Setup. We don’t keep them quite as updated as the PC build articles, though, so be sure to notify us if something isn’t right about one of the articles!

Meet The Team

John Edwards - Editor

Juzel Albert Padilla - Writer

Juzel Albert Padilla has always been passionate about computers. Knowing how hard it is to find a solution for every computer problem, he aims to deliver the best solutions possible through his work on TheGreatSetup.com.

His passion to help and reach out to computer enthusiasts is what pushed him to deliver clear and concise contents. His writings focus on delivering informative tutorials and detailed how-to’s.

Reilly Leaton - Writer

Reilly Leaton is an avid gaming PC enthusiast. Having been around computers all his life thanks to his father owning multiple PC stores, he's been building and repairing computers of all budgets and types since he was a kid.

Deciding to enter the blogging world, Reilly hopes to help beginner and vet alike pursue their own passions. His personal computer currently runs a Radeon RX 580 paired with a Ryzen 1700 and 32GB of RAM.

Christopher Harper - Writer

Christopher Harper is the Writer for The Great Setup. He also thinks it’s funny to talk in third person like this, and he’s going to keep going because it’s incredibly amusing.

Christopher Harper is a lifelong gamer and tech nerd. He got initiated into the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race nearly a decade ago, and ever since he’s been dedicated to building and maintaining the best gaming PCs.

He’s also really, really good at Team Fortress 2. And he absolutely isn’t using this third person bio as an attempt to stroke his own ego.

Jacob Roach - Writer

Jacob Roach is a Writer for The Great Setup, helping out with build guides and buying guides.

Since he was in diapers, Jacob has always reached for a keyboard and mouse. His love of PC gaming and tech started as a child and has extended well into adulthood.

When not writing, you'll find him trying to understand Anime or glued to YouTube.

Ben Johnson - Founder