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WePC Awards Best In Class

Best in Class

The very best in its category earns the WePC Best in Class award. If you’re looking for the best product in any given category, this is it.

WePC Awards Editors Choice

Editor's Choice

Only products that score five stars get the coveted Editor’s Choice award. Not many products will be awarded the perfect score from WePC.
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WePC Awards Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

Any product that gets 4.5 stars will come with the Highly Recommended award that represents real value for money.
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WePC Awards Recommended


Any product that gets 4 stars is recommended by the WePC team as a solid buy.

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Best in Class

Editor's Choice

How we test

Wondering what kind of effort goes into our rigorous product review process? We’ve demystified it all, so you can be sure to trust all of our reviews, and how we get to drawing those all-important conclusions.

We reserve our awards for only the best products that we review. These are our stamp of quality, meaning that you really can’t go wrong with anything that has been through our rigorous testing process.


Editorial independence is at the heart of everything we do at WePC. The editorial and advertising teams work completely separately and we will never modify a review or any other piece of work based on commercial considerations.

Code of Practise

All of our journalists are held to the same high standard of work and we adhere to the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice. We firmly believe in and strive for transparency, accuracy, originality, accountability and honesty in everything we do.