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WePC Best of 2022 and Readers’ Choice Awards

We’re extremely excited to announce the first of our annual award shows – the WePC Best of 2022, incorporating the WePC Readers’ Choice awards.

The WePC team is set to announce the must-have tech from 2022, in the first of an annual showcase that will highlight the very best releases of the year.

The WePC Best of 2022 awards will reward the very best tech of the year, as judged by the in-house team of experts. The winner in each of the 20 categories will be selected from a shortlist of five, with the runners-up getting an ‘honorable mention’.

In product categories, the only requirement is that the tech was released – and reviewed by WePC – in 2022. All the nominated products have scored at least four stars on WePC and every product nominated is recommended by the WePC team. These awards will let you know what piece of kit is the best of the best.

WePC Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

We wouldn’t be anything without our readers and there are five additional categories where you decide who wins. If you want your voice to be heard, you can vote through our social channels, including TikTok. More details on this will be announced nearer the time.

How winners are decided – WePC Best of 2022

The WePC team is made up of hardware specialists and our esteemed panel will decide the winners based on experience of the hardware industry and on reviewing products over the year. All products will have been awarded at least a four-star review on WePC.

How winners are decided – Readers’ Choice

Voting will be done through the WePC social channels from a shortlist compiled by the WePC team.

WePC Best of 2022 – categories

  • Brand of the year
  • Innovation of the year
  • Best gaming headset
  • Best gaming mouse
  • Best gaming keyboard
  • Best gaming chair
  • Best PC case
  • Best gaming laptop
  • Best tablet
  • Best GPU
  • Best CPU
  • Best SSD
  • Best motherboard
  • Best gaming monitor
  • Best gaming TV
  • Best console
  • Best CPU cooler
  • Best RAM
  • Game of the year
  • Mobile game of the year

WePC Readers’ Choice 2022

  • Brand of the year
  • Best PC component
  • Best PC peripheral
  • Game of the year
  • Coolest kit

How to get involved

The Readers’ Choice Awards give you the chance to make your voice heard, with five distinct categories that you can vote for across our social media channels. We will also be streaming all the action from the night live so you can watch as each and every award is handed out. The date of the first annual WePC awards will be announced nearer the time.

How we test

Wondering what kind of effort goes into our rigorous product review process? We’ve demystified it all, so you can be sure to trust all of our reviews, and how we get to drawing those all-important conclusions.

WePC product awards

We reserve our awards for only the best products that we review. These are our stamp of quality, meaning that you really can’t go wrong with anything that has been through our rigorous testing process.


Editorial independence is at the heart of everything we do at WePC. The editorial and advertising teams work completely separately and we will never modify a review or any other piece of work based on commercial considerations.

Code of Practise

All of our journalists are held to the same high standard of work and we adhere to the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice. We firmly believe in and strive for transparency, accuracy, originality, accountability and honesty in everything we do.

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