The Best $1000 Gaming PC That Will Own 2019

best gaming pc under 1000

With this build, our goal is to provide the best gaming PC build of 2019 for less than $1,000.

It’s at this price range that you start needing to make fewer and fewer compromises and can instead focus on excellence. You’re now out of the mid range category and officially in the premium category. This is where you easily max out every title at 1080p. You’ll also start pushing for 1440p resolutions and still get a solid 60FPS by smartly adjusting some in-game settings.

This is also where high-end tasks, like streaming and Virtual Reality, become reasonable possibilities, too. (You could do these before but with questionable results.)

Build Overview

The best gaming PC of 2019 under $1,000 boasts all the power and performance you’d expect from a premium build. At this point: Every. Title. Is. Playable.

No Compromises. At lower price ranges, you often find yourself making various compromises to get the best for your money. Not so here-- value can be maintained without compromising on any part of the build or its capabilities, allowing the full range of PC gaming to be experienced with this one machine.

Streaming and VR-Ready. If you’re paying a thousand dollars, you should be able to enjoy all gaming has to offer. Streaming, content production, and VR gaming fall under that umbrella, so we’ve ensured that this build can do all of those things.

While you will still need to invest in a VR headset to play VR titles or upgrade to an i7 for a really high-end streaming/video creation, the hardware here is great for those tasks and should be for the foreseeable future.

How We Choose the Parts and Components

Here at WePC, we don’t just come up with a build for the sake of giving you a bunch of components that fit into a predefined budget. No, we do extensive research and hours of price comparisons to make sure you get more than what you pay for.

We also check what our fellow professionals in the industry have to say about the upcoming and newly released hardware products to make sure we’re not missing even a bit of information. JayzTwoCents, Linus Tech Tips and Tech Deals are just a few.

We also aim to keep our guides up-to-date with the latest hardware releases to make sure we’re always giving you the best advice possible. As such, expect to see changes on our builds from time to time.

The Best $1000 Gaming PC Update:

Intel Core i5-8400 Six-Core Processor

Intel Core i5-8400 Six-Core Processor

The Intel Core i5 in this build will provide stellar gaming performance and shouldn’t bottleneck any potential GPU upgrades.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 Liquid Cooler

Even though you won’t be overclocking without upgrades, this budget liquid cooler will keep your CPU running cool and your system running silent.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Black Edition Gaming

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Black Edition Gaming

The RTX 2060 was the best GPU we could slap into this build, and will provide great 1440p and VR performance. Even 4K should be possible! Not to mention the RTX feature.

Patriot Signature Line 8GB DRR4-2400

Patriot Signature Line 8GB DRR4-2400

With a full 8GB of RAM, multitasking and gaming shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever for this powerful PC build.

ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB SSD

ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB SSD

An SSD with great performance at a stunning value.

Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB HDD

Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB HDD

2TB of reliable storage from Hitachi.

Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU

Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU

A strong semi-modular power supply from Corsair.

GIGABYTE H310M A Micro ATX Motherboard

GIGABYTE H310M A Micro ATX Motherboard

An entry-level motherboard for Intel’s 8000 CPU series,

Phanteks P400S ATX Mid Tower Case

Phanteks P400S ATX Mid Tower Case

The Phanteks P400S is an excellent midrange case with plenty of room for expansion and great out-of-the-box cooling.

Estimated $1,055.90 at Amazon

(Price are accurate as of March 22, 2019. Click the button to see the latest prices)

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Build Details

We’ve talked about what this build can do and what the requirements are.

Now, let’s talk about what makes up the insides of this 1k rig.

  • Intel Core i5-8400 Six-Core Processor

    Intel Core i5-8400 Six-Core Processor

The i5-8400 provides stellar gaming and all-around performance. With this CPU, you won’t need to worry about bottlenecking any graphics card you might slap in here for years to come. Thanks to 6 powerful, hyperthreaded cores (allowing a total of 12 threads), you’re well-equipped to handle pretty much anything.  This means higher framerates in CPU-dependent games, and multi-threaded workloads (like rendering and streaming) shouldn’t be a problem, either.

The one downside of this CPU is the inability to overclock, since it isn’t a K-series processor. Its out-of-the-box performance is still the best you’re going to get in this price range, though.

MORE: Best CPUs for Gaming

  • Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 Liquid Cooler

    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 Liquid Cooler

While we couldn’t fit an overclocking motherboard or CPU into our budget, we were able to bump up our cooling a little bit. With the MasterLiquid Lite 240 Liquid Cooler, your PC will make much less noise when running idle or under load, and your CPU will be cooler than ever, allowing it to run at turbo frequencies more frequently. While not quite what you’d get with a proper overclock, this will still offer a significant improvement in your system’s overall performance.

MORE: Best CPU Coolers

  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Black Edition Gaming

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Black Edition Gaming

Without question, this is the heart of our $1000 gaming PC build. While we had to make some…slight compromises to make this possible (we couldn’t afford an overclocking-compatible setup like we normally do for $1K PC builds), these won’t actually impact real-world gaming performance significantly enough to justify going without an RTX 2060.

If you look at this partlist and compare it to our $800 PC build, you may notice a lot of similarities. Don’t let the initial looks fool you, though…with this GPU in play, we’re seeing gaming performance gains as high as 53% over the $800 PC build, and the i5 still won’t bottleneck us! Not to mention you have the RTX feature with this, too.

50% more gaming performance for only 20% more cash isn’t a bad deal at all, is it?

  • Patriot Signature Line 8GB DRR4-2400

    Patriot Signature Line 8GB DRR4-2400

This 8GB DDR4 RAM stick from Patriot is from a trusted brand, and comes clocked just a little higher than entry-level DDR4 RAM. Truthfully, you probably won’t notice an extreme difference based on RAM speed alone, but thanks to the fact that this is actually 2 4GB sticks, you can run them in dual-channel for a significant boost in memory performance.

This is one of the few non-compromises in this build. 8GB of RAM will serve you fairly well for years to come.

  • ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB SSD

    ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB SSD

ADATA makes some pretty solid value SSDs, and the SU800 series is no different. While still operating about as fast as a SATA SSD, the SU800 512GB offers some of the best price-per-gigabyte that you can find in a modern SSD. With half a terabyte of fast storage, you have more than enough room for your operating system and all of your favorite programs. If you’re going to put games on here, we recommend sticking to your favorite multiplayer titles, as those will benefit the most from fast loading times.

While it may be a bit more expensive than, say, ~250 GB SSD or a ~125 GB SSD, the actual value you’re getting for your money is unmatched. This makes the ADATA Ultimate SU800 512GB SSD our top value SSD pick.

  • Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB HDD

    Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB HDD

When it comes to storage, all you really need to do is make sure that you’re buying from a trusted brand (Hitachi, Seagate) and you’re getting a good value for your money. This 2TB HDD epitomizes that– just make sure that you do initial OS installation on your SSD and not this one by accident, or you won’t be able to utilize the benefits of hybrid storage as intended in this build.

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  • Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU

    Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU

Finally, modularity! In case you aren’t familiar with modular PSUs, they allow you to only use the cords you need instead of coming preloaded with every possible cord preattached.

Thanks to rising prices, we weren’t able to fit modular PSUs into our cheaper builds without going over budget. Now that we have just a little bit more flex room, we are able to add a Semi-Modular PSU from Corsair, which will make your building process much cleaner and easier than it would be with a Non-Modular PSU.

The same basic rules of PSU shopping still apply here, of course: buy high quality from a trusted brand (EVGA, Corsair), or risk system loss or a house fire (aka house loss).

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  • GIGABYTE H310M A Micro ATX Motherboard

    GIGABYTE H310M A Micro ATX Motherboard

This is an entry-level motherboard for Intel’s 8000-series processors. This means that you won’t be able to overclock on this build, but it was a necessary sacrifice to be able to fit the CPU and GPU inside…upgrading to an OC-capable motherboard would’ve added at least $50 by itself, more often closer to $80 if you want a truly high-end motherboard.

Gigabyte’s offerings have always been fairly high-quality, though, so even though this motherboard is made for a budget gaming PC, you don’t need to worry about it failing you.

  • Phanteks P400S ATX Mid Tower Case

    Phanteks P400S ATX Mid Tower Case

The Phanteks P400S is our top pick for a case in this price range, thanks to its stellar build quality, quiet fans, excellent airflow, and sleek aesthetic.

There are multiple color options, all of which include RGB LED lighting that emanates from the bottom of your case, adding a little bit of atmosphere to the whole situation. The panels pretty effectively soundproof the system, so for those who like quieter PC builds, this is a great benefit.

There is also tempered glass, which is both durable and provides a great look inside your case at your components, illuminated by an RGB LED strip that you can customize to whatever color you like.

Last but not least, there are two Phanteks fans bundled with this case, providing a great out-of-the-box cooling solution from the get-go. You’re welcome to slap in an extra intake fan if you want, but you shouldn’t really need to.

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Why is this the Best $1000 Gaming PC?

Simply put, this is the best gaming performance that you’re going to get for under $1000. While you can continue pushing your budget past this, you will begin to see diminishing returns… Even once you start running 1080 Tis and i7s, you’re not looking at massive, real-world performance gains unless you’re gaming at 4K. Even then it won’t be by much.

The only real compromise we had to make for the sake of this build came in the form of overclockability. We wanted to get an i5 8600K-- the K series being overclocKable, obviously-- in here and pair it with an overclocking-compatible motherboard, but if we included those things we wouldn’t have been able to include the GTX 1070.

Ultimately, the 1070 offers better gaming performance here, so we decided to sacrifice overclockability for it.

What games can this PC run?

In this section, we’re going to tell you how this game should be able to run your favorite games.

  • Fortnite - At 4K and High settings, you should be able to achieve around 30-40 FPS. If you want a stable 60FPS, you’ll definitely need to turn down your settings or your resolution.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - PUBG is probably the most performance-demanding game on this list, so we recommend just playing this one at 1440p and high settings, which should net you a stable 60 FPS. 4K60 might be possible, but only with very low settings.
  • Monster Hunter: World - MHW should provide a great experience at 1440p, but 4K simply isn’t feasible with this build unless you’re making sacrifices to framerate or performance.
  • League of Legends - This is a lightweight eSports title, so running at 4K60 shouldn’t be a problem at all.
  • Dota 2 - While Dota 2 isn’t made to run on a calculator like League of Legends (that’s sarcasm) it is still shouldn’t be demanding for a build like this and should easily run at 4K60.
  • Overwatch - While an eSports title, this is definitely more demanding than the MOBAs. Expect 40-50 FPS at 4K/Ultra settings, and consider turning down to 1440p for the best experience.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege - With its real-time map destruction and high-end graphics engine, you aren’t going to be able to keep a stable 4K60 at high settings with this game. 1440p should be fine, though.
  • Warframe - Warframe is actually surprisingly light on system resources, so you should be able to achieve at least 100 FPS in 4K and high settings with this PC build.
  • Grand Theft Auto V - 4K60 isn’t happening here unless you turn a lot of things down, but 1440p and high settings should be very easy to achieve.
  • Team Fortress 2 - This is more CPU-dependent than GPU-dependent, and the i5 in this build is overkill for TF2. 4K60 should be achievable, but due to TF2’s engine you may encounter some pretty bad performance hiccups- if you do, you’ll want to turn some settings down.

Similar Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $1000

Let’s face the music: not everyone is fond of building their own PCs. This is why we decided to include a list of pre-built gaming computers in the same price range.

Below are several of the entries from our best prebuilt gaming desktops under $1000 product guide. You can check them out for yourself, or you can read the above article to get a better understanding of what each brings to the table:

Upgrade Path for this Build

This best gaming PC build in 2019 doesn’t come without upgradeability, of course! Here are just a few recommended upgrades that we have in mind for this build.

Note: These will raise the price of the build!


This unlocked version of Intel’s i5 8th gen processor gives you not just plenty room of processing speeds at stock but it’s also overclockable. Essentially, it’s a much better CPU than the one we have in this build. If you wish to upgrade your gaming experience a tad more, go get this.

If you’re going to spend the extra money on this, though, you’re also going to want to upgrade your motherboard in order to utilize the chip’s overclocking capabilities.


With our new motherboard recommendation, there is a $30 difference in price. If you could spare $30 more on top of the build, then, by all means, do get this Z370 motherboard instead of the B360M.

It’s offers better audio, extra features, higher build quality…and most importantly, it gives you the ability to overclock your processor and make the most out of it. However, you can only do this with a K-series processor, like the 8600K mentioned above.


The EVGA GTX 1080 is a beast of a GPU, but this model comes with a factory overclock and EVGA’s excellent ACX cooler. Expect top-of-the-line graphics performance alongside first-class cooling, build quality, and customer service with this card.

While the 1070 can beast through most games you put on it, the GTX 1080 is even more crazy-powerful. It should allow you to easily max out games at 1440p and even start pushing higher settings in 4K/VR titles.


These fans usually retail for $25 a pop and will help make up for the included case’s shortcomings. We recommend grabbing one of these and using it as an exhaust fan, while keeping the default case fans in their usual spot.

MORE: Best CPU Coolers

VR Headset

    Since you’re already buying a beast PC in the form of the 1k rig, maybe you’d like to take your gaming experience to the next level with VR gaming?

    HTC Vive

    HTC Vive

    Since you’re already buying a beast PC in the form of the 1k rig, maybe you’d like to take your gaming experience to the next level with VR gaming?

    Oculus Rift

    Oculus Rift

    Either of these headsets is a great option, but we, at WePC (and most outlets in general), prefer the HTC Vive over the Oculus Rift due to superior developer support. Do note, however, this will set you back at least $500.

    OS Options and Recommended Peripherals

    Now, ideally, you’ll already have a pre-existing OS and peripherals to transfer over from your old machine to your new one. But, in case you don’t, we’ve included this section on peripherals for this 1k rig.

    Note: These will raise the price of the build!

    Operating System

      An operating system is basically required for a PC to do much of anything, gaming included. Every computer has an operating system– even your phones do! (The OS in iOS stands for Operating System.)

      For the best gaming compatibility, you’ll want to use Windows 10. We’ve recommended the OEM version here since that can save you a lot of money over a retail edition. Unfortunately, it can’t be transferred to other machines or activated on multiple devices.

      You’re going to want to either transfer/activate a pre-existing retail Windows license on your computer, or install a new OS.


      Operating System

      You can also install a Linux distribution for free, in the form of Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint. However, these will have lower gaming compatibility and will be much more difficult to set up and use for the common user.

      Mouse and Keyboard

        These are our high-end picks for this price range.

        For Advanced Users: ($100)

        For Advanced Users: ($100)

        The Logitech G502 boasts one of the best optical mouse sensors on the market and is fully-packed with features like weight-adjustment and DPI shifting. We recommend the G502 above pretty much everything else, but you can also switch to the RGB version if you want.

        MORE: Best Gaming Mice

        The Corsair K70 RGB is, beyond a doubt, one of the best gaming keyboards currently available on the market. Boasting Corsair’s insanely in-depth RGB customization solution and awesome high-end build quality, you can’t go wrong with this keyboard for your gaming setup.


          When playing games, pushing framerates above 60 FPS can cause screen-tearing on standard 60 Hz monitors and feel just a little like overkill. With this build, you’re going to be pushing frames well above 60 in many scenarios, so we recommend you get a 144hz monitor.

          Acer GN246HL

          Acer GN246HL

          The Acer GN246HL and Acer XF240H are two great 144hz monitors for exactly this purpose. Having high refresh rate displays will effectively boost your reaction time, as well as provide a smoother experience overall. These are a favorite among competitive gamers, and once you play with one you’ll see why.

          Acer XF240H

          Acer XF240H

          If you don’t want to go with one of the above picks, you should also consider browsing our massive 20-monitor roundup to find the exact monitor for your needs.

          Sound Options

            Sound is one of the five key senses, and unless you’re deaf you’re gonna want to invest in good sound equipment. We’ve included our recommendations in the sections below.

            Serviceable Speakers

            Serviceable Speakers

            The Logitech Z130 Speakers are…well, speakers. Build quality is solid, sound quality is good… that’s really all there is to say here. If you want a more high-end audio experience, check out the headset below.

            MORE: Best Computer Speakers

            Gaming Headset

            Gaming Headset

            For high-end gaming headset action, we recommend the  HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset. With its noise-cancelling microphone, your comms will be clearer than ever, and the addition of 7.1 surround sound should significantly boost your in-game situational awareness.

            Getting Online

              You can get online through a wireless or a wired connection, and we’ll go over two great options for that here.

              Wired (Ethernet Cable)

              Wired (Ethernet Cable)

              Want to get online? Don’t feel like blaming lag?

              If that’s the case, invest in a wired connection. This 25-foot ethernet cable should do the trick perfectly, saving you from wireless interference and providing you the best possible network performance.

              Unless your ISP is just bad, Internet lag spikes should be a thing of the past with this beaut!

              Wireless (Wi-Fi)

              Wireless (Wi-Fi)

              If you insist on using Wi-Fi, you should, at least, go with the TP-Link Archer T4U. It supports all the latest Wi-Fi standards, has good reviews, and comes at a great price.

              Building Tips

              This 1k rig might be nice, but the act of physically placing the components together is just as important as carefully choosing the right components.

              For first time builders, it is important to be aware of the common mistakes that newbies make. It’s also not unusual to have some questions about PC building common, so don’t feel silly for needing the extra help.

              Invest In Anti-static Equipment

              Remember how much fun it was as a kid when you realized that you could use static electricity to shock people, but then you forgot about it for the rest of your life? Well, you’ll need to remember it again, because static discharge can fry the sensitive circuitry of the valuable components you just purchased.

              There are several easy ways to avoid this. First, you can buy an anti-static mat to place your motherboard and other components on. Second, and perhaps more importantly, is grounding yourself while building, which you can do with an anti-static wristband.

              At first, it can be somewhat nerve wracking to use since if you get it wrong, it will cost you hundreds of dollars. That’s why we created a nifty guide to tell you exactly how to use an anti-static wristband.

              Watch Building Guides

              Building PCs can be scary for a first-timer. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty simple and there are more resources than ever! With Tek Syndicate’s above build guide, plus your component manuals, you shouldn’t have a problem putting together your PC.

              Secure your wristband and clear your workspace (and your schedule while you’re at it) and you’ll be on your way. Your first build may take multiple hours, but you’ll feel great once you’re done.

              Newbie builders also are afraid they might be missing something in the process. This is where our how to build a PC guide from this link should come in handy. We have detailed every step of the process from deciding on a budget, to setting up your computer, and installing all the drivers you’ll need.

              Install OS Via USB

              To save money-- and some headaches-- install your OS via USB. To do this with Windows, download and run the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. All you’ll need is a 4GB USB stick and a license key.

              If you’re thinking of using one of the Linux distributions, try out UNetbootin or Rufus.

              Closing Thoughts

              If you followed our guide, you’ve assembled the best gaming computer under $1000.

              Enjoy your gaming, and make sure you comment down below if you have any suggestions, or want a second opinion about which build you should pick.


              1. Hau Nguyen says:

                Hey thanks for replying! Is it possible to get a different tower case than the rosewill? and if yes can you tell me what kind?

              2. Mr. Stack says:

                Hey i love the build but is everything you need included? Is there a system speaker? audio jacks. If there is stuff missing can you list them? I want to make sure everything is fine for the build because i’m probably gonna consider it.

              3. John says:

                Hey it says it is updated as of FEb 2018 but links are bad and three items including the motherboard are not even available on Amazon it says when I tried to purchase. Could you guys give this page a nice refresher?

              4. Kody says:

                What one trying to learn is I want to stream on my pc and play games on my PS4 cuz the dlc come 30 days early can I hook up my PS4 threw this pc and stream

                1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                  Hi Kody! How are you? Yes, it’s possible to connect your PS4 to this $1000 build and stream using your PS4. Just make sure you download and install the PS4 Remote Play app. 🙂

              5. Katrina says:

                Hey folks- Currently this guide is not linking to the Gigabyte MB you have listed and instead is pointing to a MSI MB that is incompatible with the CPU you use. Please update before anyone else is trying to return parts. 🙁

                1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                  All the links are now updated. We are sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.

              6. Kat says:

                The guide links to a mother board that is incompatible with the CPU you spec. It’s not even the MB you call out. Please fix this. I used this guide to build out my new machine and now have an incompatible MB/ CPU. 🙁

              7. Austin says:

                I want to use this build but I was wondering, if I get the i7 instead of the i5, will all the other parts be compatible?

                1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                  Hi, Austin! How’s it going? Yes, the i7-8700K will be compatible. But you’ll definitely want a more powerful cooler for that, especially if you wish to overclock it (which, I’m sure you will) 🙂

              8. Nick says:

                On new popular games such as fortnite and pubg will this build get 100+FPS?

                1. Juzel Albert Padilla says:

                  Hey there, Nick! How’s it going? Fortnite at 1080p on Epic settings will give you 80-105FPS while PUBG at 1080p on Ultra settings will stay around 60-80FPS. Adjusting the graphics by setting AA, Texture and View Distance to high and leaving the rest to very low/low will give you a decent graphics output with an easy 100++ FPS.

              9. Altiano Ruly Gerung says:

                How about upgrading the GPU sto 1070 time?

              10. Ryan says:

                Is this in Usd or Aud and are all the parts able to ship to Australia

              11. Rhonda Jean says:

                Could you update the pre-built comparable options to the new options, please?

              12. Adamsson says:

                Is this the best choise to do, I mean is it better to build this pc than buying any other gaming pc?

              13. Adamsson says:

                Is this the best choise to do, I mean is it better to build this pc than buying any other prebuilt gaming pc?

              14. Andy says:

                Looking at building a new PC…it’s been 10 years now since i have bothered upgrading my current pre-built pc.
                I game mostly on MMO’s w/ a bit of FPS and the occasional AAA studio single player game. As i do not plan on doing any streaming is this $1000 build going to run that much faster than the $800 build you have listed?

              15. Blake says:

                If I upgrade to 16 go ram, 2 monitors and 2tb hard drive should I have to upgrade the power supply?

                1. Karl says:

                  No you dont. The 550W power supply is enough.
                  GPU will use less then 200W
                  CPU will use less then 150W
                  and lets trow another 150W in the system for fans etc

                  Makes max 450W-500W under full load.

              16. Shane Parnham says:

                if I wanted to upgrade the ram to 16 GB instead what ram would you recomend

              17. Drew says:

                If I wanted to get a free sync monitor, could I use the AMD Vega 64 instead of the 1070? It’s on sale on right now for $399, same as the 1070. The 64 is the equivalent to the 1080 though isn’t it? Is there a reason why they are the same price?

              18. Samson says:

                Can this pc run rocket league at 144 fps 1080p maxed?

              19. Steve says:

                This is my first build. It appears that the cooler requires two cpu fan header connectors, one for the pump and one for the fans, But the Gigabyte motherboard specs only show one cpu fan header. Am I missing something?

              20. An Inquiring Mind says:

                If I get all of this build but get the suggested cpu and motherboard upgrades rather than the normal ones, will I be able to overclock without cooling issues?

                Thanks in advance

              21. Zach Hein says:

                Beautiful build! I’m looking forward to this being my first PC build, but I have some questions. How do you get a Windows License? Do you know of any cheap flash drives that can store the massive 5gb download for windows? Finally, will this build work inside of a NZXT H440 case? Thank you!

              22. Michael Lopez says:

                Hey so yeah this is my first build a well and similar to the question with the cooler fan I only see two sections it can replace either the fan left of the motherboard or the two fans on the front end of the Roswell where does it go?

              23. Joseph Marshall V says:

                Okay, this is going to be the most unproductive comment ever. But I’m new to computers. but I simply just don’t understand some of your choices. For example it seems that a ryzen 5 2600x seems like a better CPU. or maybe the core i5-8500 processor. could you explain your choice. And from what ive seen in the small amount of research ive done, it isn’t suggested to do water cooling systems in low budget systems. yes it seems cool but you trade aesthetic for functionality and risk buying an inferior product.

              24. Nicolas says:

                The cables i have to buy elsewhere?

              25. Han says:

                It’s 2019.

              26. Stuart Bleck says:

                Hello, i’m just curious if any of the parts come with thermal paste or will I need to purchase it separately

              27. Gladmon says:

                can the monitor affect the pc performance, not just for this build in general?

                1. Gladmon says:

                  Like say if i have a 1080p monitor right, and go on the game at 4k graphics will it just be a waste of time and should I go back to 1080p or 1440p? All iam trying to say should just go with 1080p graphics if iam going to use a 1080p monitor?

              28. Gladmon says:

                If i have a 1080p monitor should I stick 1080p graphics or do or the resolution is based on the monitor it self? How fps can I get on fortnite on 1080p. at epic settings? And is 240 hz useful if you are under 144 fps? Cause iam trying to choose from 240 and 144 hz.

              29. Robin says:

                I got the Phanteks case and upgraded the motherboard to the z370. Now comes the fun part..the masterliquid lite cooler does not fit on the ceiling, cause the motherboard ram is in the way. It is physically not possible. I checked but I have the same components mentioned here. What went wrong??

              30. Earl says:

                would you say that a Pre-Built PC is still the best way to go to get your money’s worth on an Amazing Gaming PC on a budget or are there sites you could recommend to buy a prebuilt one for a budget say below 1,500?

              31. Danny says:

                Uhm are these parts cheaper in store cause these parts seem to add up to over 1000$ on the price check

              32. Joshua says:

                This is priced at $1055 on Amazon? I just did some research and found a slightly better build in my opinion for $1040 w/o tax.

                RTX 2060
                16gb 3000mhz
                FireCuda 1TB SSHD
                H370 AORUS Gaming 3
                Cooler Master LC120E
                Cooler Master TD500 Mid Tower

                I’m not sure if that’s completely out of the park in terms of price, but its hella overkill for 1080p and very good in 1440p.

              33. Michael M. says:

                Why isn’t Ryzen 5 2600 recommended when it’s cheaper than Core i5-8400 and perform similarly?

              34. Michael M says:

                Why does this build have a Core i5-8400 instead of a Ryzen 5 2600?

                Ryzen 5 2600 offers similar performance at a cheaper price.

              35. Jeremy333 says:

                I’m getting like lil over 500 $ when I click buy this builds its that correct or am i missing stuff

              36. JacobP says:

                Hello, I just bought this build but I am now on the hunt for a good monitor. I wanted to ask why you guys recommend a 1080p monitor instead of a 1440p one even though this build can support most applications at 1440?

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