DXRacer vs Secretlab

This article compares two top gaming chair brands

WePC DX racer VS secretlab
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By now, you’ll almost certainly be aware of DXRacer chairs. They’re the pioneers that brought you the very first ‘racer’ style gaming chair, singlehandedly reinventing the modern gaming experience. They’ve been manufacturing chairs since 2001, but recently, a relative newcomer to the game has entered the arena, Secretlab.

Their mission is providing the best quality chairs for both gaming and office work. Founded in 2014 by gamers, Secretlab has grown exponentially in a short period. Just three years after their Singapore launch, they’d expanded production to the USA, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, Europe, and Canada. If that kind of growth doesn’t scream quality, we don’t know what does.

But which of these brands is worthy of providing you your throne? That’s what we’re going to explore here by pitting these companies against one another in skirmishes of size, design, materials, and comfortability. Ready to take a seat?


Historically speaking, DXRacer was all over the big and tall market with respectable body-positive products such as The Tank. This absolute monster of a chair accommodates gamers as tall as 6.6ft comfortably, and can safely support up to 450lbs. Unfortunately, the Tank model is a little hard to come by at the minute, but their current lineup features another bruiser in the form of the King Series Pro. This racer royalty is designed for people of up to 6ft 3 inches and can handle weights up to 275lbs.

On the flipside, DXRacer’s smallest units belong to the P-Series, an entry-level chair with a capacity designed for gamers of 5ft 9 inches or less, bearing a maximum weight of 200lbs.

Secretlab chairs of gaming past were decidedly average in size. Perhaps they just needed more time to establish themselves before they attempted any major diversification because they’ve brought their A-game to their 2020 lineups. The 2020 Titan XL has a 6ft 8-inch headroom and a weight capacity of 396lbs.

Smaller options feature specs that aren’t dissimilar to DXRacer’s offerings. Secretlab’s 2020 Omega Series chairs are designed to help gamers 5ft 9 inches or below, weighing up to 242.5lbs take their performance to the next level.


If you’re looking for state of the art design, you need to check out Secretlab’s 2020 Titan Series featuring built-in lumbar support. That’s right! No support cushions required. Simply dial in your preferred support depth with the knob on the right-hand side of the chair and you’re sitting pretty.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention Secretlab’s innovative armrests. Described as 4-dimensional, they basically go wherever you want them to go. These special mechanisms are made entirely of metal for extra durability and are incredibly user friendly, giving you ultimate control.

DXRacer hasn’t pulled anything as sophisticated as the built-in lumbar support, but they feature the exact same 4D armrests as Secretlab’s 2020 lineup. Unfortunately for DXRacer, Secretlabs have also got them beat in terms of recline-ability. The DXR standard pushes to 135°, whereas Secretlab chairs reach an almost horizontal angle.

Both brands are bringing the heat when it comes to tilt functions, with chairs featuring multi-tilt lock, class-4 hydraulics that offer the flexibility to tilt in any direction, and the option to lock your favorite position in place.


Secretlab comes out on top by offering three choices of upholstery to DXRacer’s one. Their 2020 lineup can be purchased in PU leather with advanced water-resistance, a softweave fabric for maximum comfort, and for an extra fee, super soft NAPA leather.

Special edition finishes used to be DXRacer’s game, but Secretlab has quickly cottoned on to the possibilities of unique graphics with numerous special edition collaborations with game studios and titles.

Peering beneath the fabric of any chair made by either company, you’ll find a solid carbon steel frame. Both camps don extra quiet, large PU caster wheels, but they’ve gone separate ways for their bases. DXRacer has opted for a nylon base, while Secretlab has gone all-in on aluminum. Aluminum is much stronger, but nylon has way more flexibility, so this is sort of a tie in our eyes.

All in all, we think Secretlab takes this round due to the wide range of options they provide, but in terms of general material integrity, both companies are to be commended. The fabrics are high-quality and the stitching is flawless.


Secretlab is left standing triumphant with their gel-lined memory foam cushion in hand. Don’t get us wrong, DXRacer produces some mighty fine cushions, in fact, these companies’ lumbar cushions are almost interchangeable.

The Secretlab Signature head pillows, are a total gamechanger. Not only are they devilishly comfortable, but the cooling gel prevents discomfort during those mammoth sessions, and keeps you sharp as a thistle.

As far as general comfort goes – cushions aside – both brands are bringing the squish to new heights. The chairs in their flagship lines have just enough wiggle room without leaving you feeling lost and without support, and the shoulder rests are exquisitely designed and well placed.

That said, Secretlab definitely has the edge on comfort. From the cold-cure foam to the built-in lumbar support to velour headrests, DXRacer is slowly but surely being outclassed.

The Verdict

What we honestly thought was going to be a bit of a tight contest actually turned out to be something of a runaway for Secretlab. Now that they’re competing with DXRacer on all fronts, offering big and tall options and loads of special editions, they’re showing the world that they’re not just a contender, but a full-blown, honest to goodness champ!

Features such as built-in lumbar support in the Titan and their innovative efforts to make their foams even more supportive and comfortable for epic stints behind the desk, exhibit plain as day that Secretlab is the one to watch. Happy sitting down, folks!