Tencent statistics, trends and data

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Last Updated:

In 2021, Tencent-owned game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds amased a total of

$ 0
million U.S dollars as of August 2021.

Tencent-owned game, PUBG Mobile had a global player spending of $270 million U.S dollars as of August 2021. This is a huge jump up from the previous year with $221 million in revenue.

Statista, 2021

Tencent-owned game Honor of Kings saw China as the majority revenue share with a total of

0 %
compared to other existing Asian markets such as Taiwan (1.3%) and Thailand (1%)

As of March 2022, Honor of Kings – a title occupied as one of the highest earning mobile games in the world have found themselves dominant in the Chinese market with a total revenue share of 96.6%.

Statista, 2022

Tencent currently has over

patent families filed worldwide.

Currently 73 are in force with a further 5,161 pending.

Statista, 2020

As of 2021 there is a total of over

thousand employees at Tencent.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, there is a total employee count of 112,800 employees. Most of these employees are based in the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen.

Statista, 2022

In Q4 2021 the total fintech revenue for Tencent was

¥ 0 bn
due to driving forces in mobile gaming.

Online games such as Honour Kings, PUBG Mobile and Peacekeeper was the driving forces for the segment, apart from fintech – live streaming and video streaming subscriptions generated higher income.

Statista, 2022


2022 Update
Annual revenue of Tencent Holdings from 2008 to 2021

In 2021, Tencent amassed a total of over 560 billion yuan in revenue, they are up in revenue from the previous year of 2020 of 482 billion yuan.

2022 Update

As of Dec 2021, Tencent have reached a total of 112,771 employees whom most were based around the zone of Shenzhen, China. These numbers seem expected due to the tech giants expanding to online gaming, digital music and live streaming markets.

2022 Update

By value, Tencent amassed most of their revenue through value-added services with a total of 291bn yuan, second came fintech (Financial Technology) with a total of 172bn yuan in 2021.

2022 Update

By market value, Tencent hold first as largest Chinese public company with a total value of $773bn U.S dollars in 2021.

2022 Update

As of 2021, Tencent is the leading Asian brand worldwide with a brand value of $240bn U.S dollars

2022 Update

Tencent Holdings, a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment company current sits 7th largest company in the world with a total market capitalization of $773bn U.S dollars.


2022 Update
Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022 ranked by number of monthly active users

Tencent-owned WeChat ranks 5th most popular social network globally with active users of 1.2 billion as of January 2022

2022 Update

WeChat Mini Programs have seen good progress leading into 2021 with a daily active users of 450 million users. These programs provide advanced features such as e-commerce, coupons and task management.

2022 Update

Within WeChat, different life services are operated within the application. WeCom amassed a total of 180 million monthly active users – more than ten million being companies and organizations.

2022 Update

WeChat saw gradual growth within all quarterly progress in 2021 from 1,241bn monthly users in Q1 to 1,268bn users in Q4.

2022 Update

As of 2021, there are a total of 968 million users on WeChat to where it’s forecasted by end of 2022 this will crack the 1 billion userbase and further in 2025 it will forecasted to reach 1.1bn users worldwide.


2022 Update
Annual online games revenue generated by Tencent Holdings from 2011 to 2021

Over the past decade, Tencent have invested heavily in the gaming business. As of 2021, the game have crossed a total of 174 billion yuan – a drastic change from 15 billion in 2011.

2022 Update

Tencent being the largest game publisher have made investments across the gaming industry, most notably when Tencent purchased a 93 percent ownership stake in Riot Games for 400 million U.S dollars.

2022 Update

Last recorded in 2020, Tencent-owned video game PUBG Mobile amassed the most revenue amongst the other Tencent-owned games with a total of 1.7bn U.S dollars.

2022 Update

In 2021, Tencent amassed the most of their gaming revenue through online games with a total of 174bn¥, second came smartphone games with a total of 164bn¥ following with PC-client games of 45bn¥.

2022 Update

As of 2020 when last recorded, Tencent lead all gaming companies publicly with a total revenue of $6.7bn U.S dollars, according to Newzoo.

Gaming & innovation

2022 Update
Annual RD expenses of Tencent from 2016 to 2021

In 2021, Tencent spent a total of 51bn¥ on Research and Development – compared to the previous fiscal year of 2020 of 39bn¥. Approximately 43bn¥ was employee benefits expenses.

2022 Update

As of 2021, Tencent hold 64 edge computing patents making them the 20th biggest company worldwide in edge computing patent filling.

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