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Black Friday RAM deals 2023 – DDR4 & DDR5

If your PC can't handle chrome, the Black Friday is the time to make an upgrade!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023 9:36 am
Black Friday RAM deals 2023 – DDR4 & DDR5

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We’ve put together a huge list of all the best Black Friday RAM deals, all worth considering during the biggest sales event of the year. Let’s face it, RAM is something that you just can’t do without when it comes to running a computer. Even if you have it, not having enough, or your RAM not being fast enough can be just as bad. When it comes to having a computer that handles your weird obsession with keeping 100s of Chrome tabs open, then there’s nothing that you need more than a really decent high-speed RAM upgrade this November.

RAM or Random Access Memory is the computer’s short-term memory. It stores your OS and programs running on the computer. Once you restart or shut down your computer, the contents of the RAM get erased. If you need a high-performing gaming PC for this Christmas, then high-end RAM is a must.

Today’s best RAM deals

Black Friday RAM deals

If you’re not a fan of searching the web for different Black Friday deals and feel you need help, this section will help you get the best deal. We share some interesting insights and the best offers we could find. Black Friday takes place on November 24th, though there are of course deals available through November at the very least. This is your last chance in 2024 to get the RAM your PC needs at amazingly low prices. With some stores offering discounts of up to 70%, it’s undeniable that this is the best sales event of the year.

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Save 13% NOW!

Crucial Pro RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MT/s

Plug-and-play extreme performance. Downclock capable for systems that only support 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s, Universal compatibility. Compatible with 12th–13th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 7000 Series desktop CPUs, Supports both Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO on the same module to recover memory speed if the CPU suppresses it in 4 DIMM configurations, Game at higher frame rates, multitask better, enhance productivity, save time and money, ECC type = non-ECC, form factor = UDIMM, pin count = 288-pin, PC speed = PC5-44800, voltage = 1.1V, rank and configuration = 1Rx8
Save 30% NOW!

CORSAIR Dominator Titanium RGB DDR5 RAM 64GB (4x16GB) DDR5 6400MHz

Sophisticated Styling, Premium Quality: Clean, refined styling combines with premium forged aluminum construction, for quality you can feel., Beyond the Cutting Edge of Performance: Push your system to new heights with the latest DDR5 memory, unlocking even faster frequencies, greater capacities, and better performance., 11 Vibrant Addressable RGB LEDs: Each module boasts 11 individually addressable LEDs to illuminate your PC with spectacular customizable lighting., Swappable Top Bar: Time for a new look? Change your memory’s style and cooling capacity with official accessories or 3D print your own top bar for your own unique style., Patented CORSAIR DHX Cooling: Cools the memory through both the ICs and the ground plane of the PCB itself with its own dedicated heatspreader, ensuring high performance even under extreme loads.
Save 31% NOW!

Kingston Technology Fury Beast Black 16GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL40 XMP 3.0

Greater performance starting at 4800MHz, Improved stablility for overclocking, Increased efficiency, Intel XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified, Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers
Save 26% NOW!

Kingston Technology Fury Beast 32GB (2x16GB) 6000MT/s DDR5 CL36

AMD EXPO Certified, Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, Improved stability for overclocking, Plug N Play at 4800MT/s
Save 28% NOW!

Lexar ARES RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 RAM 6000MT/s CL30

Unleash your gaming performance with next-gen DDR5, Light up your game with Lexar RGB Sync, Designed with on-die ECC (Error Correction Code) for improved stability and reliability, Features a premium aluminum heat spreader for optimal heat dissipation, Designed for the latest Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO, CL30-36-36-68, Lifetime limited warranty
Save 6% NOW!

Crucial RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MHz

5600MT/s RAM can downclock if system specification only supports 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s, Best for 13th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors, Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO supported on the same module, Enhance productivity, save time and money, game at higher frame rates, multitask better, ECC Type = Non-ECC, Form Factor = SODIMM, Pin Count = 262-Pin, PC Speed = PC5-44800, Voltage = 1.1V, Rank And Configuration = 1Rx8
Save 32% NOW!


Welcome to the Cutting-Edge of Performance: Push the limits of your system like never before with DDR5 memory, unlocking even faster frequencies, greater capacities, and better performance., Do it All, and Do it Faster: As modern CPUs feature more and more cores, the unprecedented speed of DDR5 ensures your high-end CPU gets data quickly, enabling faster processing, rendering, and buffering than ever before., Onboard Voltage Regulation: Reliable voltage at high frequencies enables easier, finely controlled overclocking through CORSAIR iCUE software than previous generation motherboard control., Custom AMD EXPO Profiles: Customize and save your own AMD EXPO profiles via iCUE to tailor performance by app or task for greater efficiency (available later)., Powerful CORSAIR iCUE Software: Enables real-time frequency readings, onboard voltage regulation, and custom RAMP profiles.
Save 52% now!

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 7200MHz

(PC5-57600) CL34 Desktop Memory Module Ram (White) for 600 Series Chipset – FF4D532G7200HC34ADC01
Save 26% now!

Kingston Technology Fury Beast 32GB (2x16GB) 6000MT/s DDR5

CL36 Desktop Memory Kit of 2 | AMD Expo | Plug N Play | KF560C36BBEK2-32, Black
Save 34% now!

Crucial RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5200MT/s (or 4800MT/s) Laptop Memory

Where to Find The Best RAM Black Friday Deals?

You may begin your search for the best RAM deals at different retailers. Best Buy and Walmart have an extensive selection of RAM. You can also never go wrong with Amazon, the biggest retailer on the web will have guaranteed deals throughout the sales event.

Our team has gathered some of the best deals they could find, so you don’t have to do the same.

More and more deals are going to become available as we close in on the biggest deals of the entire event, towards the end of November.

RAM Black Friday sales shortlist:

When will RAM Black Friday sales start in 2024?

The official starting date of Christmas shopping is Black Friday; it begins on November 24th. You still have time to make your shopping list, but when Black Friday comes, be sure to be among the first ones to buy. That being said there will be a great many early Black Friday deals popping up in the weeks before this date, and we’ll be listing them all here for your perusal.

If you’re waiting from Black Friday itself, the deals generally appear at midnight, so be ready to buy them as soon as it’s November 24th. Retailers prepare for this event, but some high-demand items may get sold quickly.

Should I wait for Black Friday RAM deals?

It’s no secret that many computer components are highly-contested during sales, since they can be difficult to grab at many times of the year, even without a sale on – especially in recent years. Luckily, that seems more and more a thing of the past, especially for a component such as RAM. So, it’s definitely worth waiting just a little bit if you can. We know that early deals are already available, but the biggest and best deals are yet to come. We’re working all the way until the last Black Friday sale is made, so it’s time to prepare if you weren’t already.

We know that it’s hard to make time to be nice and early to deals anyway, so things may just work out for you. If you are an early bird, then make sure you check out and consider the current deals. Be sure to return though if you want to see the very best when it comes to Black Friday RAM deals in 2024, for both DDR4 and DDR5.

How to get the best Black Friday RAM deals in 2024?

If you know precisely what RAM you need, you may look around different retailers to see whether they have it in stock. You can bookmark the pages to save them for later, and it’s important to know that it’s not guaranteed that they will sell that specific RAM on Black Friday.

You could visit the website of the brand to check out their prices. They may not give the best Black Friday offer, though. If saving money is important for you, check out our exclusive offers.

  • Plan ahead – make a list, and stick to it!
  • Set up deal notifications on Amazon – make sure you’re there early
  • Keep an eye on our pages – our team will be updating them with the best deals as soon as they go live

Set a budget – don’t overspend and end up regretting your purchases

Features to Consider When Looking For A Black Friday RAM Deal

A simple rule of thumb for buying RAM: if you need RAM to play most modern games, then 16 GB of RAM should be enough for you. You may need more if you do high-intensity computer work, such as rendering or video editing. Also, it’s essential to buy RAM that is compatible with your motherboard.

Before buying RAM, you must check whether it is compatible with your motherboard and supports the DDR generation that your motherboard supports. Newer motherboards may not support older DDR generations. Motherboard DIMM slots are also essential to know. Small form factor motherboards may only support two slots.

And finally, the most important thing to consider when buying a new RAM is the speed. RAM frequency is very similar to CPU frequency. The faster the frequency is, the quicker it can process data.

More Black Friday deals

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Black Friday RAM FAQs

Is 8 GB of RAM enough, or should I buy more?

Generally, 8 GB of RAM for doing basic things is enough, but if you want to play modern games without running into issues, you should consider 16 GB of RAM.

What kind of RAM should I buy this Black Friday?

It’s not simple to answer this question. You need to check out your motherboard and buy RAM that your motherboard can handle. If your motherboard can’t handle the RAM you need, you may consider purchasing a new one.

Is RAM going to be on sale during Black Friday?

Yes, we already see some amazing early deals available. We’ve got no doubt that it’s only going to get better, so it’s the best time of year to upgrade you PC’s memory.

When do Black Friday sales take place this year?

Black Friday 2023 lands on November 24th. We’ll be seeing great deals throughout November and even before as we lead up to the big day.

How do I know if my RAM is compatible?

You need RAM which is compatible with your motherboard, based on the motherboard’s specifications. Make sure you pay attention to whether you need DDR4 or DDR5 RAM. Black Friday is a great time to grab a deal, but it’s no use if you buy the wrong thing!

How long will Black Friday RAM deals last in 2024?

Expect deals to be running throughout November. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be taking place on November 24th and 27th respectively. If you miss out on those, you might be fortunate to find some last-minute deals in early December.

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