About Paul McNally

Been around consoles and computers since his parents bought him a Mattel Intellivision. Spent over a decade as editor of popular print-based video games and computer magazines, including a market-leading PlayStation title. Has written tech content for GamePro, Official Australian Playstation Magazine, PlayStation Pro, Amiga Action, Mega Action, ST Action, GQ, Loaded and the Daily Mirror.


Besides my much documented obsession with retro gaming and collecting am massively into wartime history non-fiction but as I don’t generally have time to read I content myself with an Audible account and listening to them during my daily commute.

Also, keen sport follower, and during lockdown have started running again for the first time in about 10 years (not fun) in an effort not to keel over before my time..

Gaming Setup

VR Sim setup for Space sims and car racers I modded an old XRocker chair to put bass shakers into the seat, connected to an amplifier, and now half of the house shakes when I go into warp in Elite to crash in Project Cars. Also, have the room full of old retro consoles and a couple of original arcade cabinets I restored (Commando and Pacman)

Favorite Games

Monster Train
Cyberpunk 2077
Elite Dangerous
Slay the Spire