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PlayStation 5 beta software lands today

Some cool new changes to the PlayStation ecosystem in the new system update beta, but it's not for everybody just yet

Updated: Feb 9, 2022 8:30 am
PlayStation 5

Big day on the PlayStation front as the PlayStation 5, and indeed PlayStation 4 will get a new system update bringing a fair amount of cool enhancements.

This is the second PS5 system software beta and will provide you with news ways to personalize your console experience across party chat, accessibility settings, and Game Base.

If you have a PS5 in the USA or UK you will also get a preview feature enabling voice commands for finding and opening apps and games as well as controlling your media – think Alexa for PS5. This will only be available for English language settings at this stage, however.

These betas are available to selected participants in the applicable countries and the final version of the software will roll out to all later in the year.

There are tons more info on what is available in the beta on the PlayStation blog if you want all the gory details.

PlayStation 5 beta highlights


The arrival of voice commands to the PS5 finally brings it in line with its older sibling as the PlayStation 4 has had since it arrived, but we are hoping for a more polished version in this day and age.

Party chat options

  • Open and Closed Parties (PS5 and PS4 betas)
    • When you start a party, you can now select either an open party or a closed party:
      • An open party lets your friends see and join the party without an invite. Friends of party members can also join.
      • A closed party is only for players you invite.
    • Note: in Game Base on PS5 and Party on PS4, if you select [Open Party] when starting a party, only players using the beta version of the PS5 or PS4 system software will be able to join. To start a party that players who aren’t using the beta version can also join, select [Closed Party].
    • Voice chat reporting feature update (PS5 beta)If you want to report something that someone in a party said, there are now visual indicators for you to identify who was speaking. This will help PlayStation Safety take appropriate action based on your report. You can learn more about this feature here.
  • Share Play update (PS5 beta)Start Share Play directly from the voice chat card. You no longer need to start Share Screen first to use Share Play.

Voice chats are now called parties. For easier access, we’ve divided the Game Base menu into three tabs: Friends, Parties and Messages.

New PS5 UI features

  • Filter by genre
    • We’ve added an option to filter your game collection by genre, letting you quickly find specific types of game experiences.
  • Keep in Home
    • You can now keep the games or apps you choose on your home screen by selecting “Keep in Home” with the (options) button.
    • You can keep a maximum of five games and apps on each home screen with this feature.
  • Increased apps on the home screen
    • You can now have a total of 14 games and apps appear on your home screen.
  • Trophies UI update
    • We’ve updated the visual design of trophy cards and the trophy list. You can also see suggestions for which trophies to earn on the trophy tracker and access it from the Control Center whenever you’re playing a game.

Voice command preview (US & UK)

To get started, enable Voice Command (Preview) from the Settings menu. Then, call out “Hey, PlayStation!” and ask your PS5 console to find a game, open an app or setting, or control playback while enjoying a movie, TV show, or song.

How to get the PS5 beta

*PS5 and PS4 beta access will be available to selected participants in the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, and France so watch out for those messages to see if you qualify.

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