Maxnomic vs Secretlab

Which chair is best for gaming? We compared the Maxnomic and Secretlab to find out.

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If you are looking to purchase a new gaming chair, you want it to be of good quality. While many different brands create gaming chairs, there are two in particular that are known for their comfort and quality.

These two brands are Maxnomic and Secretlab. If you have been researching gaming chairs already, you have likely come across these brands.

But, which brand is the better option?

We will be discussing the gaming chairs these companies create, and their specifications. We will be putting their size, design, comfort, and performance head to head, to discover which company produces the best gaming chairs.

Maxnomic vs Secretlab


Depending on the individual, the size of the gaming chair needed can vary significantly. It is important to choose a company that can accommodate your size and weight.


Maxnomic has good sizing options available. They cater to heights ranging from 5’1” through to 6’7”. The weight limits range from 80kg through to 170kg.

The sizing options are their own separate lines. Given this, you are limited in the options available, depending on your height and weight. For example, if you needed an XL chair, there are only four options.


Secretlab has chairs available in the following sizes – Small to medium, large, and XL. The Secretlab chairs are more relaxed in their sizing options. Their smaller chairs are suitable for anyone under 5’9”. Their largest chairs are suitable for those up to 6’8”.

When looking at weight, Secretlab chairs have no lower weight limit. The smaller chairs are suitable for those who are 110kg and under. The larger chair can accommodate users up to 180kg.

While both companies have a good range of availability, Secretlab is more inclusive when it comes to height and weight options.


Every individual has their style and color preference. Good gaming companies need to consider this and have a wide range of options available.


Maxnomic chairs come in four different lines – Casual Sport, Pro-Gaming & Office, Office-Comfort, and XL-Series. Each series is defined by size. The Casual Sport range are smaller chairs, and the XL-Series are larger chairs.

There are a good number of designs to choose from in each line, though the Maxnomic designs are fairly simple. The majority of their chairs are black with small color accents. If you are looking for a pop of color, the Office-Comfort range provides the most options.

Maxnomic offer more professional and subtle designs, which would likely suit a more mature buyer.


Secretlab chairs come in three different lines – Omega, Titan, and Titan XL. Omega are the smallest chairs and Titan XL are the largest.

The Titan XL chairs are more professional in appearance, being black and minimal in color. The Omega and Titan series offers a wide range of bright color options and different designs.

The Secretlab chairs cater to a large number of tastes. You can also customize the chairs to choose sports or special edition designs.

While Maxnomic produces professional-looking chairs, Secretlab has a wider range of options available. Secretlab caters to those looking for simple chairs, and those wanting a trendy design with plenty of color.


A gaming chair is an investment, and you want to be made from the best possible materials.


Maxnomic chairs are cruelty-free and made from high-quality faux leather. The faux leather is durable and can be cleaned with ease. This is why Maxnomic chose leatherette as opposed to fabric.

The bases are made from metal and are sturdy. In addition to this, class 4 gas springs are used to adjust the height. These are particularly durable and strong.

The wheels are made from polyurethane which makes them easy to maneuver and equally distribute weight.


Secretlab chairs are made from three different materials depending on the chair you choose. These materials are – PRIME 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeave Fabric, and NAPA Leather. If you prefer a non-leather chair, the fabric options are a great alternative.

The leather used is of high quality and is easy to clean. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is durable. The PU leather is 4 times stronger than the Napa leather.

The wheelbases are made from durable aluminum, and the 4 hydraulic piston is heavy-duty.

Although Maxnomic chairs are made from good quality faux leather and are durable, you are limited in the material options. If you prefer leather or fabric chairs, Secretlab would be the better option. Although Secretlab does not have faux leather chairs, they have a wider range overall.


Comfort is essential when purchasing a gaming chair. The chair you purchase should also have sufficient lumbar support.


The Maxnomic chairs have an adjustable backrest and a five-position tilt mechanism. The backrest and the seat can be adjusted separately. The Maxnomic chairs support the spine and are ergonomic, which is crucial.

The chairs offer good lumbar support and the spine support can be adjusted to best suit the user.

When you purchase a Maxnomic chair, you receive two free cushions, one for the head and the other for lumbar support. They are made using suede and are comfortable. The headrest contains hollow fiber and the lumbar cushion uses cold cure foam.


The Secretlab chairs are built with posture in mind. They help to improve posture by using a cold-cure foam mix. This offers good support in addition to comfort. The 4D armrest helps to alleviate the pressure placed on the neck and shoulders.

The Secretlab chairs come equipped with two free pillows – one for your head and the other for lumbar support. Both of these pillows are made from good quality memory foam. The memory foam used is designed to be supportive and comfortable.

Both of these companies take comfort and lumbar support seriously. The materials used in the chairs help to provide maximum comfort and improved posture.



To conclude, both of these companies offer great quality gaming chairs, from reasonably priced chairs to ones that are more luxe.

When looking at the material and design options, Secretlab has a much wider range available. There is more room for customization and they are a fantastic company to consider.

While Maxnomic creates great products, they are not quite as inclusive when it comes to sizing options when compared to Secretlab. In addition to this, the color and material options they supply are limited.

Although these are both fantastic companies that produce high quality and supportive gaming chairs, Secretlab does take the top spot.