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Ethereum, a decentralised blockchain consumed a total of

0 TWh
up until October 2021.

The estimated energy consumption of Ethereum, a blockchain was last recorded at 177.4 TWh up until October 2021.

Statista, 2021.

Ethereum, a decentralised blockchain has accumulated a total value lock of

0 %
as of September 2021.

The DeFi industry’s total value locked is accumulated of variety of blockchains with Ethereum at a TVL share of 62.73%, the largest amongst other blockchains.

Statista, 2022 / January 2022

The biggest decentralised Exchange in the world is Uniswap with an accumulated trading volume of

$ 0 billion U.S dollars
as of September 2021.

On topic of DEX or Decentralised Exchanges the largest in the world is Uniswap based on the trading volume as of September 2021.

Statista, 2021

Decentralised Exchanges or DEXs have a current market value at

$ 0 billion U.S dollars
in 2022.

Decentralised Exchanges or DEXs is where one can trade both cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, the market size currently sits at $30.4 billion U.S dollars.

Statista, 2022

As of September 2021, the NFT platform Nifty Gateway amassed a total of $8.5 million U.S dollars of monthly sales to which it was last recorded on the platform.

Statista, 2021 / September 2021

OpenSea, a popular NFT trading platform generated a total of

$ 0 million U.S dollars
up to December 2021.

OpenSea – a popular NFT trading platform made over ten times more protocol revenue in August 2021 than it the month prior.

Statista, 2022 / January 2022

Gaming / Metaverse

Arts / Collectibles

2022 Update

Sales in CryptoKitties – one of the oldest NFT collections available went up within the month of September ’21, NFT trading was also soaring around this period too.

2022 Update

NFT collectible Bored Ape Yacht Club sell millions worth of profile pictures on the ETH blockchain each day. For BAYC, benefits include access to a Discord server where people can fellow owners including celebrities / pro athletes and ownership of the NFT has further additional collectibles including trading for potentially high amounts of money

2022 Update

Between May 2020 – November 2021, Nifty Gateway amounted to roughly $408.8 million U.S dollars overall – this is included within the primary and secondary market.


2022 Update
Search interest of consumers in the search term NFT in 70 different countries worldwide in 2021

Based on Google Searches, consumers from Asia and Oceania were relarively more interested in NFTs than their counterparts from Europe, Latin America and MENA.

2022 Update

One out of 10 Americans invited in NFTs in early 2021, although most investors were found among millennial men – 22% of millennials indicated in an online survey held in March 2021 they were currently invested in NFTs.

2022 Update

NFT trading activity more than doubled between July and August 2021, according to the number of unique wallets that either bought or sold an NFT. By August 2021, there were roughly 280,000 unique buyers / sellers.


2022 Update

As of July 2021, OG eSports generated roughly $987,000 via three NFT drops throughout the year which saw the company sell 10 digital artworks associated with 3,336 NFTs – generating $511,000 U.S dollars – the most expensive NFT drop in eSport history to date.

2022 Update

Key inspirations to invest in Sports NFTs were amongst influencer marketing when Rob Gronkowski in March 2021 had an NFT drop on OpenSea which allowed NFT to become tapped into sports fans.

2022 Update

NBA Top Shots saw transactions rise in 2021 compared to 2020 – the partnership between the NBA and Dapper Labs deals with virtual basketball cards. These cards consist of “Video Clips” or “Moments” of specific players in the NBA including the likes of LeBron James, Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry.


2022 Update

NFT marketplace OpenSea had overtaken DeFi exchange UniSwap by January 2022 in terms of usage on the Ethereum blockchain int he past 24 hours.

2022 Update

Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Terra and Polygon together made up a large majority of the DeFi industry’s total value locked in 2022.

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