Computer Gaming & Wellbeing

Computer Video Gaming & Positive Wellbeing

Now, more than ever, we are waking up to the fact that our wellbeing should be important to us. While we are looked after generally in our day to day lives, at work, or while out and about, what do we do to look after ourselves when we are in our own free time with nobody watching over us?

We are all here because we enjoy gaming as a hobby but how often do we let it adversely affect us, generally without even realizing it?

From basic things such as staring at screens for too long to being subjected to online abuse and trolling, it doesn’t take long before many factors can all pile up and lead to potentially serious adverse effects for us. All from just playing games? Hard to believe right but it does happen more frequently than you think.

Here at WePC, we want gamers everywhere to start to look after themselves more. 

First and foremost we want them to be aware of the pitfalls and hazards that can crop up from gaming too much and too often.

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