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Are there more benefits to playing on your phone that you think?

Gaming Mental Health 2020 Survey 1
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Here at WePC you will generally find us playing the latest and greatest PC games but there can be no denying that mobile gaming has changed the landscape as we know it.

We can also be found mobile gaming too, but just don’t tell our PCs we are cheating on them!

Our recent survey into gaming and mental health discovered that many of us find gaming can provide us with a positive mental health boost, despite the fact we may often read stories to the contrary.

We wanted to debunk some of those myths which is why we spoke to almost 600 Americans to dig a little deeper into their gaming habits.

In doing so it turns out that spending that time gaming on your mobile in fact has a dramatic outcome in terms of adding a little positivity into your daily life.

83.5% (162 in total) of respondents who found that gaming had a positive effect on their mental health primarily played on mobile devices; with distraction (41%) & keeping mentally active (29%) being the primary motivators.

It is clear from this that people turn to gaming on their mobile devices as a way of distraction – maybe to pass the time on a commute or while they are waiting. It is during these periods that keeping the mind occupied seems to provide the benefits that gaming is so often accused of not giving.

As mobile gaming continues to grow it will be interesting to see how it matures and whether it moves away from an in-app purchase model.

As it stands already Mobile Gaming now has the biggest share of the global gaming market (48%) with the Mobile Gaming Industry $76.7Bn worldwide by 2020 (WePC / Statista).