Does where you live affect how much you enjoy your gaming?

Gaming Mental Health 2020 Survey 1
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WePC’s recent survey of almost 600 people around their gaming and mental health has so far highlighted many interesting aspects of our favorite pastime but one of the more electric and interesting things that came from it is the fact that you may actually enjoy your gaming more depending on which region of the USA you live!

We looked at the regions where our survey responders originate from and what we discovered is that gamers in the South Atlantic Region get the most from their gaming experience when it comes to a boost in their mental health!

In fact, 21.6% said that gaming had a positive effect on their mental health (41/189), although they are also the most non-plussed out of the survey with 20% saying it had neither a positive or negative impact (57/284).

The next region for a positive effect on their mental health was Pacific 20% (38/189)

There certainly seems to be something in the sea air! There have been several studies, including this one, that have found that generally living closer to the coast or a beach are up to 40% less likely to show signs of mental health disorders.

It seems coastal gamers could well be happier in general so they are also able to benefit from the positive mental health boosts that gaming can offer. Have a look at our survey in full for more facts and outcomes