The most popular title and genre of gaming for better mental health revealed

And it's been great for the bank balance of its creator too!

Gaming Mental Health 2020 Survey 1

It seems a few years ago now since everybody was playing Candy Crush on their mobiles. It became a gaming and cultural phenomenon and it’s developer, Italian, Riccardi Zacconi was listed in the Sunday Times Rich List as being worth an astonishing $585 million.

All from a match-three style of puzzle game – the format of which had been around for decades.

Being there at the right time at the start of App Store benefitted not only Zacconi’s bank account but seemingly the mental health of gamers, as WePC’s recent survey into Mental Heath and gaming shows.

Surveying almost 600 Americans, we found that 32% of them said that the Puzzle genre, and Candy Crush, in particular, was responsible for having a positive effect on their mental health.

This is a phenomenal statistic and perhaps highlights further that games that stretch people mentally and allow them to focus, can work in ways that aren’t immediately obvious.

While many of those who responded saying they got a positive boost from gaming were focused mainly on playing single-player games, it was the FPS behemoth Call of Duty that was the second most popular game when it came to people saying they felt gaming was good for the mental health.

In fact, 26% of those questioned who experienced a positive boost cited Call of Duty as the game they played the most.


Read the full WePC survey here.