What Is The Best APU For Gaming? – 2018 Top Reviews

best apu for gaming

If you’ve been searching for the best AMD APU for gaming, rest easy: your journey has ended. We’ve gathered five of the top AMD APUs, at different price ranges, and sorted them by price in our table below.

Our top choice for AMD APU is, incidentally, not the one you’d think. We reckon that the 7700K is the best choice of AMD APU that you can buy today, and we’ll dive into the why later on in the article.

In addition to covering the various AMD APUs, we’ll also discuss why you may buy one and what alternatives you might want to look to if an APU build doesn’t have all that you’re looking for.

With no further ado, though, let’s take a detailed look at our five contenders.

Best AMD APU For Gaming: Breakdown



  • cpu cores: 4
  • clock speeds: 3.6 - 4 GHz
  • internal gpu: 8 Radeon R7 Cores
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  • cpu cores: 4
  • clock speeds: 3.4 - 3.8 GHz
  • internal gpu: 8 Radeon R7 Cores
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  • cpu cores: 4
  • clock speeds: 4.1 - 4.3 GHz
  • internal gpu: 8 Radeon R7 Cores
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  • cpu cores: 4
  • clock speeds: 3.1 - 3.8 GHz
  • internal gpu: 6 Radeon R7 Cores
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  • cpu cores: 2
  • clock speeds: 3.7 - 4 GHz
  • internal gpu: 4 Radeon R5 Cores
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The A10-7860K is our winner. While it costs a hefty hundred bucks, it offers the best price-performance ratio of all of the APUs, and can feasibly be used to play modern games at 720p and some setting adjustments.

With the addition of a compatible Dual Graphics GPU, you may even be able to start playing some modern games at medium settings or 60FPS...but you still won’t be blowing any performance numbers out of the park.

If you must buy an AMD APU, buy this one. Be sure to read the full article before you do, though.



The A10-7700K has the best price-performance, CPU-wise, of the AMD APUs, trading blows with the 7860K and only marginally less powerful than the 7890K. With this APU, you should be able to enjoy last-gen games at comfortable settings and framerates, but newer games will struggle without an added GPU.

HOWEVER, while its CPU power is on par with the other options, its integrated GPU is actually much weaker. For this reason, the 7700K loses out on being our primary choice.

We’d much rather recommend a 7860K, so we are.



Last but not least is the 7890K. However, you may notice that it’s not our top pick- this is because, from a price-performance standpoint, it’s atrocious.

Both the 7860K and the 7700K are far more sensible buys than the 7890K. Which is a shame- with its included Wraith cooler and highest performance numbers of the bunch, a lot of people may find it to be an attractive option.

Unfortunately, its improvements over the 7860K are only marginal. Certainly not worth an extra $50.

Based on that alone, we can’t recommend this as the best AMD APU for gaming in good conscience.



The A8-7600, meanwhile, is a much better deal. It offers decent price-performance for a budget APU, and will perform much better than the 7470K in all titles.

With an A8-7600, you should be able to enjoy a gaming performance that is roughly on par with last-gen consoles, give or take a few adjustments in either direction. This is without buying a GPU alongside it or running a Dual Graphics configuration.

There’s a lot more to dive into as far as buying APUs go, but if for some reason you can’t afford one of the better options, this is a fine place to start.



The first contender for best AMD APU for gaming, unfortunately, loses right out of the gate. This is because, even with its integrated GPU, it fails to provide performance on par with last-gen consoles at 720p.

While this APU is perfectly suited for common browsing and media consumption, it fails horribly when thrown heavy tasks. Because of that, we highly recommend in investing in the A8-7600- at an expected price of only $10 more, you’ll be getting a much, much better deal for your money.

Why Buy an AMD APU?

With all the ragging on AMD APUs, you may wonder why we’ve written this article at all. That’s because there actually are a few reasons to opt for an AMD APU, they just need to be noted and acted upon correctly.

The first thing to note is that for a budget-minded gaming build...they actually aren’t the right options. The weakness of their internal GPUs just means higher prices for otherwise meandering GPU performance, something that won’t interest most consumers.

So the idea of a “best AMD APU for gaming” is, in many ways, a farce.

Instead, AMD APUs are far more suited for slim, HTPC builds. Builds that are tiny, about the size or smaller than your usual gaming console, that can fit smoothly under your TV.

In this environment, where there’s no room for a larger GPU, AMD APUs are king. They’re far better than Intel integrated graphics, and are suitable for last-gen gaming and great media consumption capabilities.

At the end of the day, AMD APUs occupy a unique market segment that isn’t met by Intel CPUs and aren’t quite suitable for budget-minded gamers, either.

If you want budget-minded gaming, I highly recommend you take a look at our budget gaming PC builds. These will perform on par with, or better than, modern consoles at the same price range.

Other Factors To Consider

If you’re set on buying an AMD APU, though, there’s a few more things to take into consideration.

First up, remember that their performance scales with the RAM you have in your system. APUs are on the FM2+ motherboard socket, which supports DDR3 RAM. Comboing your APU with the fastest DDR3 RAM you can find will have a real, tangible performance benefit.

Secondly, if you’re interested in a Dual Graphics integration, take a look at AMD’s reference page to find out what GPUs pair with your APU in that scenario.

Last but not least, remember that Ryzen APUs are on the way in the latter half of 2017. We’ll update this article when that happens, and they just might make APUs a worthwhile option again.

Keep in mind, though, that Ryzen APUs likely won’t support FM2+, and will either be on the AM4 socket or debut with their own.

Making Your Choice

Ultimately, what you go with here is up to you.

Our top choice for APUs, however, is the A10-7860K. With the best overall price-performance and the best iGPU business on the market, it’s easily the best AMD APU for gaming.

What will you go with?


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    1. If you look at the date on the byline, you’ll see that this article was actually written in 2017, prior to the release of the Ryzen APUs. I’ll discuss with the rest of the team about updating this article.

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