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Secretlab announces Pokémon 25th anniversary gaming chairs

Secretlab announces a staggering new collaboration

Updated: Dec 23, 2021 1:10 pm
Secretlab announces Pokémon 25th anniversary gaming chairs

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Secretlab has decided to join the Pokémon 25th anniversary celebrations, with a unique collaboration with The Pokémon Company themselves. Coming in two flavors; Pikachu and Charizard, these fantastic gaming chairs are the creme de la creme of the premium gaming chairs and have historically done collaborations with other companies, but being honest, we’d never have expected them to partner with The Pokémon Company, who is famously protective over their image and IP. It’s a testament to the sheer quality of Secretlab products that they have managed to kick out this line of Pokémon gaming chairs.

Register your interest in the Secretlab Pokémon gaming chair here.

Where to get a Pokémon Secretlab gaming chair

The Pokémon Secretlab chairs will be first released exclusively in Japan, with limited quantities. Fans who are not able to purchase this collaboration will be able to register their interest here. It’s slightly disappointing to not see a wider release for these awesome chairs, but regardless, it’s still a super cool collaboration. Who knows, if you register your interest, it may see a worldwide launch if we see enough support.

The chairs themselves are adorned with the Pokémon themselves, with additional trims available with colors corresponding to either Pikachu or Charizard, with a couple of Pokéballs thrown in there for good measure. The chairs used are the Secretlab Titan EVO, which we think is absolutely fantastic.

Alaric Choo, co-founder of Secretlab had this to say about the upcoming collaboration.

With the 25th anniversary of Pokémon happening this year, it was the perfect opportunity for us to pay tribute to the franchise that has grown into a cultural phenomenon. Up till today, it continues to enchant both old and new fans with its TV shows, movies, and abundance of games. This collection has been a dream come true. I hope it’ll bring fellow Trainers on a nostalgic journey back to their days of catchin’ ‘em all.”

Alaric Choo, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Secretlab

Are you looking forward to getting a brand-new Pokémon Secretlab chair? If you are, be sure to register your interest as this collab is sure to be an incredibly hot drop.

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