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ThunderX3 CORE Gaming Chair

The Best Place To Park Your Bottom

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 5:40 pm
ThunderX3 CORE Gaming Chair

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We’ll say it once, we’ll say it a thousand times. There are key components to any PC setup that often go overlooked. Those things? The items you make contact with on a regular basis. CPUs, GPUs, SSDs? Yes they define your experience, but how you interact with that experience holds just as much value.

Take it from this journalist, who once spent two years of his life sat gaming on a £10 fold up chair from Argos with as much padding as an Anandtech review (barely any). It’s not something you want to be doing long-term. For many years, I batted it away as a frivolity, not needed, something I could ignore. After all my £10 chair was good enough, and gaming chairs were expensive. If I was uncomfortable, I’d just grab a pillow or a cushion. Fast-forward 24 months later, and I then foolishly pivoted for a solid wooden chair. Needless to say, I wasn’t doing my posterior any favours.

It was only once I got to university that I began to appreciate a proper chair. That said, it wasn’t until starting in this career that I finally realised the staggering difference between a properly designed gaming chair, complete with ergonomic considerations, and excellent material choices, that I truly understood the difference, and how foolish I’d been in the process.

The one problem? Price. The vast bulk of these monsters of ergonomic design and comfort were the cost of a good graphics card, £600-700 or more, and we were back to square-one. For you the enthusiast, how do you justify a gaming chair at such a price point? Well good news, that’s where the ThunderX3 CORE gaming chair comes in.

Without sacrificing quality, or comfort, or ergonomic brilliance, the lovely folk at ThunderX3 have brought to market one hell of a product, with some incredible top line features at a respectable price.

The CORE’s Lumbar Luxury

ThunderX3 CORE Lumbar Support
The ThunderX3 CORE Gaming Chair sits proudly before a monitor, providing ultimate comfort and support for long gaming sessions.

The big selling point for the CORE is its incredibly well-designed lumbar support. ThunderX3’s CORE.RDY tech is an absolute game changer when it comes to suitable back support. Namely, the fact is that the thing automatically adjusts to your posture, by pivoting on a fixed single point. It doesn’t matter how often you fidget or adjust or move in your chair, the back rest will move with you ensuring the best support possible.

ThunderX3 state that there’s no “right way” to sit in a chair, and the CORE.RDY 360 tech identifies that, and helps support the sitter to sit how they want, ensuring they’re comfortable no matter what.

ThunderX3 CORE Synchronous Tilt

ThunderX3 CORE Seat

Ergonomics don’t stop there though. With Synchronous Tilt, you also get an intuitive tweak to the traditional tilt system as well, instead of the entire chair tilting back on one axis, there’s a special lever in between the back rest and the base that allows for the seat to rise up far slower and a less steep angle than with other traditional chairs. This helps keep your feet on the ground throughout, and encourages better blood flow.

Then there’s the adjustable seat depth, 4D armrests, forward tilt for that lumbar support, fully adjustable headrest with side supports, and it even comes with an included footrest as well (although this is purchased separately outside the UK).

You know what the coolest feature is though? (and honestly why has this never been included before?) a seat back pocket, for easy storage. Like seriously. Cars have them, the gaming community took the bucket seat from the car, and yet no one thought to add a simple pocket in the back, it’s perfect for laptops, tablets, books, paperwork, you name it.

This Is The Ultimate Gaming Chair

For the price, the ThunderX3 CORE ergonomic chair is just a phenomenal piece of kit. There’s just so much in the way of additional ergonomic considerations here. Combine all that with some fantastic colourways, fabrics, and an aggressive price point, and it might make this one of the best office chairs out there right now. Looking for something a little more meshy? Then don’t worry you can check out the ThunderX3 XTC instead.

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