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Are gaming chairs good for work? We break it down

Work comfy, play comfy

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 9:40 am
Are gaming chairs good for work

It’s understandable to be torn between gaming chairs and office chairs, so, are gaming chairs good for work?

Well, there are a few things to consider here. the big ones are ergonomics and comfort. For a typical 8 or 10-hour working day, you’ll need something that keeps you comfortable and sitting healthily.

Luckily, gaming chairs have made leaps and bounds in the years since they first became a thing. The market used to be full of small, rocking things designed to keep children occupied in front of their consoles.

These days, they are full of novel solutions to keep their occupants cozy and helpful, with some of them managing to rival veteran office chair brands like Herman Miller, this evolution is mostly due to improvements in ergonomics.

Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Yes. the larger brands have been producing more ergonomic products for a few years now. It makes sense when you think about it too, as the gamers of yesteryear are the arthritic adults of today.

This means that the older designs aren’t just dated, they’re downright unattractive to the target demographic.

These days, the best gaming chairs are chock full of ergonomic features that allow the user to stay healthy for long periods.

Adjustable lumbar support, squishy neck pillows, and so-called 4D armrests have all become feature standard, meaning that the once-humble gaming chair has become far more usable for long periods of play and work.

Are gaming chairs good for work? Our recommendations

So, yes, gaming chairs are good for work, just as long as you pick the right ones. Luckily, we’ve tested a whole lot of gaming chairs here at WePC, and most of us sit on them during and after work too.

So, we’ve become a good authority on this particular product category, so here are a few options that we fully stand behind, well, more like sit on.

secretlab titan evo 2022 series

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series

Height range (Medium Size)
5’6″ – 6’0″
Maximum load
Seat width
Height adjustment range

Read our full Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 review for all the details on our current favorite gaming chair, and some delightful in-house product photography too!

EPIC COPPER 1 of 1 5

noblechairs Epic Copper Edition gaming chair

Max load
Backrest angle range
90° to 135°

For those of you looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, our full noblechairs Epic Copper Edition gaming chair review is worth a look too.

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