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Why does my gaming chair keep leaning forward? How to fix

Why does my gaming chair keep leaning forward? Let's take a closer look

Updated: Apr 13, 2023 3:12 pm
Why does my gaming chair keep leaning forward? How to fix

The usual reason for chairs seemingly adjusting themselves is a mischievous co-worker out for an easy laugh, however, if you’ve googled ‘Why does my gaming chair keep leaning forward?’ chances are that you’ve already explored that possibility.

If it’s your own gaming chair that keeps leaning forward, there are a few common reasons for this, and each one has its own relatively quick fix, and today we’re going to take you through them.

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It’s worth noting here that you can usually fix this annoying issue, but if you’ve bought a very cheap chair, the components might just be designed so poorly that they’re already essentially broken.

Check the tilt tension knob

If your chair can tilt. (by this we mean the whole thing rocks back and forth, which is distinct from reclining), then the knob might just be super loose.

Investigate the underside of your chair. You’ll find a somewhat phallic knob protruding down from the back of the chair right next to the main cylinder.


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Rotating this knob one way will make the chair tilt easier, and the other will make it more difficult. This is the most likely issue to make the chair swing forward on its own.

So, give the knob a few spins to tighten it up and you might find that the chair has stopped flapping around. If this is the case, congratulations! Now you can get back to gaming.

Check the recline lever

If by leaning forward, you mean the backrest and not the whole chair, then the fault could be in the recline mechanism.

The lever that you usually find on the right which pulls up like a parking brake could be the issue. Mechanically, it typically works by catching on the teeth of a gear, locking the back at any angle you want.

If this won’t engage, then the sprung gear will constantly throw the back of the chair forwards. Which is actually as annoying as it sounds.

Unfortunately, the fix for this issue isn’t super reliable. If the leaver is simply loose as hell, tightening it might provide salvation.

If the gear we mentioned has worn down, or otherwise degraded to a certain point that it can no longer be caught by the lever. If this is the case, we have no solution other than to buy a new chair. Sorry.

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