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Do gaming chairs rock? Well, it depends what you mean

I don't want to rock (rock), DJ (DJ)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:16 pm
Do gaming chairs rock? Well, it depends what you mean

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Do gaming chairs rock? Well, assuming you’re talking about the chair tilting forward and backward, and not bitchen’ guitar solos, then the answer is yes, usually.

Well, ‘usually’ might be a little presumptuous, as cheaper gaming chairs don’t always have this feature, which is normally known as ’tilt.’

It is a touch confusing, as many confuse the terms ’tilt’ and ‘recline’. In common parlance, they do sort of mean the same thing, but many consumers receive new gaming chairs and are overcome with disappointment when they do not have the features they expected.

So, do gaming chairs rock? Yes, but we’ll explain in more detail so you can better understand the differences at play here.

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Do gaming chairs rock? Difference between tilt and recline

Now that we’ve established that the rocking function you’re after is actually known as tilt when it comes to gaming chairs. We can move on to our next misconception, the difference between tilt and recline.

If you’ve bought a gaming chair or any chair for that matter, you might be familiar with the disappointment when you realize that the backrest can be reclined, but the chair as a whole doesn’t rock.


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Here is where the difference between tilt and recline lies. If your chair allows the seat base to rock back and forth, then your chair and tilt, if the base can’t move, but the backrest can, then you only have recline functionality.

Another way to check is to take a look at the underside of the chair. If you can see a thick, stubby, marginally phallic knob, then your chair can tilt. This is the tilt tension adjustment knob. Spinning it one way will make it easier to tilt the chair, and the other way will tighten it up.

If you can afford it, definitely get a chair with a tilt function, and being able to rock the entire chair back makes a surprising amount of difference. Where simply reclining the backrest can send you to sleep, tilting the whole chair is a far nicer way to relax

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