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Secretlab’s Prime Day Deals 2021

Big savings on the best gaming chairs in the business!

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Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and, as always, Secretlab is throwing another mini sales bonanza for some of the best gaming chairs the market has to offer.

Secretlab has never been one to shy away from a good deal, and that’s most certainly the case this Prime Day – hosting big price reductions on some of its best-selling products. It doesn’t matter what chair you consider perfect for you, every chair on the Secretlab website will be discounter this Prime Day! And it’s not just June 21 & 22 you can save money, consume have an entire 10 days to decide which chair best suits their needs – making the Secretlab Prime Day one of the best gaming chair offers on the web.

Secretlab Slash Up To $110 Off Top-selling Products

So, what deals are actually on the table this Prime Day? Well, the gaming chair company has decided to slash $30 off all its Secretlab 2020 series gaming chairs. That’s right, any chair within the 2020 series will be reduced by $30 – not bad if you ask us.

That’s not all though, Secretlab will also be reducing the entire Secretlab NAPA 2020 series by $110!

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Secretlab Prime DAy Deals

Going Secretlab Directly

Unlike other brands, Secretlab Gaming Chairs aren’t currently available on Amazon – meaning, if you want one of these great offers, you’ll have to go direct via the Secretlab website – not a bad thing. This is the great thing about Secretlab, they give you all the pros of going direct through themselves, without the high-end price tag you might expect.

The latest Prime Day will run from today until the 30th of June, allowing you to take the time to research the brand, the products, and decide which gaming chair is truly best for you. Ultimately, Secretlab doesn’t like forcing you into a purchase by reducing the window of opportunity. Instead, they let you make your own mind up, then be satisfied by the quality they offer.

US Secretlab Deals

There will be discounts of up to USD $110 on Secretlab 2020 series chair models

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UK Secretlab Deals

There will be discounts of up to £70 on Secretlab 2020 series chair models

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Canada Secretlab Deals

There will be discounts of up to CAD $150 on Secretlab 2020 series chair models

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Europe Secretlab Deals

There will be discounts of up to £70 on the Secretlab 2020 series chair models

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