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What gaming chair does markiplier use?

Markiplier's favorite place to park his ass

Updated: Jan 19, 2023 7:43 am
what gaming chair does markiplier use

What gaming chair does Markiplier use? Well, the answer is very surprising, unlike KSI, Shroud, Scump, Ninja, and all the other famous gaming personalities we’ve covered, it isn’t actually a gaming chair.

Yes, indeed, Markiplier, humble as ever, hasn’t opted for one of the best gaming chairs out there, he has no licensed chair, he’s not a brand ambassador for a chair company, even.

Mark Edward Fischbach, more commonly known as Markiplier, began making sketch comedy videos on YouTube back in 2012, where he portrayed multiple characters, hence the name.

Since then he’d become one of the most popular gaming YouTubers out there, with over 34 million subscribers at time of writing, usually playing horror games, and, as much as it hurts our chair-loving hearts, abusing his chair. There’s even a compilation you can watch of his assaults on seats.

This rampant violence makes it a little difficult to say with any certainty which chair he’s using at any given moment, although, it doesn’t really matter because, by his own admission, he doesn’t care.

What gaming chair does Markiplier use? He doesn’t

That’s right folks, sorry to disappoint, but Markiplier just uses any old chair. He’s been seen on a couple of different gaming chairs, but just uses a generic office chair mostly.

So, we can’t provide you a link or any insight as we don’t review random office chairs, however, if this news has left you lost in your search for gaming chair inspiration, don.t worry, as we have some recommendations nonetheless.

secretlab titan evo 2022 series

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series

Height range (Medium Size)
5’6″ – 6’0″
Maximum load
Seat width
Height adjustment range

First, we have ole’ reliable, Secretlab. Their Titan EVO 2022 Series is our current favorite as it’s built well, feels great, and has the most comprehensive ergonomics we’ve found in any gaming chair thus far.

noblechairs LEGEND gaming chair

noblechairs LEGEND gaming chair

Max load
Recline range
90° – 125°
Tilt angle
Up to 11°
Height adjustability
Seat base width

Second, we have the newest noblechairs product right now, the noblechairs Legend. It looks fantastic, it’s comfortable and ergonomic enough, though, the included cushions don’t feel all that great, especially when compared to that of Secretlab.

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