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Why is my gaming chair wobbly? 2 quick fixes

Wobbly gaming chair? These fixes should help

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 9:17 am
Why is my gaming chair wobbly

It’s always a bit of a downer when you discover that your once-robust gaming chair starts to wriggle around, so, with your tail between your legs you go to google, asking ‘Why is my gaming chair wobbly?’

Well, luckily for you, dear reader, there are a few common reasons why your gaming chair has become wobbly. Additionally, if you’ve only just built your gaming chair, and it’s not quite as solid as you were expecting, these fixes might work too.

So, your gaming chair is wobbly, you’re at a loss, so you’ve come crawling back to us for help. Typical. Anyway, we’re magnanimous folks over here at WePC, so we’ll help you out.

Solution 1: Your fixtures may be loose

Regardless of how fastidious you were when you put the chair together, bolts and screws invariably loosen over time.

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So, take a look at all the connecting points on the chair. The bolts that connect the backrest to the base and the bolts on the underside of the base are the most common culprits here.

It might be tempting to just wrench these bolts as tight as possible, but if they’ve loosened, doing this risks stripping the threads, which will make disassembling the chair a nightmare.

So, carefully undo the bolts, then re-tighten them. A pro tip here is to start the bolt or screw by rotating it counterclockwise very slowly. When you hear a click, start rotating clockwise.

This ensures that the threads have caught correctly, preventing cross-threading or stripping. Repeat this process on every fixture of the chair. Now, take your chair for a spin, and if it’s no longer wobbly, rejoice! If it still feels less-than-solid, read on…

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Solution 2: Check that everything is aligned correctly

Despite the instructions giving advice to the contrary, most people build gaming chairs by themselves, and it’s really easy to mess it up.

We’ve done it enough times, and sometimes things not being square and symmetrical can lead to a sort of unbalanced feeling.

So, repeat the steps above, but check very carefully that everything is lined up correctly.

Unfortunately, if you’ve bought a cheap gaming chair, the manufacturing tolerances might just be poor enough that there is no solution.

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