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Best gaming chair for adults of all sizes in 2023

We go over the best gaming chair for adults of all sizes in 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023 3:40 pm
Best gaming chair for adults

That’s right, the best gaming chair for adults. Gaming might have a reputation as a hobby only for those below the drinking age, but there are a huge number of people out there who have continued this hobby well into adulthood.

Additionally, a lot of gaming chairs can have some pretty childish designs, and gamers are anything but childish, obviously. This means that we’ll be avoiding excessive lighting and overly aggressive designs overall.

Additionally, we’ve regrettably grown into large jaded misanthropes, therefore we’re going to need chairs that can support the weight of our regrets too.

So, seeing as we’ve got to find the best gaming chair for adults today, here’s a little look at what we’re going to be needing these chairs to feature.

  • Large size limit
  • Big width
  • Overall size
  • Ergonomics

The best gaming chair for adults: EwinRacing Flash XL Series

When you need to find the best gaming chair for adults, size is the most important concern. Skinny little chairs are all well and good for tiny children and medium-sized teenagers, but some of us adults have grown larger than we’d like to admit.

This means that the EwinRacing Flash XL Series had to win the top spot on this list as it can handle up to 550 lbs of weight without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, the EwinRacing Flash XL has the widest seat base we’ve ever tested, making it super suitable for the large-thighed among you, also, its a great shout for the people who love to sit cross-legged, as the seat base is flat, without any bolsters along the sides.

You can read our EwinRacing Flash XL Series gaming chair review for more info.

Overall, if you’re in need of a gaming chair that can handle anything you throw at it, the EwinRacing Flash XL is the strongest contender as we’ve never tested such a unit of a chair, but what if you need something a bit more affordable?

Best budget gaming chair for adults

If you’re in a position where you cant drop hundreds and hundreds on a chair, you need not worry as you can get decent ones for less, for example, our current budget king, the GT Omega Element.

This chair comes up quite a lot in our best-of pages, and for good reason. It’s priced very well, and only sacrifices what we consider to be superfluous features.

This means that it’s got it where it counts, with sufficient adjustability, ergonomics, and some pretty impressive build quality, especially with it’s budget price point.

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