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What gaming chair does CoryxKenshin use?

We take a look at where CorxKenshin likes to sit

Updated: Jan 19, 2023 8:09 am
what gaming chair does corxkenshin use

what gaming chair does CoryxKenshin use? Unlike Markiplier, Cory does actually use a gaming chair, joining the swathe of other YouTubers we’ve written about.

This is nice, as when we wrote about Markiplier we had a lot of trouble making the word count as he doesn’t use a gaming chair, and is happy on any old seat.

Cory DeVante Williams, more commonly known as CoryxKenshin, started out similarly to Markiplier, uploading sketches to YouTube in 2009, before transitioning into video games, more specifically, horror games. However, he’s most known for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’.

He also was instrumental in drawing attention to YouTube’s alleged racism and favoritism, noting that his videos were sometimes age-restricted when similar videos made by white creators were not. He was supported in this claim by Markiplier, Ludwig, and jacksepticeye among others.

What gaming chair does CoryxKenshin use? DXRacer Formula Series

DXRacer is a pretty cheap brand for such a successful YouTuber to be using. Given that he doesn’t appear to have a brand deal with them, we were surprised to find out that the DXRacer Formula Series is the gaming chair that he uses in 2023.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR

DXRacer Formula Series

Color Options
Weight Capacity
200 lbs
Height Capacity

This isn’t to say that DXRacer makes bad chairs, but most YouTubers opt for their own licensed design, or a more premium brand like Secretlab, noblechairs, or Herman Miler.

The DXRacer Formula series is probably what most of us think of when someone says ‘gaming chair’. The design is somewhat reminiscent of motorsport seats, retaining the through-holes for 6-point harnesses used by rally drivers and the like.

It’s actually a little refreshing to report on a YouTuber using a more affordable brand of gaming chair, instead of expensive premium ones like a Titan EVO 2022 Series from Secretlab or a noblechairs EPIC, for example. We’d still recommend going premium, but the DXRacer Formula Series is a very valid choice for those who don’t want to spend 1 month’s worth of rent on a damned chair.

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