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Why is my gaming chair creaking? How to fix it

How to shut that gaming chair up

Updated: Jan 12, 2023 11:09 am
Why is my gaming chair creaking

So, your gaming chair sounds like an old door does it? Well, there are a few reasons why this could be happening, and some of the reasons have easy solutions.

unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap gaming chairs out there that are constructed from such substandard materials that there might not be a way to remedy the creaking noise.

However, not all hope is lost, as there are a few reasons that even the best gaming chairs can become creaky over time. Luckily, if this is the case, there are a few solutions that can significantly improve the overall fit and finish of the chair.

Why is my gaming chair creaking? Check the fittings

Like any piece of furniture, the nuts, bolts, and screws can slowly loosen over time. At worst this can make the chair feel a bit loose and rickety, but before it gets to that state, it can be just loose enough for the different pieces to rub together, producing the annoying creaking sound.

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So, take a look at where all the different components join together and crank the bolts and screws a bit higher. Not too tight mind, as you might strip the threads and permanently mess your chair up.

The safer way of doing this is to almost fully undo each fixture, and then carefully refasten it tightly, then give the chair a cursory spin. If the noise has disappeared, congratulations, you can now get back to getting your ass kicked in your game of choice. If the noise remains, read on…

Lubrication is important

As with everything in life, sufficient lubrication is conducive to success. Gaming chairs typically come with a perfunctory amount of grease applies to the cylinder and the underside of the seat base.

If the creaking happens when you spin, then it is likely that this grease has either dissipated or become clogged with gamer gunk.

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Luckily, you can’t really mess this next part up, so proceed with reckless abandon and grab any grease or oil you can find, and get to work.

Find a cloth you don’t mind ruining and wipe all greasy/oily stuff you find away until it feels dry. then apply a liberal amount to all locations you removed the old stuff from.

At best, the creaky noises will be gone, at worst, your chair can now spin with hitherto unknown grace.

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