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Five Razer Keyboards that Will Give Your Gaming an Edge

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Razer is an all-around awesome gaming company. They produce some of the best gaming laptops in the world, absolutely dominate the mouse market, and even dabble with high-quality audio products, but keyboards are truly one of their specialties.

Having developed proprietary switches as well as perfected their membrane designs, Razer now makes some of the best keyboards ever built. Hooking yourself up with one of their designs is a surefire way to instantly improve your win/loss ratio.

The problem is that Razer didn’t become a leader of the peripheral industry overnight, it’s taken years, and during their rise to glory, they’ve released a ton of keyboards, so many that it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s where we come in. We’ve reviewed five of the best Razer boards in the business!

Our Top Picks

WePC Awards Best In Class
Razer Huntsmen V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard
Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard
Razer Huntsman Mini

How We Choose

Here at WePC, like pretty much every gamer on the planet, we’ve been fans of Razer computers, peripherals, and accessories for years now. If we took a census around WePC headquarters, there wouldn’t be a single member of staff that doesn’t have at least one bit of razor gear in the personal gaming rig.

Every time Razer releases a new keyboard, the place is a clamor with talk as we fall over ourselves to source one and try it out. We’ve worked with so many Razer keyboards now, it’s hard to even quantify, and out of the stacks upon stacks we’ve encountered, our favorites are listed here. These are the ones we’re not just aware of in a professional capacity, but the ones we loved so much, we couldn’t help but scream at Razer, “take our money”, and snaffle them away home with us for our own gaming setups.

Things to Consider

Before we dig into reviewing some of the best keyboards we’ve ever used, let’s briefly discuss some of the critical features you should consider before settling on a gaming keyboard.

Form Factor

Keyboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the main form factors are as follows


Full-size keyboards are the ones you grew up with, the original style. They’re intuitive to use, and feature around 104 keys, but they take up a lot of valuable desk real estate.


Having omitted the numpad, TKL boards are slightly smaller. Their space-friendly dimensions are popular in gaming communities as it frees up more mouse space.


Smaller still, we have the 75% board. It features the same functionality as the TKL, but all the keys are close together.


The 60% board is a minimalist dream. Axing everything east of the Enter key, it’s the smallest of the main boards.


Switches are located under the keycaps of mechanical keyboards. They’re color-coded, each with a different feel and performance. Among the many subtle variations in function between colors and even the same colors produced by different brands, there are three main switch types.


Linear switches move smoothly all the way down without any tactile or sonic acknowledgment of actuation. They’re great for fast-paced games.


Tactile switches feature a slight bump in the middle of the travel to confirm actuation. They function in a similar fashion as a two-stage trigger on a gun.


Clicky switches are exactly what they sound like. Rather than a bump, they announce actuation sonically with a click.


Keyboards will also come with different features that can really help you up your game. Affordable options will be stripped back, mostly just covering essentials, while top-tier boards will be all singing all dancing mega tools.


Ghosting is when you exceed a keyboard’s command limit and it stops registering the excess keys. For instance, most standard keyboards have a 4-key rollover, meaning you can press four keys simultaneously and each will be registered, but a fifth key will not. This can be particularly annoying in gaming as you often require complex multi-key commands.

To avoid this, you’ll need an anti-ghosting keyboard, which essentially means it has a large key rollover. Better yet, an NKRO (n-key rollover) keyboard has no key limit as each key command is received individually.


RGB stands for red, green, and blue. They are an LED lighting format that can combine those three primary colors to make millions of different shades. They’re sort of the Marmite of the PC gaming world. Many don’t like them because they’re purely aesthetic, but others love them as they bring a bit of pizzazz to a build and can make gaming feel special and immersive.

RGBs are normally incorporated into a keyboard as backlighting. They’re not only customizable but on some occasions, can be synced up to other RGB peripherals to perform unified sequences.

Media Keys

Media keys offer single-button control of otherwise more complex commands or actions that would require menu diving with shortcuts or the mouse. A media key set may include media playback control options such as volume up, down, mute, play, repeat, skip, or stop. They also may include commands that give you control over the display options, a basic example being a brightness key. More complex examples would be horizontal and vertical orientation keys.

Razer Huntsmen V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

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In-depth Review

Razer Huntsmen V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard
WePC Awards Best In Class
Razer Huntman

Razer Huntsmen V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

Editor's Rating

Optical sensor switches allow ultimate customizability. It’s basically a bunch of different keyboards in one

Awesome individual key RGB lighting, all programmable via Chroma

USB 3.0 passthrough lets you hook up peripheral directly though the keyboard

Dedicated media keys bring more power to your fingertips


Some will find it too loud

Expensive (but not really for what you get)

What if you didn’t have to settle for one switch type or one actuation? That’s what the Huntsmen V2 is offering. Analog optical switches enable three functions. Firstly, you can actually adjust the actuation between 1.5 and 3.6mm travels. Allowing more pronounced action for a certain game and a swifter travel for another more high-octane title. Secondly, the analog input allows you to tune your WASD keys to be pressure-sensitive, enabling more nuanced control, especially in racing games. Lastly, you can program dual-step actuation, streamlining your performance and saving precious seconds.

It’s a 10-KRO board with a full array of dedicated media keys and a multifunction digital dial, not to mention the USB 3.0 passthrough giving a peripheral a direct line to your PC from your desk. The high-quality, double-shot PBT keys are individually backlit with RGBs sync-able via Chroma, and a magnetic plush leatherette wrist rest to keep you comfortable during those long slogs.

The keys may be a little loud for some, but that’s literally the only gripe we have. It’s comfortable, it would take an essay to list it’s full features… it has an identity crisis in the best possible way.

Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard



Classic Black

Connectivity Technology


Item Dimensions

17.76 x 9.79 x 1.67 inches

Item Weight

3.14 lbs

Editor's Rating

Razer green switches are both sonic and tactile, facilitating confident play

Translucent switch housing lets RGBs shine

NKRO functionality gives ultimate character articulation

RGBs are all tweakable via Chroma

Wireless as well as two other connection types


Again, probably too loud for some

The Widow doesn’t come cheap

The Black Widow V3 bears a striking resemblance to the Huntsmen. It has the same flex-free aluminum case, a magnetic wrist cushion, it’s a full-size board, and it has dedicated media keys and the multi-function dial for immediate wide-scale control.

What really gives the Widow some personality are Razer’s proprietary 50g green switches under the thick-walled, doubleshot ABS keycaps. They provide an insanely satisfying bump and click with each actuation, helping you keep track of extensive key combinations during knife-edge scenarios where one missed actuation means a devastating loss. What’s more, it’s a fully NKRO board, so you can really bring out your inner Mozart.

The switch housing is also notable. Made with entirely translucent materials, they allow the independent RGB backlighting to really pop, bringing new life to custom sequences, amounting in a truly luminous and immersive experience.

You can connect the Widow up in three different ways and even charge it via USB mid-game. It’s not as customizable as the Huntsmen, and just as loud, but these are small compromises for such a great keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Mini
Razer Logo

Razer Huntsman Mini

Editor's Rating

60% form factor saves tons of desk space

Optical switches offer zero-latency

1.5mm travel allows you to dance across the board at record speeds

RGBs look amazing and are all customizable via Chroma

Smaller board means a smaller price tag


Still a little loud, especially for an office environment

No media keys

The Razer Huntsmen Mini is an amazing innovation of the full-size original, distilling everything down to its core properties and shedding excess weight that some may find superfluous. If your desk space is more valuable to you than a few keys, then the Mini should tick all your boxes.

In typical Razer fashion, the Mini is loaded with top-quality optical switches that operate at the speed of light for some practically zero-latency gaming. If you’ve found your old boards a little sluggish, the 1.5mm travel and responsive actuation will really feel like your typing on air itself. It also makes a slight improvement on the full-size V2 in that the Mini has NKRO functionality making it the perfect choice for any shooter fanatic.

The build-quality is also second to none, and we’re not just talking about the aluminum case. The oil-resistant, doubleshot keycaps, made from dense PBT, are second to none, their lightly textured surface making every keystroke a satisfying prospect.

Obviously, you’re missing out on some keys with a 60% form factor, but with fully programmable macros via Razer Hypershift, you still have insane amounts of control.

Razer Huntsman TKL Razer Huntsman TKL Tournament Edition ournament Edition
1200px Razer snake logo.svg

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Editor's Rating

Insanely fast 1mm travel keeps up with your speedy intentions

Clicky actuation keeps you in the know

Really good price

High-quality PBT keycaps feel great and last for ages

TKL form factor saves some space


There is a very small amount of stab rattle, but it’s nothing severe

Only 6-key rollover

Too fast for most gamers

Our third and final Huntsmen is the infamous Tournament edition, a TKL board for fiery fingertips. The doubleshot PBT key structure on this thing is immaculate, but it’s the switches we should really talk about here. It’s only a 6KRO board, but with minuscule 1mm travel and satisfying affirmative actuation. You do have to be careful though, actuation like this requires high precision, so if your board skills aren’t quite there yet it’s probably not the right Razer for you.

Despite the Tournament’s incredibly specialist functionality, Razer has taken a decidedly every-man approach to practical design. The C-type detachable cable offers plenty of flexibility in terms of routing and general mobility, and it locks in place to prevent disconnects.

Of course, the RGBs are on point – this is Razer we’re talking about – and the super slim incandescent legends give this board a sleek and professional aesthetic.

The Huntsman Tournament Edition is the perfect secret weapon for fast paced shooters and strategy games that require quick key combinations.

Razer Ornata Chroma
1200px Razer snake logo.svg

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer Ornata Keyboard


Mecha-Membrane switches


Chroma RGB Ligthing

Wrist Rest

Detachable wrist rest

Other Features

Macro keys, Media keys, Individually lit keys

Editor's Rating

Mecha-Membrane switches offer mechanical feel

Mid-height keys enable faster board navigation

Full-size form factor means lots of dedicated keys

Fully customizable independent RGBs

Magnetic wrist rest


Not really a mechanical board

ABS caps aren’t quite as durable as PBT

Our last Razer offering is technically a membrane keyboard, but it’s not like any other membrane board you’ve ever used. Utilizing hybrid switches, Razer has stitched together a Frankensteinian mashup of both mechanical and membrane keys. They resound with the affirmative click and tactile feel typical of mechanical boards, yet they are, fundamentally speaking a membranous design.

The Ornata is a full-size board, so you need a nice open space to accommodate it, but if you can, your only regret will be having not bought it sooner. Encased in aluminum, it’s built like a tank. We’d prefer PBT caps, but as ABS goes, these mid-height caps are as good as it gets. The RGB lighting is nothing short of mesmerizing, and the magnetic rest keeps your wrists in top shape no matter how long the session runs on.

Fully macro programmable, with 14KRO functionality and those Mecha-Membrane switches, the Ornata is the perfect segway for someone used to membrane keyboards to get a taste of the mechanical life. It’s nowhere near as expensive, and you’ll be able to acclimatize to the feel of it before deciding if you want to make the full jump to mechanical keyboards.

Final Word

Your keyboard is one of the most important parts of your gaming rig, so it’s important not to do yourself a disservice by opting for a subpar design.

Versatility is important, and the Huntsmen V2 redefines the notion of customizability, giving you full control over feel and function. That said, there’s also merit in simplicity, so if you find the V2 over complicated and confusing, the Black Widow V3 offers a similar performance but with more of a definite character overall.

As a space-friendly alternative, the Huntsmen Mini is a no-brainer. Its 60% size frees loads of room for mouse mobility or even just decoration, and those optical switches ensure latency is never an issue. For the top-tier gamers out there looking for something specialist, the Huntsman Tournament, with its 1mm actuation, will help you outclass even the most skillful opponent.

If you’re not ready to take the mechanical plunge, you should seriously consider the Ornata and test the waters. It may be affordable, but it’s a serious bit of gear designed for professional-grade gaming.

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