Windows 11 cFosSpeed – YouTube video lag fix

Laggy Facebook and YouTube videos? There appears to be an issue related to MSI motherboard bloatware and Windows 11, let's fix it.

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Some Windows 11 and 10 users have reported a strange intermittent issue around 4K video playback through Facebook and Youtube. This problem seems to only affect users who have installed the Dragon Suite drivers from their MSI motherboard. In this article, we are going to show you how to fix this annoying problem so you can get back to enjoying those videos lag-free.

What is cFosSpeed?

cFosSpeed is a network driver that is not an MSI product, however, is bundled with MSI software and features in MSI motherboards. The driver attaches itself to existing Internet connections and then optimizes data transfer by using Traffic Shaping (allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal ping).

The driver pack installs cFosSpeed, not Windows

How to uninstall cFosSpeed on Windows 11 & 10

How To Uninstall cFosSpeed

The whole process is surprisingly simple, so if you are looking to get rid of cFosSpeed, carry on reading.


Uninstall Dragon Center

how to uninstall cFosSpeed on Windows 11

Head to the support section in Dragon Center and use the built-in scanning feature.


Delete cFosSpeed From Dragon Center

reddragon scan

After the scan is complete, you will then be shown a list of functions found. If you see cFosSpeed, you can click delete and close Dragon Center down, reboot, and check to see if the issue is resolved.

If for whatever reason you couldn’t see cFosSpeed, we have one more step for you to try.


Delete cFosSpeed From Files

reddragon uninstall

Head to ‘C Drive > Program Files (x86)> MSI> One Dragon Center> Lan Manager‘ and use the uninstaller located in the folder. You will notice a .dll file is still there afterward which you can remove by going to ‘Task Manager‘ and then look for ‘MSIcentralserver.exe‘. Now, right-click on the files, select ‘End Process‘ and now you should be able to delete the .dll files.


Uninstalling cFosSpeed and MSI SDK appears to be the only way to fix this issue a the moment and we are unsure if there will be a patch to course correct this rather annoying problem. In any case,   it isn’t a strenuous task to complete but hopefully, it has worked and you can now enjoy those videos in real-time once more.