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Best RTX 4080 Super prebuilt guide: buy your 4080 Super gaming PC now!

If you want a powerful gaming PC but a stress-free experience, then pick up one of these prebuilt RTX 4080 Super PC models today!

Updated: Jan 31, 2024 4:56 pm
Best RTX 4080 Super prebuilt guide: buy your 4080 Super gaming PC now!

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We bring you the best RTX 4080 Super prebuilt PC models currently available. The RTX 4080 Super release time has just passed, and already we’re seeing myriad prebuilt PCs hit the shelves (if you’re in the UK, Scan in particular has a great many listed or Best Buy for our Canadian readers).

We’re here to make your buying experience that much easier and help you decide which of these options is the best one to go for, from an overall performance and price perspective. See further down this page for a breakdown of what you should consider when looking to make a purchase like this, or just look immediately below for our selections and reviews of why you should buy these particular models.

The best RTX 4080 Super prebuilt PC models available

Below is the cream of the crop when it comes to RTX 4080 Super prebuilt gaming PCs. We’ll be keeping this list updated with the latest products as they’re released, but these selections will likely always remain excellent buys – well worth your money if you’re looking to purchase now!

Best RTX 4080 Super gaming PC

ArsenalPC GT502 Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop PC (i9-14900KF, RTX 4080 Super)

ArsenalPC GT502 Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop PC (i9 14900KF, RTX 4080 Super)


Intel i9-14900KF


RTX 4080 Super




2TB NVMe SSD boot drive + 2TB HDD

  • Plenty of storage including a fast boot drive
  • High capacity RAM offering plenty of multi tasking and proccesing
  • High price overall

At the top of the range, we have the Arsenal PC GT502, featuring the RTX 4080 Super alongside an Intel i9-14900KF. Combining two top-tier components it provides a top-of-the-class gaming PC without holding anything back. That is especially true considering the RAM you get with it as it gets 64GB of DDR5, providing the most for the CPU with its speed and making sure it can achieve everything it needs.

Now for the storage, it also does not hold out, providing you with a 2TB NVMe SSD alongside a 2TB HDD. Gives you both a fast boot and plenty of capacity for all your games and files. For its case, it has a TUF GT502 providing large but great cooling capacity with its liquid and fan combination.

Second best RTX 4080 Super gaming PC

MSI Aegis R Gaming Desktop (i9-14900F, RTX 4080 Super)

MSI Aegis R Gaming Desktop (i9 14900F, RTX 4080 Super)


Intel Core i9-14900F


RTX 4080 Super





  • Great quality brand
  • Top performance processor alongside GPU
  • Large amount of RAM for computing
  • Comes with low tier peripherals
  • Solid front panel limits airflow

Next on the list is the MSI Aegis R, coming from a main company it gets you a quality build and support when needed. Pairing it up with the 14900F gets a great partner to provide you with a great gaming and processing machine. That comes too from the memory setup with the DDR5 capabilities it has with 64GB that is fast and plentiful for anything you might need it for.

The CPU is also liquid-cooled to ensure it does not thermal throttle and limit what you your machine can do over time. Along with two terabytes of storage capacity on an NVMe M.2 that provides a great choice of drive to get the most out of your machine. However, the case used will limit how much the case can be cooled as it has a limited front panel without many holes limiting it to smaller areas.

Best budget RTX 4080 Super gaming PC

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Liquid Cool Gaming PC (i7-14700KF, RTX 4080 Super)

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Liquid Cool Gaming PC (i7 14700KF, RTX 4080 Super)


Intel Core i7-14700KF


RTX 4080 Super





  • Large capacity and fast storage
  • Great value option for 4080 Super build
  • Lacking RAM compared to others

The last choice brings down the cost of an RTX 4080 Super gaming PC to a more minimal price. Dropping down to an i7-14700KF it still provides a great processing option in the machine. It also halves the memory capacity of the PC down to 32GB, still DDR5 but any large processes and work you may want to do might become limited.

It also utilizes 2TB of NVMe storage, which can be expanded down the line but it’s certainly a good boot option for your PC. The case also opts for a nicer aesthetic, but it does keep things open with a back opening that allows all the fans to bring in the fresh air and keep the temps down for all your compnentes.

The benefits and drawbacks of an RTX 4080 Super prebuilt PC vs self-build

The main reason why you should opt for an RTX 4080 Super prebuilt PC as opposed to building your own is convenience: specifically it’s less time consuming – although if you’re a seasoned PC builder you may be able to put one together pretty quickly, you’ll still have to spend time ordering all the components – and perhaps most crucially there’s a lot less to think about. You won’t need to worry about potential compatibility issues with a self-build PC, nor of damaging the components when you’re putting it together – it’s essentially just a plug and play (after you’ve installed Windows and the necessary drivers of course).

The drawbacks are that you obviously don’t get to select all the components that go into your build, so there’s less customization and personalization, plus self-built PCs tend to be more cost-effective, although if you end up buying the most high-end components this may end up not being the case). If you are considering putting together your own, do check out our guides for the various components, specifically: best RTX 4080 Super GPU, best CPU for RTX 4080 Super, best PSU for RTX 4080 Super, best case, motherboard, and yes, even best monitor!

Can a 4080 Super PC play games at 4K?

An RTX 4080 Super PC is an excellent choice for playing games at 4K. It might not quite match up to an RTX 4090 PC at this resolution, given the lower amount of VRAM in the graphics card (16GB vs the 24GB in the 4090), however, you’ll still be able to enjoy most titles at 4K resolution on the higher graphical settings in AAA titles.

Will there be an RTX 4080 Ti Super prebuilt PC?

Given the standard RTX 4080 Ti was never released, it’s unlikely we’ll see an RTX 4080 Ti Super graphics card released any time soon. It could be that towards the end of 2024 or in early 2025 we see such a card come out, along with the accompanying PC builds, though we may instead see the first Nvidia 50-series released at this time.

Final Word

You should now be well-versed in what the best RTX 4080 Super prebuilt is for your needs and budget. Do also consider looking at our best prebuilt gaming PC guide for more options across a range of GPUs, and see the various ‘best prebuilt’ price guides listed in the main drop-down menu at the top of this page.

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