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RTX 4080 Super size & dimensions (millimetres, inches)

Everything you need to know about the RTX 4080 Super size, dimensions, and custom AIBs

Updated: Jan 31, 2024 3:37 pm
RTX 4080 Super size & dimensions (millimetres, inches)

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With the RTX 4080 Super prepped and almost ready to buy at many retailers, we want to take a look at the RTX 4080 Super size to see just how big this GPU is. The RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 could run into some clearance issues if your case wasn’t up to the task, so expect this high-end Super card to take up a hefty amount of space as well. Picking up a new graphics card like this means you have to take size into account, as the GPU is not much use if it doesn’t fit in your case.

Nvidia launched the new Super series early in 2024 as part of CES, with each SKU being released gradually since then. We’ve already figured out the RTX 4070 Super size and RTX 4070 Ti Super size, and the 4080 Super is the final card of the three to be released. So, with the RTX 4080 Super specs now confirmed, let’s take a look at the dimensions.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super size and dimensions (Founder’s Edition)

Starting off with the Founders Edition of this card. Nvidia have it listed on their site officially, so we can take a look at the dimensions direct from the source. They don’t specify the exact height, but we can base it off the 4080 which uses the same number of slots.

  • Length: 304mm / 11.9 inches
  • Width: 137mm / 5.4 inches
  • Height: 61mm / 2.4 inches

Interestingly enough, this is the same size as the RTX 4080, so clearly not much has changed in terms of size. Both of these cards have a triple-slot design, meaning they’re not quite as slim as the 4070 range. Again, this is for the Founders Edition card, if you want to see more on custom models, see below.

RTX 4080 Super sizes for AIB variants

It’s important to know that not every single RTX 4080 Super will come in the same dimensions as listed above. Custom models will vary in size to a certain degree, depending on their design. We expect most custom 4080 Supers to use a triple fan design, which will add some length, and custom models do vary in slot width as well.

Always be sure to check the dimensions of the card before you buy – here are some examples:

MSI VENTUS 3X OCTriple-fan, 322 x 136 x 62 mm
MSI GAMING X SLIMTriple-fan, 322 x 136 x 62 mm
ASUS TUF GamingTriple-fan, 348.2 x 150 x 72.6 mm
Palit GAMING PROTriple-fan, 328.9 x 132.9 x 63.4 mm
Palit JetStream OCTriple-fan, 328.9 x 130.5 x 63.5 mm
ZOTAC TrinityTriple-fan, 306.8 x 119.4 x 58.5 mm (2.5-slot)
ZOTAC AMP EXTREME AIROTriple-fan, 355.5 x 149.6 x 72.1 mm (3.5-slot)
Gigabyte AERO OCTriple-fan, 342 x 150 x 75 mm (4-slot)
Gigabyte WINDFORCE V2Triple-fan, 330 x 136 x 58 mm (3-slot)
Gigabyte AORUS MASTERTriple-fan, 357 x 163 x 75 mm (4-slot)

Will the RTX 4080 Super fit in my PC case?

The RTX 4080 Super is clearly a large GPU; it is the same size as the 4080 – which may help you understand whether it will fit in your case or not. For the majority of standard mid tower PC cases, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into your case. Some problems may arrive if you have a smaller micro-ATX case though. Be sure to double check dimensions before you buy.

If you have something like a mini-ATX case, which is the smallest standard available, then fitting in the RTX 4080 Super will likely be a struggle. These cases are designed for compact builds, which benefit most from a low profile GPU. If you’re unsure of it all, it may be worth taking a look at our best PC case for RTX 4080 Super guide for a curated list.

Is the RTX 4080 Super bigger than the RTX 4080?

Based on the Founders Edition specs, the RTX 4080 Super is the exact same size as the RTX 4080, sitting at a length of 304mm and width of 137mm. This means that if you already use an RTX 4080, then the Super variant will easily fit into your PC case with no worries at all.

However, custom models do vary in size – in length, width, as well as slot size. So far we’re seeing a number of triple-fan designs which extend the length a considerable amount, but we may see a dual-fan model in future like we did with the ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition.

What is the RTX 4080 Super slot width?

The Founders Edition of the RTX 4080 Super uses a triple slot width according to Nvidia’s official specs list, this is consistent with what we saw on the vanilla 4080. If you aren’t interested in the Founders Edition though, then you’ll have to look for a custom AIB.

Custom models vary in size, and this includes the slot width. We’ve already seen custom cards which are much thicker, designated a 3.5-slot or 4-slot specification. Keep this in mind if you have (or plan to have) other PCIe components that use up slots.

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