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Best AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop

Everything there is to know about the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 laptop CPUs and the best devices that come equipped with them

Updated: Apr 5, 2024 4:51 pm
Best AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop

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The best AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop models are listed below for your delectation, and by Jove if they ain’t tasty. With this series of machines, the red team looked to make a big impact on everything from general-use notebooks and creative laptops to high-end gaming laptops. The most powerful of the range, the Ryzen 9 7945HX, still takes the crown for the most powerful laptop processor on the market: both the recent Ryzen 8000 series laptops and the Intel 14th gen laptop CPU range have so far failed to produce anything as powerful. Read below for everything we know on the AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop CPUs, and what we consider to be the best laptops in their class.

We regularly update this article to include the latest products in the range, so you can rest assured that these picks are the best you can get. If you’re short on time and looking for the best Ryzen 7000 series laptops tailored to your needs, consider the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 for high-end gaming, the ASUS ROG Strix G17 for more affordable upper-mid-range gaming, or the HP Envy x360 (2023) if you’re after a 2-in-1 office place device.

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Best Ryzen 7000 series laptop 2024: reviews

As far as gaming goes, all the below picks are still some of the best devices you can get. If your focused more on a general productivity latpop however, then you may want to consider the Meteor Lake releases in the Intel 14th gen laptop range. Alternatively, if you want to stick to AMD and your focus is on AI processing, take a gander at the new Ryzen 8000 series laptop devices.

Best premium Ryzen 7000 series gaming laptop
  • ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
  • RAM: 32GB/64GB DDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Max Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Screen Size: 17-inch
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: No
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What We Think

The ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 provides you with everything you need if you’re looking for a high-end gaming laptop. A powerful Ryzen 9 7000 series CPU paired with one of Nvidia’s best laptop GPUs allows for top-tier performance. Our only concern is the battery life, but this is somewhat to be expected in such a powerhouse.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very powerful GPU options
  • The most powerful laptop CPU
  • Great color replication
  • High RAM & SSD upgrade options
  • Good port coverage
  • Good build quality
Reasons to Avoid
  • Poor battery life

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 represents the most powerful gaming laptop in the ASUS range, coming equipped with not only the Ryzen 9 7945HX CPU, which is now recognized as the most powerful laptop CPU across any brand currently available, but also options for the superb RTX 4080 laptop GPU or RTX 4090 laptop GPU.

Unless you’re looking to do some very high-end workstation / graphical design / rendering tasks, we’d opt for the RTX 4080 option, which is currently available for around the $2,900 mark with 1TB SSD and 32GB of DDR5 RAM – in our opinion a great value package considering the power you get. Higher-specced SSD and RAM options are also available for more money.

Looking at the screen the 17-inch 1600p 240Hz display has a 5.5ms average grey-to-grey response time, which isn’t quite good enough to completely eliminate ghosting at this refresh rate, but it’s still a good score for a laptop display. Brightness is good, as is color replication in sRGB (100%) and DCI-P3 (97%). All-told, a fantastic premium gaming laptop.

If you want to further improve the cooling and reduce thermal throttling on this beast, have a read of our best laptop cooling pad and best laptop stand guides for some affordable solutions.

Best mid-range Ryzen 7000 series gaming laptop
  • ASUS ROG Strix 17 AMD
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070
  • RAM: 16GB DDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Max Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen Size: 17.3-inch
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: No
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What We Think

Now for a more mid-range gaming option. This comes in the form of the ASUS ROG Strix G17 – which offers great performance at the 1080p resolution with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. Aside from gaming, the powerful Ryzen 9 CPU make heavy workloads easy to deal with, so it’s not a bad choice for productivity either.

Reasons to Buy
  • Great gaming performance from GPU & CPU
  • Great value for the power
  • Good color replication
Reasons to Avoid
  • Somewhat plastic build quality

Another ASUS model, this non-SCAR variant is a more affordable option than our top premium pick, with slightly less impressive build quality, but still comes with a powerful RTX 4070 graphics card, alongside the brand new AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX, which is a superb high-end performer.

Although the 144Hz 1080p resolution option might not be to everyone’s taste on a screen of this size, you can’t argue with the pricing: this amount of power and new hardware, plus DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD, can be bought for around $1,900, which is superb value in our opinion.

Best budget Ryzen 7000 series gaming laptop
  • Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050
  • RAM: 16GB DDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD
  • Max Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen Size: 15.6-inch
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: No
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What We Think

On a more limited budget, the Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 is our top pick thanks its solid performance to price ratio. The powerful Ryzen 7 CPU offers excellent processing power, with backup from 16GB of DDR5 RAM. This is another 1080p laptop, fitted with an IPS panel for gaming up to 120Hz. The RTX 4050 is entry-level, but it can take advantage of DLSS 3 frame gen for higher FPS.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good budget gaming performance
  • Powerful CPU option for the price
  • 16GB DDR5 RAM
  • Solid battery life
Reasons to Avoid
  • Screen could be brighter

This budget-friendly 120Hz 1080p gaming laptop with RTX 4050 laptop GPU is an affordable option for those looking for a machine they can bring into the office but also run older games / newer games on lower settings. Although the RTX 4050 doesn’t quite match up to the performance of the RTX 3060 laptop GPU, it’s not far off, and this is before you factor in the additional boost afforded by DLSS 3.0. It certainly smashes the older RTX 3050 Ti series out of the water.

In addition you get 16GB of DDR5 RAM, plus 512GB of SSD storage, which isn’t always common at this price point. The 120Hz refresh rate of the screen is all you’ll need at this level of performance, although we would have liked to have seen a brighter screen – as it’s a bit dim even if you’re indoors near a window.

Still, the AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS CPU in this machine is a great mid-range performer, for both gaming and creative tasks, and makes this laptop well worth the low asking price.

Best AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop for workstation use
  • ASUS Zephyrus Duo 16 2023
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 / RTX 4090
  • RAM: 32GB/64GB DDR5 RAM
  • Storage: 1-8TB SSD
  • Screen Size: 16”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Resolution: 2560×1600
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: Yes (on smaller screen)
  • Webcam: 1080p
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What We Think

This ASUS Zephyrus Duo 16 is a superb choice if you’re going to be using your laptop for heavy workloads. It’s a fantastic piece of kit for creative/design work, a solid alternative to the ever-popular MacBook in this regard. Fitted with the best Ryzen 7000 series CPU and a unique second display, it’s a step ahead of our other options.

Reasons to Buy
  • The most powerful laptop CPU in the game
  • Great gaming and workstation performance
  • Liquid metal cooling
  • Unique second display useful for creatives
  • Superly bright 240Hz mini-LED screen
  • Great color replication
Reasons to Avoid
  • Very expensive
  • Keyboard & touchpad placement takes getting used to

The Zephyrus Duo 16 again comes with the most powerful AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop CPU, the Ryzen 9 7945HX (which beats the most powerful Intel offering), plus GPU options in the form of the RTX 4080 or RTX 4090. It also comes with a dazzling bright 700 nits (or 1400 nits for HDR content) 240Hz Mini-LED screen that comes with both FreeSync and G-Sync. You get 100% sRGB and 100% DCI-P3 coverage, with a color accuracy of between 1.7 – 1.2 ΔE depending on how you calibrate it, making it ideal for color-based workflows.

The most distinctive feature of the Asus Zephyrus Duo series is of course the secondary screen, placed between the keyboard and the main display, which lifts upwards. This second display has touch screen functionality, and can be used to display alternative media whilst gaming (Discord or YouTube for instance) or different windows of your editing program (the timeline for example, allowing more screen space to watch the footage and to move and manipulate it via touch).

The inclusion of the second display does mean that the trackpad (which doubles as a numpad) is off to the side of the keyboard, which can take a bit of getting used to but the actual quality of the keyboard is decent and it feels responsive. All-in-all, a fantastic laptop for the streamer or high-end creative that also likes to game.

An affordable 2-in-1 laptop with Ryzen 7000 series CPU
  • HP Envy x360
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7730U
  • Graphics Card: Radeon iGPU
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage : 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Screen Size: 13.3”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • 1920 x 1080 : 1920 x 1080
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: Yes
  • Webcam: 720p
  • Weight: 4.43 lbs
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What We Think

Looking for affordable? Well, the HP Envy x360 is a solid choice that offers a versatile 2-in-1 design that we’d say is perfect for work or school. It uses integrated graphics from its Ryzen 5 processor, so not ideal for gaming, but good enough for some lightweight titles. What it lacks in specs, it makes up for in affordability, finished with an attractive design.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good keyboard & trackpad
  • Superb battery life
  • Great port selection
  • Excellent webcam
  • Great build quality
  • Looks great
Reasons to Avoid
  • Display could be brighter
  • Only 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Just 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD

The HP Envy x360 is a series of laptops that offers convertible/2-in-1 hinge functionality that effectively allows you to use it as a tablet. This year’s HP Envy x360 comes with a slick design that’s similar to their premium Spectre series – it looks great and has top-notch build quality, alongside many other features that make it a great buy for the money. The webcam is one of the best available in this price range, with 1440p resolution and a 5 MegaPixel camera, it also supports Windows Hello.

You get a great selection of ports, including two USB-C sockets and two USB-A, which is a rarity these days, plus an HDMI port and an SD card reader. The trackpad and keyboard are also of great quality.

Pretty much the only real downside of this device is the peak brightness is lower than we would have liked: at 250 nits you can comfortably use it indoors, but outside use is beyond what it’s capable of. We would have liked to have seen a 16:10 aspect ratio to the display to give more vertical headroom, but this isn’t really the end of the world.

A solid general productivity laptop with Ryzen 7000 CPU
  • Dell Inspiron 16
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7730U
  • Graphics: Radeon iGPU
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR4x
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Screen size: 16-inch
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Touchscreen?: No
  • Webcam: 720p
  • Weight: 4.19lbs
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What We Think

Not everyone is interested in tracking down the best gaming performance, and the Dell Inspiron 16 5635 is a good example of a laptop instead catered for productivity. A 16-inch display with QHD resolution gives you a good amount of screen real estate to work with, while the 7000 series Ryzen 7 is a superb performer. On top of that, we think it offers nice value for money.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good keyboard & trackpad
  • Runs quiet
  • Slimline & lightweight
  • Solid speakers
  • Decent battery life
Reasons to Avoid
  • Display could be brighter
  • Poor color replication

For a general use machine, this latest Dell Inspiron is a worthy pick for those after a more conventional laptop form-factor. It has a good quality keyboard and trackpad for those lengthy typing sessions, plus the fans are nice and quiet. The battery life is decent for a general purpose machine – lasting around 9 hours. The overall build quality is good and its a very slimline and light device despite the larger 16-inch display – great for travelling. For a Windows machine, the speakers are also pretty good too – both in terms of quality and volume.

Once again the peak brightness of the display isn’t that great (capping at around 265nits), which is the biggest downside of this device, but you can still use it without issue in an indoor setting. The color gamut is also very limited – around 56% sRGB – which makes it unsuitable for any kind of creative image/video editing work where color is important, but for general web browsing and non-creative workloads this shouldn’t be an issue.

To be honest, although this is a solid device, we’d probably recommend opting for a 2020 MacBook Air with M1 chip if you don’t mind using the Apple operating system, as these are now available for a similar amount of money and are about as good, though without the display issues. Still, if you’re after a Windows device specifically and aren’t too fussed about the brightness, this is a solid pick overall.

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptops explained

CES 2023 saw the grand unveiling of these new laptop CPUs, along with a few surprises. Firstly, there’s a new naming convention just to make things extra confusing for you, so the Ryzen 9 7945HX is now the most powerful in the series, equivalent to the flagship AMD Ryzen 6000 series laptop CPU: the Ryzen 9 6980HX. See the image below for a rundown of what each number and letter signifies.

The second big surprise is that some of the less powerful 7000 series CPUs (names the Rembrandt, Barcelo, and Mendocino laptop CPUs) are actually based on older architecture, and not Zen 4 like we’d expect.

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop CPU naming convention

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AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile Dragon Range vs Phoenix vs Rembrandt vs Barcelo vs Mendocino

AMD Ryzen 7045 Dragon Range laptop CPUs

The AMD Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range is the medium-high end of the 7000 series mobile CPUs, geared towards gamers, workstation users, and high-end creatives who will have a separate, dedicated graphics card (dGPU). As a result, they will have less focus on integrated (iGPU) power, and more on raw CPU output, in terms of higher clock speeds, CPU cores, and cache. All of the Dragon Range are based on Zen 4 architecture.

AMD Ryzen 7045 Dragon Range laptop CPU specs

AMD Ryzen 7040 Phoenix laptop CPUs

Conversely, the AMD Ryzen 7000 Phoenix / Phoneix Point line of laptop CPUs/APUs will be more targetted towards creatives who want more slimline machines and those interested in light-medium gaming at the upper end of the SKU list, with powerful iGPUs that might even compete with dedicated Nvidia RTX 3060 laptop graphics cards (albeit lower-powered ones), which would be impressive indeed. All of the Phoenix laptop CPUs are based on Zen 4 architecture.

AMD Ryzen 7040 Phoenix laptop CPU specs

AMD Ryzen 7035 Rembrandt-R laptop CPUs

Lower-powered Ultrathin laptop CPUs geared towards creatives, these CPUs will be based on the same Zen3+ architecture as the 6000 series, so expect similar performance to the thin and light laptops in that range. If you’re looking for a laptop for your studies also consider reading our best laptop for students guide fo other examples with different CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 7030 Barcelo-R laptop CPUs

These laptop CPUs are geared more towards general-use thin and light laptops, and utilize the older still Zen3 architecture.

AMD Ryzen 7020 Mendocino laptop CPUs

Finally, the Mendocino CPUs use the virtually ancient Zen2 architecture and represent the cheapest, least powerful options available.

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Things to consider if you’re thinking of buying an AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop

The below goes into greater detail about the features of the new AMD Ryzen 7000 laptop CPUs, to help you decide whether they’re worth the wait, or if you’d rather opt for a different AMD/Intel-powered laptop sooner.

AMD Ryzen 7000 series motherboard compatibility

AMD Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPUs will require an AM5 platform motherboard with LGA 1718 socket in order to be compatible, which the company will launch at the same time as the CPUs themselves. This is the first update to the platform/socket type that AMD has done in 6 years. Whilst this is more of a thing that desktop users who are putting together their own rig have to be aware of, it gives us an insight into the new technology that Ryzen 7000 series laptops will come equipped with.

DDR5 RAM support

Expect Dual-Channel DDR5 Memory Support.

No PCIe 5 support

Despite claiming that the Ryzen 7000 series would support PCIe 5 in previous presentations in 2022 (see this screengrab from an AMD presentation as evidence).

Zen 4 architecture, 4nm & 5nm process node

The (laptop only) AMD Ryzen 6000 series of Zen 3+ CPUs were based on an improved version of the same architecture used by the 5000 series (Zen 3), which used a 7nm process node i.e. 7n sized transistors. The new Zen 4 architecture from AMD predominantly uses a 5nm process node, which means smaller transistors, meaning more can be packed onto the Integrated Circuit, therefore more power in the same sized chip and potentially greater power efficiency.

Even more impressive, the Phoneix Point line of APUs will be built on the even smaller 4nm process node, allowing them even greater efficiency.

According to AMD the new 5nm Zen 4 architecture will offer a ‘greater than 15 percent’ improvement to single-threaded performance compared to Zen 3, though we haven’t yet heard anything in the way of multi-core performance.

Zen 4 AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop Zen 4 laptop

RDNA 3 laptops vs RDNA 2 laptops

RDNA is the name of the architecture used by AMD in their GPUs and APUs. AMD already led the way in terms of onboard RDNA 2 graphics in their Ryzen 6000 series, but it seems like RDNA 3 will be a massive leap forward. AMD claim that the new iGPU (integrated GPU) technology offers 50% more performance per the same amount of Wattage, but stress that they’re looking to push the boat on gaming performance rather than reducing power draw, meaning substantially more shaders/CU cores as you can see in the table above for the Phoenix Point line. As stated by leaker Greymon55, the most powerful of these in the Phoenix APUs may be comparable (at least, not far off) to a mobile version of an RTX 3060, albeit one with a lower 60W TGP (higher wattage ones would still perform better).

laptop RDNA 3 laptop AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop RDNA 3 laptop RDNA3

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptops vs Intel 13th gen laptops

We don’t quite yet know how the Ryzen 7000 series will compare to the upcoming Intel 13th gen CPUs in terms of raw power, but the signs are that the latest generation from the blue team won’t quite be the massive leap forward that the Intel 12th gen laptop CPUs were (and the desktop versions). The 12th gen series pretty much dominated the AMD Ryzen 6000 series in both single-core and multi-core performance, losing out to the red team’s efforts only in terms of power efficiency (Ryzen 6000 laptops invariably had superior battery life) and gaming performance on battery power. It seems this time it’s AMD’s turn to potentially leap ahead with its new Zen 4 architecture.

Whilst the Ryzen 6000 series broke ground in terms of their power efficiency, meaning better battery life and gaming performance on battery, they didn’t have the computing power to take on the impressive Intel 12th gen machines in terms of raw performance.

We already know that the new Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs narrow this gap with Intel, and though the Intel 13th gen CPUs do still outperform in single-core and multi-core workflows, it’s by a slimmer margin, and the Ryzen chips are generally available for cheaper. The new CPUs represent a massive boost to processing power with their brand new architecture, translating to more FPS-generation in games, faster render times, and improved performance across the board.

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop vs Intel 12th gen laptop CPU

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptops vs Ryzen 7000 series laptops

AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop vs 6000 series laptop CPU

Ryzen 7000 series laptop price

Ryzen 7000 series laptops will cross a whole range of budgets and price points, depending on the specific model of the CPU. You’re unlikely to see many in our best gaming laptops under $500 guide, as models this cheap tend to be reserved for older tech. When you get to the upper end of ‘mid-range gaming laptops’ ending around the 1,500 USD mark (check out our best gaming laptop under $1,500 guide for some examples), you’ll end up seeing quite a few, and similarly in the high-end range, starting with our best gaming laptop under $2,000 guide.

Final Word

We’ll be updating this page with all the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 series laptop products as they come out. DO also check out our main best gaming laptop guide covering all tech and price ranges, or see the dropdown menu above for myriad other guides covering different laptop types and price ranges.

Ryzen 7000 series laptop FAQs

Are Ryzen 7000 series laptops worth it?

Ryzen 7000 series laptops are definitely worth buying. These mobile CPUs have superior thermal management compared to Intel 13th gen laptop CPUs, and some of them outperform the Intel equivalents (depending on the SKU).

Is the Ryzen 9 7945HX the most powerful laptop CPU?

The AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX has been shown in benchmarks to be the most powerful laptop CPU currently available in terms of multi-core performance, beating the Intel Core i9-13980HX.

In single-core performance the Intel flagship still has a slight lead, but at a greater level of power consumption and increased risk of thermal throttling.

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