Our 5 Best Gaming Mice for FPS in 2020 – Our No. 1 FPS Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse for FPS

Finding the best overall gaming mouse can be tricky, but chances are, if you are here looking for the best FPS mouse then you already have cut some of that search time down.

Our in-house team at WePC have tested around 50-100 wired and wireless gaming mice in our search of the ultimate gaming mouse. During this relentless testing and reviewing, we have stumbled upon what we consider to be the five best gaming mice for FPS. Here in the office, we have a wide variety of grip styles, hand sizes, and game preferences to deal with, which gives us a great overview of what exactly is considered good.

The best FPS mice, funnily enough, feature in our best gaming mice overall article (shocking I know) and for good reason too! Let's jump in and find out which mouse would best suit an FPS player.

The 5 Best Gaming Mice For FPS

Product Details
BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina

BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina

  • dpi: 3200
  • sensor: 3360 (optical)
  • weight: 90 Grams
  • size: Medium (120 x 61 x 40 mm)
  • color: Blue
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Razer Deathadder Elite

Razer Deathadder Elite

  • dpi: 16,000
  • sensor: 3389 (optical)
  • weight: 96 Grams
  • size: Medium (127 x 70 x 44 mm)
  • color: Black
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BenQ Zowie S1 Divina

BenQ Zowie S1 Divina

  • dpi: 3200
  • sensor: 3360 (optical)
  • weight: 90 Grams
  • size: Medium (122 x 59 x 38 mm)
  • color: Pink
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Logitech G MX518 Legendary

Logitech G MX518 Legendary

  • dpi: 16,000
  • sensor: HERO (optical)
  • weight: 101 Grams
  • size: Medium (131 x 73 x 43 mm)
  • color: Black/ Silver
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BenQ Zowie FK1+

BenQ Zowie FK1+

  • dpi: 3200
  • sensor: 3310 (optical)
  • weight: 95 Grams
  • size: Medium (128 x 68 x 38 mm)
  • color: Black
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How We Choose

Generally, when we are selecting potential mice for review, we like to look at a few different factors. We check to see the comfort of a mouse, how much it weighs, its battery life when necessary, the charging time, what sensor the mouse has, and the price range.

It is our job not only to find the best mice out there but, also to identify what the consumer (that's you) needs. Our complete in-house team at WePC are all massively into gaming, so we are always on the look for ourselves too! We don't just follow opinions like sheep, but we merit them and cross-check on online communities such as Reddit before finally purchasing the mice.

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How We Test

As mentioned, we purchase all the peripherals we recommend, and that doesn't stop with the FPS favored mice. We use a wide selection of mice daily to give ourselves ample testing time.

We test in-house with various tools, but if we are honest its mostly in-game action that tells us how good a mouse is going to be for specific games. All of the mice on this list performed excellently in CS: GO and PUBG, which are heavy FPS games. After little testing sessions, we discuss what we thought and provide feedback to give a well-rounded recommendation.

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Key Points to Check Before Buying a Gaming Mouse For FPS

Selecting the right mouse for FPS gaming is no different from selecting the best gaming mouse for yourself. FPS games are one of the most popular gaming genres on the planet with big money featuring in pro tournaments across the world for games like CS: GO. FPS games are massive in esports, so picking the right mouse to go along with your talent can be a crucial step to improving your general gameplay.

The following characteristics are essential when looking for the best gaming mouse for FPS:


DPI works like resolution and is used to measure the distance that a mouse travels. DPI stands for "dots per inch," and it measures this distance by counting the dots. Technically DPI references the printing world and in actual fact, "CPI" should be used by mice manufacturers.

While some boast large DPI in their mice, it isn't really that impressive or helpful for most gamers as not many will exceed 4000 DPI.

Size And Weight

The size of a mouse can make or break you getting some kills in-game. The mouse needs to fit in your hand comfortably. There are a lot of factors which may cause a mouse feel uncomfortable, but you can help circumvent this by measuring your hand. Measuring your hand will give you a better indication of how good of a fit a gaming mouse can be. It may seem a bit pointless, but a mouse that is too big or small can negatively impact your performance in an FPS title.

Just like size; weight can negatively impact your gaming experience. It may seem subjective, but if a mouse is too light or too heavy, you will miss shots and could end up smashing the mouse into the desk.

It is worth noting that some gaming mice offer weight customization for gamers to tune their mouse perfectly.


All the sensors in the FPS category were always going to be optical. You just wouldn't want the unreliable laser sensors in your mouse when you need to hit crucial shots or make accurate adjustments. Lasers were ok, but they tended to be widely unreliable when compared, so were ultimately pointless.

Both optical and laser sensors work quite similar to each other with just the illumination source being different. The optical sensors use an LED light source rather than a laser.

As we said, don't worry too much about this as most sensors these days are fairly good quality, but for FPS gamers always go for optical!

Material and Durability

Gaming mice come in a variety of different materials, and some can be extra grippy or slippy. These different materials can also counteract a sweaty palm or fit perfectly with the dryest.

The durability comes down to build quality and how trusted the manufacturer is. Everyone makes mistakes, even the tech giants, but with a good manufacturer at least you know you can always get some great customer service, and worst-case scenario, a refund.

You will find on most mouse product pages they list the durability of the mouse buttons and give you an estimated click life span. This click life span is always going to be more than you need, but it is nice to know that it shouldn't break.


Comfort is easy to come by in this best gaming mice for FPS page as every pick is comfy in its own way. The right-handed mice featured are ergonomically designed for comfort, and they do a stellar job. The ambidextrous mice are a lot harder to get right in terms of comfort, but Zowie is excellent at producing these comfortable shapes, which really shows.

Grip Styles

Grip styles come naturally to gamers, and you tend to stick to just the one when playing. Everyone holds a mouse differently, and this can affect our decisions when picking a new mouse as we need one that will suit our grip style.

There are three main types of mouse grips:

  • Palm Grip - Your entire hand rests on the mouse. This lets you move the mouse fast since your actions come from your arm. However, clicking can be slower, and using your arm means it’s not always the most precise.
  • Claw Grip - Your palm rests on the back of the mouse while fingers are arched to make the index and middle fingertips perpendicular to mouse buttons. Because of this, the mouse is easily picked up and moved, and it can sometimes feel more precise compared to the palm grip.
  • Fingertip Grip - Hand hovers in the air with only the last digit of the fingers in contact with the mouse. Since your palm doesn’t rest on the end, this gives you the most precise control. Despite this grip offering accurate control, it’s also the hardest to learn, most likely to result in an esports related injury, and generally requires a smaller mouse since your hand can feel further away.

The claw grip is quite a common style, and this is mostly because it's a hybrid between the two other more extreme grip styles.

Grip Styles

BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina

BenQ Zowie is no stranger to producing high-quality esports-ready gaming mice. The EC2-B Divina is a popular shape for FPS players, and it is easy to see why.

The build is top quality, which is to be expected as it has a premium price tag for what some would regard a featureless mouse. Along with the solid construction is some powerful components, such as the highly regarded PWM 3360 sensor, which is more or less flawless. We see Huano switches underneath the primary buttons which offer a very addictive clicky noise, but more importantly, they are highly responsive. The side buttons are pretty standard, but they are a nice size and don't feel like an afterthought, which is normally the case with the side buttons in general.

While the BenQ Zowie mice may seem to represent poor/ boring designs, it is actually the opposite. Sure, they don't spend time with fancy grips, contrasting materials, or lighting, but they do take extra care on the shape design. The EC2-B has one of the best right-handed shapes currently available that can easily rival the award-winning Razer Deathadders shape.

The beauty of the Zowie mice is the fact they are just simply plug and play, that's right no drivers! For a truly uncomplicated esports grade mouse look no further than the EC2-B Divina.


Razer Deathadder Elite

If you were to ask a wide variety of FPS gamers what they thought was a great mouse for the genre, you would struggle not to hear the word "Deathadder". The Razer Deathadder is an iconic mouse that has been providing us with one of the best ergonomic shapes for over a decade.

The first thing to note on the Razer Deathadder Elite is the new and improved sensor. Razer has binned the laser sensors of old and chucked in a PWM 3389 optical sensor. The sensor is a 3360 variant and is a great move from the peripheral giants as this provides more accuracy and more consistency to their mice and our gameplay. Backing up the sensor is a couple of Omron switches underneath the primary buttons. These switches are good for 50 million clicks and feel very responsive.

The design of the Razer Deathadder is a bit more flashy than a Zowie mouse howbeit still pretty simplistic. I guess you can call the Razer Deathadder classy as it isn't slapping you in the face with crazy angles or RGB lighting. The gentle curves feel fantastic in the palm and the overall shape screams comfort.

While Razer gets a bit of a bad reputation for overpriced products, the Razer Deathadder Elite certainly is not one of them!


BenQ Zowie S1 Divina

Under the BenQ Dvinia brand, we saw the release of the S1 & S2, offering gamers an ambidextrous shape instead of the right-handed EC mouse. The S1 Divina may look like a children's toy, but its performance is up there with the best gaming mice available.

Inside we see the PWM 3310 sensor of the old mouse being upgraded to the highly reliable 3360. The sensor is flawless and perfect for FPS with its highly accurate tracking. As this is just an ambidextrous sister to the EC version we know it's been constructed with care and the Huano switches are simply brilliant.

The design is great, it's one of those love or hate things, and we love it. The ambidextrous version of this mouse pulls off the simplistic approach more for some reason; it just looks excellent.

If you don't mind the premium cost that comes with Zowie products, then this has to be your next purchase. You cannot beat this ambidextrous gaming mouse.


Logitech G MX518 Legendary

Logitech reintroduced a legend from 2004, that's right the MX518 is back! The Logitech MX518 brings another unique shape into the FPS mix only this time around with some much-improved internals.

Inside we see the implementation of Logitech's superior HERO sensor, which also features on the lavish G Pro wireless. The sensor is regarded as one of the best and is essentially an improved 3360. The primary buttons feature Omron switches and feel premium with every click.

The design is, of course, in keeping with the classic version we all know and love. The shape does feel a little bit long for some hands, so be wary and measure your hand before going for this one.  Regardless of being a bit on the long side, the shape's ergonomic design is one of the best. The subtle curves hug your fingers, and the accommodating thumb seat is very comfortable.

Logitech brings a highly rated shape and some impressive specs to the table in the MX518 Legendary, a great FPS mouse.


BenQ Zowie FK1+

The FK Series from BenQ saw the release of simplistic ambidextrous mice coming to the table.

The sensor in the FK1+ may be older than the rest, but the PWM 3310 is still a very reliable sensor for FPS gaming. This sensor won't let you down and feels incredibly accurate when tracking enemies.

The ambidextrous shape is one of the nicest available, making the shape feel comfortable to left and right-handed gamers alike. People saying an ambidextrous shape cant help a right-handed gamer in FPS titles are talking absolute cobblers.

Like the other Zowie mice, the FK1+ is a plug and play esports mouse and doesn't require any driver downloads to get you firing. There are preset polling rate and DPI options which should be enough for most FPS players out there.

If you are right-handed, I would suggest going for the EC Divina mouse but if you have your heart set on this monster then, by all means, go for it!

Parting Words

A good FPS mouse is essentially just a well designed regular gaming mouse where accuracy and responsiveness are key. A good FPS mouse needs to make mouse swiping, tracking and clicking effortless and the selections on this list achieve this. When buying a new gaming mouse for FPS, you still want to approach it like any other mouse and find one that fits your hand. Give your hand a measure and check what grip style you have before just buying any old mouse.

Remember some of the mice on this list come with specialized coatings, the Zowie with slippery plastic coatings and the Razer with a clingy matte texture.

Every mouse has a good degree of accuracy thanks to tried and tested sensors being at the helm of each pick. All the gaming mice featured are well constructed and can handle the odd bit of rage I'm sure.

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