Seasonic Brings New PSUs To Computex

Seasonic hit Computex 2019 laden with a cluster of new power supplies ranging from fanless to small form factor suitability.

Seasonic PRIME TX-1600

The most impressive and a first for the company, was the 1600 W PRIME TX-1600 power supply. Arguably overkill for most gamers and sure to satisfy even the most power hungry rigs, the TX-1600 treads firmly into overclocking territory with its wattage while managing 80 Plus Titanium and Cybenetics ETA-A+ certification at 94% efficiency.

The TX-1600 is fully modular and promises top-tier reliability thanks to a blend of fitted Japanese brand polymer and electrolytic capacitors as well as a sizeable FDB fan measuring in at 135mm. Seasonic is throwing in a one-year warranty; a testament to their belief in their first PSU above 1300W.

PRIME Fanless TX-700 & PX-500

The Taiwanese manufacturer also showcased a few new options joining the Seasonic PRIME Fanless PSU line. Wattages range from 500W for the 80 Plus Platinum certified PX-500 to 700W for the 80 Plus Titanium TX-700 to complement the existing PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless. A fanless 700W PSU is an exploit in anyone’s book, and it will be fascinating to see whether the company can incrementally boost fanless wattages even higher in the future.

Both are fully modular, have Micro Tolerance Load Regulation tech, and use Seasonic’s unique brand of heat dissipation cooling to keep the units running at temperatures usually found in fan-equipped models. As always, fanless means less energy consumption overall and quiet operation with Seasonic bagging Cybenetics Noise Level LAMBDA-A++ certification. Seasonic is shipping these with a one-year warranty as well.


Finally, we have the fully modular PRIME STX-800 and PRIME SPX-800 PSUs equipped with 120mm FDB fans, Japanese capacitors, and compatible with the SFX-L form-factor. The difference between the two comes down to certification; the STX-800 is Titanium certified, while the SPX-800 steps down a level to Platinum.

CONNECT Cable Management

Seasonic once again presented its CONNECT easy cable management solution, promising an official launch soon, which should please builders for whom aesthetics are a significant consideration.

CONNECT extends the power supply by routing a single beefy cable from the PSU to a vertically fixed low profile spine attached to the motherboard panel. The spine has power connections scattered along its length, allowing easy access to various components, which keeps cable lengths short and organized.

Seasonic didn’t reveal any pricing details nor any release dates for all of the above, except for the imminent arrival of the CONNECT system.