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Best PSU for RTX 4070 in 2023

These are the best power supply units for your new RTX 4070 graphics card

Updated: Apr 13, 2023 11:11 am
Best PSU for RTX 4070

Finding the best PSU for the RTX 4070 is going to be a relatively easy task with the TDP coming in way under the other current GPU releases from Nvidia. This means we can offer a selection of affordable, high-quality PSUs, that will take care of all your power needs in your new PC or upgrade.

The RTX 4070 release is exciting, with the previous iteration (RTX 3070) being an excellent mid-range offering for years. The new Nvidia GPU will come in featuring the latest 40-series enhancements, putting a bit of life back into the mid-tier of system building. The mid-tier market is heating up and we found the best PSU for the job to be the reliable Corsair RM750X.

RTX 4070 power consumption

The RTX 4070 has a fraction of the power consumption compared to the Ti variant and almost half when compared to the older RTX 3080. This is because of the vast improvements around efficiency in previous generations and the smaller node size.

Best PSU for RTX 4070: Corsair RM750X

Corsair RM750x

corsair rmx 750w psu




80+ Gold



  • Reliable
  • Effcient
  • Fully modular
  • Premium price

When it comes to reliability and quality at a reasonable price, Crosair is a go-to for most system builders. This RM750X model covers all your power needs with some headroom.

The build quality is exceptional from Corsair and these models come with some nice additional features. You get low noise, zero RPM fan mode for quiet operation and this PSU is fully modular, making any build or upgrade a bit easier.

This model is rated for Gold efficiency and comes with an extensive warranty.

Best PSU for future upgrades: EVGA SuperNOVA 850W




850 W

80 Plus certification



Fully modular


Yes, 850W is overkill for the RTX 4070 but if you are building a system for the next 10 years and picture a GPU upgrade within that time, you may want a PSU that fits.

With a gold-efficient certificate and fully modular makeup, you have everything you need to power your gaming PC for the years ahead. Modularity isn’t a necessity, however, it can make building or upgrading a PC a bit easier.

Best budget PSU for RTX 4070

EVGA 650 Bq

evga 650w psu






Semi Modular

  • Affordable price tag
  • Realiable
  • Semi modular

We feel 650W is going to be more than enough for your new RTX 4070 GPU but you should be aware that with the current rate of hardware, this wattage may be pushing it in a few years.

EVGA is a highly recommended brand in the PSU world and this Bronze-rated model is very reliable and offers reasonable quality at an affordable price point.

What wattage PSU do you need for RTX 4070?

The RTX 4070 is rated for 200 Watts meaning if you already have a PSU 600W and above, you will be fine. Our recommendations will also reflect a bit of headroom. the power demands of this new GPU are even less than the previous iteration, which is thanks to the efficiency leaps Nvidia has made with its new architecture.

This means that nothing above 750W is probably overkill unless you have very specific needs, like plan to upgrade to a flagship GPU in the next two years.

Do you need an ATX 3.0 PSU for RTX 4070?

No, you do not need an ATX 3.0 PSU for the RTX 4070. These PSUs feature the addition of the 16-pin 12VHPWR connector. The new connector allows for up to 600Wpower delivery to a graphics card and is only really advised for the RTX 4090 or future generations.

Is a 750 watt PSU enough for a 4070?

Yes, it is more than enough, powering everything you need with some extra headroom.

Does the RTX 4070 Ti use more power than the RTX 4070

Yes, while both GPUs are rated for low TDP usage, the RTX 4070 Ti is around 60W higher.

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