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Best Mouse Bungee For Gaming 2022

What is the best mouse bungee you can buy right now? Let's find out

Updated: Jul 7, 2022 1:25 pm
Best Mouse Bungee

As weird as their name suggests, a mouse bungee is simply a weight that supports the cable that comes out of the mouse you use. For anyone who plays PC games with a wired gaming mouse (especially competitive FPS or MOBA) will understand the issues with cable drag. Well, with one of the best mouse bungees it removes these issues by taking the weight of the cable and providing a weightless movement for the mouse. Basically, when you use a decent mouse bungee, a wired mouse becomes a wireless mouse or at least as close as can be (trust me, I know, I’ve tested enough mice).

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of a mouse bungee and also provide a few recommendations from mouse bungees I’ve actually bought and tested to assist you in finding the best mouse bungee on the market. If you are serious about gaming and don’t have a wireless gaming mouse, then a mouse bungee is the next best thing.

razer v2

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

Spring arm & non-slip base
Weight (Grams)
  • Very pleasing on the eye, with a subtle all-black design
  • Well built and sturdy
  • Balanced weight and functionality protect your mouse wire from any unwanted accidents
  • Entire base is rubberized for grip
  • Great value

The Razer mouse bungee is one of the more affordable premium bungees we have tested and whilst there are cheaper alternatives, some of which are Chinese replicas, we still recommend the Razer mouse bungee simply because of the quality control.

The Razer mouse bungee has a minimalist design, surprisingly Razer hasn’t thrown on a load of RGB lighting, ultimately we think that decision comes down to necessity and pricing.

The bungee feels solid, when placed on the desk it’s sturdy and the design looks well thought out, the top cable clip is made of hard rubber and is attached to a large metal spring that directs the cable to the ground clip.

We’ve tested the Razer bungee with more than 20 gaming mice of various shapes and sizes and found no issues so far.

Ultimately, for such a low price I feel the Razer bungee to be a good purchase for those who want to eliminate cable drag and have a ‘wireless feeling wired mouse’ for gaming.

benq camade mouse bungee


Spring arm & non-slip base
Weight (Grams)
  • Visually looks fantastic
  • The most sturdy mouse bungee I’ve tested
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Features an extendable arm
  • This is a heavy bungee, so offers great stability
  • Most expensive mouse bungee in our roundup

The BenQ-Zowie Camade is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing bungee we tested. It sits on the desk nicely and for people considering spending the extra pennies, this has to be considered.

For those gamers who are partial to a good flick shot but limited by the cable getting caught on everything, It’s sturdy design can give you confidence when making large swipes/flicks.

You get what you pay for, of course, and this bungee is at the higher end of the price scale for a reason, its build quality.

The Zowie Camades design is simple like most bungees but it is visually unique. BenQ-Zowie has nailed how this bungee looks and you can see before using it that it would be in the higher price bracket.

Its high-quality build and heavyweight give gamers a more consistent and reliable product which is shown by the amount of FPS gamers using this bungee at the moment.

casethrone rgb bungee


Spring arm & non-slip base
Weight (Grams)
  • Stable base with anti slip
  • Durable materials
  • Features RGB lighting and 4 different light modes
  • Features an extendable arm
  • Paying extra for RGB
  • Quality isn’t as good as Razer or BenQ

The Casethrone mouse bungee was the middle ground in terms of price out of the bungees we tested, its value for money was excellent as it provided the same functionality as the higher-end bungees.

The main selling point behind the Casethrone RGB Pro is, of course, it’s lighting, something that isn’t often thought of when it comes to mouse bungees but why not ey.

The Casethrone mouse bungee is simple in design and looks similar in a few ways to the BenQ Camade bungee but that is where the similarities end.

Even though it’s probably the right choice for gamers looking to save money, it does come with a few teething problems. Firstly it has a stable base but it weighs quite a bit less than the more expensive BenQ model, making it more likely to move.

That being said it’s more of an issue for low-sensitivity gamers as the big swipes will wobble the base of the bungee. Another issue is the rubber grip designed to hold the mouse wire.

On the Casethrone bungee model, they use cheap slippery plastic to hold the wire, so the user will have to readjust the wire every so often while playing.

Whether you are a casual PC user or a hardcore gamer, this mouse bungee is perfect for anyone looking to remove cable drag with the added benefit of some illumination. However, it is worth noting that the clip was more effective with braided or thicker cabled mice.

How to use a mouse bungee

Yes, we know, you just slide the cable in and that’s all but just make sure you have enough slack on the cable for any large arm movements you may make while playing.

The best mouse bungees out there are very stable, so the last thing you want is an extra tight mouse cable like shown in the picture below. A Mouse cable may be durable but repeatedly stretching one to its limits will most likely damage it.

Remember, the job of a mouse bungee is to eliminate cable drag, so the cable should naturally rest on your mouse pad with slack and should never be taught.

How To Use Mouse Bungee

Weight & stability

As I’ve mentioned, a mouse bungee is essentially a cantilever to take the weight of the cable and allow the mouse to move freely. You want to ensure the mouse bungee has a decent weight (180 grams should do the trick), the best mouse bungees also come with a non-slip/non-scratch base plate, usually a rubberized texture to help it stick to the computer desk, as you really don’t want it to move whilst in-game.

Best Mouse Bungees 2

Cable clip

One thing to note is how the mouse cable is clipped onto the mouse bungee, Razer and Zowie both use a durable, rubber clip at the top of a stiff spring, this allows various diameter cables to be clipped into place whilst ensuring the bungee won’t damage the cable.

Best Mouse Bungees 5

Benefits of a mouse bungee

As discussed, there are plenty of issues with the cables from a wired gaming mouse, most importantly the cable drag/pull that is experienced when the weight of the cable or simply the texture/material of the cable drags or pulls across or off the edge of the computer desk. Are there any benefits to using the best mouse bungees on the market? Well, yes, let’s take a look.

How we test mice 06

Wireless-like feeling

Honestly, I was skeptical before using a bungee, I never thought they’d work as good as they do – once I’d attached the cable to the bungee I quickly realized they really do provide a wireless-like feeling when using the mouse, which was especially useful for gaming (I play a lot of CS GO and PUBG).

Increased accuracy & improved movement in game

OK, so you won’t suddenly get a chicken dinner, however, once you use a bungee because the mouse feels wireless (no drag, no tension) you do find that movement becomes easier and therefore aiming for heads, quickly dodging bullets or simply reacting fast is improved.

Best mouse bungee: Final word

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