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EKWB Announces latest Products At Computex 2021

EK unveils latest prebuilt solutions for gamers and professionals, along with some new product innovations.

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Computex 2021 is fully underway and one of the expos that caught my eye was EKWB’s. EK, a leading player in the world of liquid cooling, comes to the table announcing the latest from their prebuilt systems for both professionals and gamers. It didn’t stop there though, EKWB has also announced new lines of products, including AIOs, water blocks, and fittings.

Let’s take a look at what they are going to be bringing us.

EK Fluid Works

EK Fluid Works was released earlier this year and the brand is expanding on its portfolio of high-performance multi GPU liquid cooling workstations, of which, EK is the only manufacturer to offer a complete lineup in this area.

ek fluid works

EK Fluid Works introduces its use of industrial-grade, dripless quick disconnect couplings, also known as QDC. With these systems, EK also makes use of its own smart pump and fan controller, helping maintain ideal temperatures.

ek qdc

Fluid Works introduces two new editions into their studio and compute series – The X7000C (compact) and the X7000RM (rackmount).

The X7000C is a compact version of the highest-end model X7000, offering server-grade compute and render performance in a small desktop form factor. This system Fits up to four liquid cooled GPUs and is ideal for AI, deep learning, and any pros that need high-end performance. This machine is also whisper-quiet thanks to the pump/fan controller we mentioned earlier.

X7000C (Compact) Specs – 


  • AMD EPYC 7502p
  • AMD EPYC  7642
  • AMD EPYC  7702p


  • 1 to 4 fully liquid cooled GPUs


  • Up to 512GB ECC


  • ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T

Cooling system – dual pumps and rads, with 2 fans per rad, and industrial-grade QDCs.

X7000RM (Rack Mount) Specs –


  • AMD EPYC 7502p
  • AMD EPYC  7642
  • AMD EPYC  7702p


  • 1 to 7 fully liquid cooled GPUs (RTX 3090, Quadro RTX 6000/8000, Quadro a6000, V100, A100)


  • Up to 512gb ECC

Redundant PSUs

  • 4x 1200W PSU
  • 3 constantly powered
  • 1 for redundant automatic failover

Cooling system – three rads and 2 pumps. All the water cooling is self-contained inside, meaning you can simply install this in any standard rackmount server rack and it is good to go.

New AIO Range

There are four new AIO “series” coming to EKWBs product range that will be known as their Nucleus line, firstly the LUX Series which features a translucent top. Next up is the Vision Series, with a LED read-out display of temps that connects VIA USB C.


Two more AIO series will join them in the not-so-distant future, the Dark Series aimed at budget-focused builders and the Elite Series for extra gadgets and an upgraded pump.

From the imagery alone these AIOs look excellent, going down the same route as NZXT with the ability to show performance markers and temp data on the LCD. You can also add any image/GIF you want to the pump and the pump can easily rotate to ensure you get the branding the right way up.

The radiator has also now going to have a cover, the rubber tubing now features a fabric shroud, and the new fitting positions mean you can easily mount this at the front of your case.

EK Fluid Gaming – A New Prebuilt On The Horizon

EKWB announce the latest in their prebuilt range – the EK Fluid Gaming Mini Series and as you can probably tell, it’s a mini gaming PC. EKs first small form factor gaming PC is built inside the Lian Li O11D Mini and will be powered by the new EK AIO Plus that will handle the cooling for both the CPU and GPU simultaneously.


This new SFX line offers gamers a more affordable entry point into liquid cooling gaming PCs and is going to start at $1999.

EK Fluid Gaming Mini Series Specs – 


  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X



  • 16GB GSkill Trident RGB 3200MHz


  • 1TB Samsung 980 Evo M.2


  • 2TB Seagate Barracuda


  • MSI MAG B550M Mortar + Wi-Fi

EK-Quantum Product Announcements

EK has invested in re-designing and refining its radiators and fans. They announced that they will be releasing 50 new rads including multi-port and crossflow models for more versatility. The Radiators are split into performance categories:

  • S(slim) 30mm thick, ideal for smaller builds
  • P(performance) 44mm thick,
  • X(Xtreme) 58mm thick.

The multi-port models will offer versatility for tube routing and make it easier to add a drain valve to your loop. The cross-flow features a total of 8 ports and allows the user to pick any four ports on one side to achieve the perfect tube route.

Finally, EK announced their new White-colored radiator lineup. Now every new rad will be available in white, giving prospective builders even more choice.

EK Fans

EK announced two new fan products too.

EK Quantum Phase full frame fans are designed for high-performance rad cooling, maximizing the propeller size.

EK Quantum Impulse fans come with a full RGB frame.

Water Blocks

EK has been busy and introduced the new EK Quantum Vector2 CPU and GPU water blocks, which feature a complete redesign. This includes tailoring the CPU blocks for specific motherboard sockets, a new aesthetic, and a new patent-pending mounting mechanism, making the installation process toolless. This new system helps clean up the aesthetics and simplifies the process (not that it was ever hard).

The Vector2 GPU Water blocks will follow the same trend, with an RGB LED strip being placed on the long side of the block and accompanied by a new style of backplate integration.

That wasn’t all though, EK also announced new Momentum monoblocks, reflection distro plates, and RAM water blocks are also in line with this facelift.

Lastly, we were shown a new addition to their extensive fitting catalog. EK is adding gold-colored Torque fittings into their range, wooo.

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