Apex Legends Cross-Play Coming “This Fall”

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Cross-play is finally coming to Apex Legends, sooner than we thought. In a recent TikTok video, Jake Smullin, a software engineer from Respawn confirmed that “Cross-play is coming to Apex this Fall”.

Fans of Apex Legends have long been waiting for cross-play to come to the game and it looks like we’ll only have a few short months left to wait. “It’s been one of the biggest requests we get and we’re thrilled to finally deliver it to our fans”.

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What Does Cross-play Mean for Apex Legends?

Cross-play will be coming to Apex Legends across Origin, Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. While cross-play can be a great thing, there’s always the worry that people on PC will have an advantage.

Broadly speaking, with a mouse and keyboard, players will generally have an easier time aiming and will be more competitive during game play. Of course, this probably doesn’t sound like a bad thing to PC users but console users are understandably worried.

This is part of the reason why Smullin decided to take to TikTok to reassure Apex players. He clarified that players will only be in cross-play lobbies with PC players if there is a PC player on the team.

“Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this but don’t. Everyone should be excited.”

So, this means that Apex Legends’ cross-play feature won’t match PC with console players by default which is probably a relief to many.

Cross-play Won’t Carry Over Progress

Unfortunately, it looks like for the moment cross-play won’t allow you to synchronize your progress or purchases across platforms. This appears to be due to how the system was originally designed for Apex Legends.

Executive producer, Drew McCoy stated: "Unfortunately we won't ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases, which is a bummer, but due to the way systems were set up early on we can't reconcile it after the fact."

So, while we’ll be able to enjoy some cross-play with Apex, the news that cross-progress won’t be possible might end up being a problem.

We’re not yet sure what the release day is for the cross-play feature but we’ll keep you updated once we know more.

Are you excited to play with your friends across multiple platforms? Are you relieved you’ll be able to avoid being matched with PC players? Let us know down in the comments section below.