Competitive Quest Shooter The Cycle Hits Early Access

the cycle gamescom

Developer Yager unveiled a world premiere at Gamescom for the multiplayer antics of the competitive quest shooter, The Cycle.

Yager says the game offers a PvEvP the likes of which the gaming world has never seen before. The loftiness of such a statement aside, The Cycle allies PvE survival against an exotic but inhospitable planet full of alien wildlife known as Fortuna III alongside PvP battle between players, known in-game as Prospectors.

Each match is structured around faction-issued contracts and players can team up in temporary alliances to secure objectives and down Prospectors who've landed too many contracts.

These pacts are made to be broken, creating a tense entente between players that will invariably lead to some double-crossing down the line.

The player amassing the most completed contracts wins and secures a spot off the doomed planet. Contracts lead to rewards that can be crafted into better weapons, abilities, and modifications to make survival easier.

On the PvE side, Fortuna II is crawling with monsters that scale in power as the game wears on alongside radiation storms that ravages parts of the planet. Thankfully, the lands are rich with resources for players to gather.

The titular cycle is a weird weather anomaly that grips the planet, killing every non-native creature almost instantly. The coming of the cycle heralds the end of each timed match and a point of no return for those still fighting to get off Fortuna III alive.

In our estimation, The Cycle is a thin-veiled battle royale that offers an exciting take on the tried and tested formula although it does features dancing emotes, a snarky tone, and a closing storm reminiscent of a certain Fortnite.

Lining up with its big moment during the Opening Night Live presentation, The Cycle is now in early access and is available right now on Epic Games Store.