EA Announces New Battlefield V Content For 2019 & Beyond

EA used its E3 2019 platform to announce a slew of new content for its flagship World War 2 shooter Battlefield V set to hit this summer and beyond. Chief among the new additions is a handful of new maps, and more excitingly, details about the next free Tides of War update staged in the Pacific Theater.

The new maps fall into the imminent Mediterranean-themed Chapter 4: Defying The Odds set to start from June 27 onwards. First up, we have the Al Sundan map that places the player in the blazing sun of the North African desert and draws its inspiration from War Stories single player Under No Flag missions. The emphasis is on vehicular combat, expansive vistas ranging from verdant beaches to arid dunes and a return to what EA calls “classic Battlefield” multiplayer.

June signals a new update for Battle Royale mode Firestorm with the promise of fresh skins, weapons, vehicles, respawns, landmarks, and much-needed rejigs of the matchmaking and loot systems.

Shortly afterward in July, the Greece-based Marita map arrives pitting players against a vertical environment of a vertiginous mountainside ridge and winding cobbled streets with a heavy focus on intense infantry combat getting rid of vehicles altogether. July also ushers in two new Elite skins; Norman Kingsley, an allied rifleman extraordinaire, and Ilse Schattenwulf, a cunning counter-espionage expert fighting on the Axis side.

In August, two new close-quarter maps hit multiplayer servers named Lofoten Islands and Provence. Once again, proximity and tactical nouse take the helm with a more “intimate” and fast-paced flavor of combat. The career rank jumps up to Rank 500 in August as well, which should please those that have long since reached the current prohibitive Rank 50 cap.

September and October are little lighter on content with a new private game feature and another urban subterranean-themed map, dubbed Operation Underground, drawing from the Battlefield 3 map of the same name.

As always, EA is also dropping a healthy smattering of new weapons for all four classes throughout Chapter 4, notably the panzerbuchse anti-materiel rifle and the SE-200 MMG.

With its sights set on the future, EA also teased a few details about Chapter 5, where players will contend with the brutal conflict between Japan and the U.S. in the Pacific. Expect three new maps, including one set on the fated Iwo Jima island, amphibious units, ravaged beaches, and of course the two new factions that defined the theater. The as yet unnamed Chapter 5 should debut in Autumn 2019.