EA Takes FIFA 20 Back To The Streets With FIFA VOLTA Mode

EA used E3 2019 to showcase the return of its yearly iteration of the massively popular beautiful game sim FIFA 20, injecting a litany of new features and a rebranded FIFA Street mode, FIFA VOLTA.

The original FIFA Street released in 2005 with a subsequent sequel in 2012, but to the despair of fans, EA hasn’t produced a successor until announcing its inclusion in FIFA 20. VOLTA is a stripped-down version but centers of the same street-level football culture and creativity that defined the originals. Notably, small-sided matches with as few as three players on each side, a heavy emphasis on the library of dribbles, skills, and tricks that define modern FIFA, and customization.

Three locales have been announced with more to come. We have a Tokyo rooftop, an underpass in Amsterdam, and a caged court in London each with unique flavors that define their football culture. VOLTA comes in multiple iterations such as 5v5, 4v4, 3v3 Rush with no goalkeepers, and Professional Futsal.

Like vanilla FIFA, VOLTA has multiple modes. VOLTA Kick-Off for quick start matches using players from the world’s biggest clubs. VOLTA World with single player matches versus community-curated squads and the ability to recruit new players after each victory. VOLTA Story for a narrative based single player experience from the perspective of one player, and finally the division-based online multiplayer VOLTA League..

Players can design their bespoke player from clothing to hairstyles as well as unique celebratory flair animations — further customization items such as tattoos, shoes and so on an unlocked through progress and in-game challenges.

As has become the norm, FIFA 20 is also getting a handful of gameplay tweaks with EA aiming for a “gameplay rethink that unlocks a deeper level of football realism.” Authentic Game Flow boosts the abilities of AI teammates through a firmer notion of positioning, timing, pitch spacing, better defending, dynamic one-on-ones, and a more natural take on the player’s motion.

Decisive Moments packs FIFA 20 with fresh new mechanics that should give the player more control and encourage mastery to provide a more satisfying experience. These include composed finishing which overhauls shooting, new set-piece options for free kicks and penalties, controlled tackling, and strafe dribbling.

Finally, EA has designed a new ball physics system which allies a new motion system (better ball movement, spinning bounces, etc.), and improved shot trajectories with the ability to vary shots with dipping effects, swerves, and rising action.

FIFA 20 hits stores on September 27, 2019, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.