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Extensive Godfall Gameplay Walkthrough Showcases Dynamic Combat and Weaponry

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Counterplay Games’ Godfall closed out yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast with an extensive 9-minute gameplay walkthrough, showcasing much of the combat underpinning the third-person looter-slasher as well as a few of the weapons players can look forward to wielding when the game launches on PS5 and PC later this year.

The developer explains that Godfall’s combat rewards offensive aggression and movement. Often contending with multiple enemies at any given time, players must remain agile and fluid in their approach to each encounter. Counterplay says it’s worked hard to find a balance between loot progression and player-skill to give players the thrill of unearthing weapons with powerful loot traits and simultaneously a sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering Godfall’s combat mechanics. In other words, gear stats won’t be enough to carry the player forward.

To achieve this, Godfall features five different weapon classes, each endowed with their own unique play styles, signature moves, and combos – Two-Handed Greatsword, Dual Blades, Two-Handed Warhammer, Polearm, and Longsword. The demo honed in on two weapons – the Longsword and Dual Blades – to highlight how differently each class plays.


The Dual Blades are ideally suited to carving through hordes of squishy enemies. Fast and agile, they allow the player to unleash swift slashing combos, Inner Focus, a timed attack damage buff, and Mortal Coil, a distance-closing blade throw that pulls the enemy towards the player.

On the other hand, the longsword is a more balanced weapon that stands out for its versatility in various situations by marrying both light attacks and a heavy Attack Finisher to deal massive damage at the end of combos. Alongside, the longsword unleashes Spectral Flurry, an uninterruptable heavy damage dealer, Spiral Technique, that chops through lined-up enemies, and Shield Uppercut, a violent blow triggered by hitting the corresponding command at just the right time.

The demo also emphasized the importance of each Valorant Knight’s shield, which can be used to parry, block, and deflect enemy attacks.

”The game rewards you for playing aggressively, and that is reflected in the shield mechanics as well. Your shield can be thrown to deal blows to several targets, swept in a 360-degree arc to petrify the enemies around you, used to deliver a powerful wave attack emanating out in every direction, or employed as a tool to control the space as you shield warp toward an enemy to deliver a Spectral Blow.”


While the dynamic melee gameplay defining Godfall’s combat philosophy certainly sounds appealing, the skirmishes highlighted in the demo reel appear to lack the weighty and satisfying attacks you’d expect. Whether this will translate differently in a hands-on experience of Godfall remains to be seen.

Wrapping up the gameplay preview was a boss fight against Phalanxer, a chunky knight wielding a massive mace. Worryingly, the footage was heavily spliced and edited, implying that these encounters may be quite drawn-out affairs lacking the dynamism Counterplay mentions earlier in the video.

Godfall director Keith Lee also stressed that Godfall wouldn’t feature any micro-transactions: all loot and gear can be unlocked through progression, and everything is in the game from day one.

Godfall will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store later this year. You can also pick up a free code by purchasing an AMD GPU. There’s no firm release date. Counterplay is presumably keeping quiet until Sony drops the highly-anticipated PS5 release date news.

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